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With personality girls, owning unique wigs is a very proud feeling. In this article, Ivirgo Hair Vendors help you with a detailed review of the 22 inches straight bulk ombre 2c 24c, available in various styles and colors for you to handle.

This hair extension is a harmonious combination of traditional black tones and attractive golden brown, which helps your face to be more burning and outstanding. Read the review below for more product information!

Product Features

Many customers love and choose this hairstyle. They all admire the style and color of this product, which celebrates individual beauty.

So how is this hair model different from other products on the market? Read this article for the correct answer.


The hair has a unique color, a gentle combination of black personality tones and attractive golden brown. It makes your face more beautiful. It is this unique combination that has helped the product become the best-selling version today, with sales of hundreds of bundles per day.

This hair color is perfect for all skin tones of the user. People with white to dark skin can choose to use the product. If you feel yellow is too bright for your personality, you can completely dye it into a fashionable color according to your wishes.

To suit all customers, the manufacturer has created a hair model with an original flat style. If you don’t like it, you can change to other, more popular styles such as wavy waves and layer curls.


Hair length is a part of determining your personality as well as the beauty of your face. Twenty-two inches is a good idea for creating gentle but extremely sophisticated personality hairstyles. You can leave your hair flat or curl it as you like.

Compared to the standard 32 or 36-inch versions, 22 inches is the best choice, helping to avoid unnecessary bloat. It can be easy to tie up for more flexible operation.


For the consumers’ benefit, we chose natural human hair as the primary production material for our range of products. 

Of course, 22 inches straight bulk ombre 2c 24c is no exception. It is carefully crafted with a series of 22-inch lengths of hair, resulting in a quality, strong, and lustrous finished bundle.

Compared to other wigs on the market, this product is more sustainable. Due to its durability, you can freely create the style you want. 

But, their nature is also natural hair, so using chemicals often in a short time will lead to severe damage. So, the hair will be broken, weak, and difficult to recover.

To keep your hair healthy and bouncy, keep it clean even when not used. Do not let the hair tangle because it will break and weaken the hair. In addition, you can use more specialized sprays to preserve and enhance softness deep in the hair.


We pack our bundles to a minimum weight of 100 grams or more, depending on the customer’s needs. We carefully arrange each 22-inch hair to create a flat, highly uniform bundle. Thus, using or styling will become easier.

You must place a minimum order of 200 grams for 2 bundles to complete the order. As a reputable hair manufacturer, we always understand your wishes. So we are committed to supplying up to 1000 – 2000 kg per month to meet your consumer requirements for many favorite styles. 

If you want a larger quantity, please get in touch with our customer service directly for price negotiation.

Shipping services

We diversify shipping units by cooperating with many reputable brands such as UPS, DHL, FedEx, and EMS to meet the purchasing desires of many users in different regions. 

The shipping time will usually depend on other parties, on average about 3 – 6 days from when your order leaves our warehouse.


Is 22 inches straight bulk ombre 2c 24c good?

Yes. It is better than many other wig models on the market today. This hairstyle has a unique color with a simple flat style. Shiny, smooth, and bouncy hair is often suitable for many customers.

Should I dye my 22 inches straight bulk ombre 2c 24c pink?

It is entirely possible to dye this hair pink. However, be aware of how often you dye your bleach. Your overuse can destroy the hair extension’s texture, making it weak and brittle.

What is the best way to keep this 22-inch hair smooth?

To keep your hair smooth, the very first thing you need to do is keep it clean. Also, it would help if you combined it with a specialized conditioner, which helps to add smoothness and bounce to the hair.


It’s challenging to choose the right hair color. Don’t worry, and our 22 inches straight bulk ombre 2c 24c will help you achieve your desired looks.

Thank you for reading!

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