24 inches straight bulk color 8c


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If you are a loyal follower of smooth straight hair extensions, this 24inches straight bulk color 8c version is to be noticed. 

Compared with similar products on the market, this hair model is more special because of its perfectly straight style and attractive and attractive natural color. 

Ivirgo Hair Factory will share specific features of the product in the article below. We will evaluate the quality of color, length, style, and weight to help you visualize this Vietnamese hair style in detail. 


The brown color created through the bleaching process is often quite burnt and somewhat rustic. So how do you have perfect brown hair that is long-lasting over time? 

And the style 24 inches straight bulk color 8c is the best suggestion for you. 

This hair model has a natural brown color, which is not too bright or too light, suitable for all customers of all different ages. You can buy and use this hair type, whether young, middle-aged, or old. 

This particular version of our deep brown is for all skin tones. From white people to brunettes, this hair extension can be completely assured. 

Its color will make your skin glow and become more attractive. It is also guaranteed to last over time and always stay in style. 


After a series of significant market research, we decided to select and produce this model in 24-inch length. This parameter is suitable and practical for customers looking for elegance and charm in a pair of mid-length.

It is also possible for individuals who like dynamism and youthfulness to choose this product, but it is necessary to cut them short.

To maintain long-term health in hair with the participation of a cutting tool, you must have an intensive and appropriate care regimen. 

We prefer to choose 24 inches or equivalent in-length curls to create finished bundles instead of messy ones like many other manufacturers. That way, it will be easier for your concatenation and styling. 


This hair has a unique straight style and does not curl or shrink at some points like in regular hair models on the market. It perfectly creates natural beauty, personality, and strength for the user. So is it possible to bend them? 

Under the influence of heat and specialized chemicals, you can completely turn it into many popular curly hairstyles.

However, that is not a good suggestion because it will affect the quality of the hair. It even increases breakage and dryness.

Instead of transforming into other curls, you can keep your hair straight and create unique and attractive braids, such as ponytails and braids. They are great suggestions to make you look different, but still guarantee hair quality. 


Each of our finished hair bundles weighs about 100g to serve different customers best to use fewer hair extensions.

We also offer heavier weight products for higher consumer requirements. So you can easily order 200g, 500g, or even 1000g hair bundles at our workshop. 


We can meet tens of thousands of large and small orders monthly. So you can rest assured to order with the desired quantity. 

For each valid order, it takes about 1-2 days for us to process, pack and send to the carrier. You will receive your order every 2 – 5 days. Particularly for remote areas, shipping units need an extra 2-3 days to deliver your order.


Is it possible to bleach this hair bundle?

You can completely bleach this hair bundle with any color you like. This product has no big challenge, from the deeper shades to the bright.

Yet, when you bleach them, you must develop an intensive care plan for this hair. Only in this way will you ensure health and a certain bounce for your hair. 

Does hair color change through washes?

This natural hair color of ours does not change through different washes. It retains the warm deep color, creating a charming beauty on your face.

Is hair for dark-skinned people?

Yes. People with dark skin can choose and use this hair. This natural brown color not only does not dull the skin but also makes your overall face look younger and more attractive. 


24-inch straight bulk color 8c deserves your top investment. It is better than any other similar product on the market today.

We hope that the detailed and specific reviews above are enough for you to know whether it suits your needs. Thank you for reading!


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