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Bulk hair is the best choice for beauticians or hairstylists looking for one-of-a-kind hairstyles. This hairstyle allows users to customize and redesign their hair wefts according to their preferences.

Our 24 inches straight bulk color 24c model is the product that completely meets that need. However, customers new to hair extensions may still be confused about the characteristics of this hair type.

That is why we present the outstanding advantages of this bulk hair for you to consider and make a final decision. Let’s continue reading.

What Is Bulk Hair?

Bulk hair is a bundle of coarse hair with a soft and silky texture. Usually, it is 100% natural hair.

The manufacturer will bundle the buns and fix them with rubber bands. Customers can use them to create any hairstyle they desire, such as a lace front wig or tape-in ​​or clip-in hair extensions.

Bulk hair is more like a raw material than a finished product. Beauticians love this hairstyle because it gives them the freedom to style their hair the way they want.

This hair type is exceptionally suitable for braiding, especially hairstyles that need complexity, like cornrows. The stylist will attach the bulk hair to the natural hair by folding it in half to form a fold with a knot in the front.

Then they will braid every two to four strokes and pull out an extra hair extension. The result will be a cornrow that is so thick and so natural that no one will notice you are using a wig.

The quality of bulk hair is usually very high as it is made entirely from natural hair. Bulk hair is trendy in markets where hair extensions are used frequently.

Highlight Features


The Ivirgo Hair Vendors’ bulk hair model has a standard length of 24 inches. This length is ideal for bulk hair types.

The main reason is that many people use this extension to increase the length and thickness of their braids. Therefore, the 24 inches straight bulk color 24c model will satisfy you.

Besides, for those who want to turn this design into clip-in or tape-in ​​extensions, 24 inches will give you the maximum freedom. Compared to the overly long 32-inch model, 24 inches is waist length and allows you to trim or curl to your liking.


The color of this hair model is light golden brown tone #24c. This light hair color brings modern and dynamic beauty to the user.

It will take a long time for girls with naturally black or dark brown hair to bleach and dye this tone. This product suits girls who want to create their style.


Our product is naturally straight hair, the most recommended hair type for extensions. With straight hair, you can style it based on your liking. Curling becomes more accessible and more consistent with the hair’s overall look.

Besides, straight hair is easier to care for and less prone to tangles. It will be a nightmare to break an expensive connector after a few uses.


How Many Bundles Of Hair Do You Need To Have Thick Hair?

Two packs with closure will be enough to get the desired look. Those who are using extra thick bobs should get at least three bundles. 

However, someone looking for a shoulder-length or even longer bob with extreme fullness will need five bundles of hair to complete the look.

How Long Does Bulk Hair Last?

Permanent bundles can last up to three months, while temporary hair lasts up to 6 or 8 weeks. With the on-and-off method, the service life mainly depends on the frequency of their use.

What Is The Difference Between Bulk Hair And Weft Hair?

Hand-knitted hair extensions are often used as permanent extensions, although they can also be used to create temporary or clip-on hair extensions. Bulk refers to a bundle of hair without wefts.

What Is Single-Drawn Bulk Hair?

It means the hair will thicken at the top of the bundle and taper towards the end. There are many positives associated with the single-pull hair extension, and it is often a popular choice due to its natural finish.


Ivirgo Hair Vendors prides itself on selling only high-quality hair products. 

To achieve this level of quality, our hair is thoroughly tested by professional hair agents to the highest selection standards. Add to that our dedication to sourcing only premium raw hair, and we can guarantee that your curls are impeccable.

If you have any questions, don’t forget to leave them in the comments section below. Thank you for reading!

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