24 inches straight bulk ombre 8c 60c


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Ombre hair extensions are now becoming a trend. This hairstyle helps users quickly get distinctive looks without damaging their natural hair and scalp. 

If you’re looking for ombre extensions in the right length and quality, look no further than Ivirgo Hair Factory

Our 24 Inches Straight Bulk Ombre 8c 60c can confidently conquer even the most demanding users. 

Product Features

24 Inches Straight Bulk Ombre 8c 60c is a hairstyle many users choose. If you are learning about this hairstyle, take advantage of the essential information below. 


As ombre hair, this hairstyle has a unique color effect. The combination of natural colors brings the user a youthful and eye-catching appearance.

In particular, Ivirgo Hair Factory does not use silicone or acid when processing this hair model. Hair color and texture are preserved, ensuring the aesthetic, natural beauty you are always looking for. 

Because it has not been to chemical bleaching agents, this hair type can support complete bleaching or any color. 

Unlike many options that only allow you to dye your hair lighter instead of darker, this hairstyle allows you to dye any color. You will be satisfied with the color of your hair extensions after bleaching and dyeing at home. 


We offer straight bulk ombre 8c 60c in various lengths, ranging from 6 – 32 inches. In particular, 24 inches is a good choice for the budget. With this length, you can have fine long hair even if your natural hair is relatively short.

24 inches hair also allows you to curl and straighten flexibly, as with natural hair. 


Currently, there are many different sources of hair extension materials. Some countries that provide hair extensions in large quantities, such as India and China, often need to guarantee the quality of the product. 

Hair extensions from this country are often prone to frizz and damage. Looking to Vietnam hair extensions is a solution worth considering to avoid having trouble with these poor-quality hair samples. 

And 24 Inches Straight Bulk Ombre 8c 60c is made entirely from Vietnamese hai. Our raw materials have never undergone chemical treatment. It also impresses with its softness, thickness, and quite a long usage time. 


It has never undergone chemical treatment, and the hair’s cuticle remains intact. 

With a reasonably thick cuticle, 24 Inches Straight Bulk Ombre 8c 60c is one of the most muscular hair models. Users can freely dry, straighten, and dye their hair without worrying about damaging it. 

This cuticle also dramatically enhances the life of the hair. With our natural hair extensions, you can use them continuously for months or even years. 


Versatility is another advantage available only in 24 Inches Straight Bulk Ombre 8c 60c. When choosing this hair extension, you will not be fixed in only one style. Because depending on how you dye, curl, bleach, and tie your hair, you will change your look every day. 


Besides material quality, texture, color, and length, choosing hair extensions, you also have many issues to consider. Below are the answers to the most common questions for users interested in 24 Inches Straight Bulk Ombre 8c 60c. 

How to take care of hair extensions?

If you have just finished the hair extension process, take your time washing your hair or applying heat or chemicals to the hair extension.

After 48 hours, you should start caring for and maintaining your hair extensions. Choose hair care products that are free of sulfates and silicones. In addition, you should also let your hair dry naturally instead of using heat to blow your hair. 

Does dying hair extensions damage?

You can completely dye your hair extensions. The most advanced products are made entirely from human hair, with a relatively thick and intact cuticle. 

So, you can bleach and dye your hair extensions like you would with your natural hair. However, you must avoid the adhesive tape area during the dyeing process. Chemicals and moisture can damage this part of the hair extension. 

How many times can you dye extensions?

Usually, you can dye your hair extensions 3 times during your life. Yet, if you do not bleach your hair too much, only dye your hair deeply, combined with the help of specialized shampoo, conditioner, and conditioner products, you can dye your hair more. 

What are the rules for hair extensions?

A few rules for using hair extensions that you need to keep in mind are: 

  • Choose the right hairstyle for your daily routine. 
  • Spend a lot of time taking care of your hair after extensions. 
  • Hair extensions should be removed after a period of use. 

Can you dye hair extensions wet?

You should not dye your hair while it is wet. Instead, let your hair dry naturally before using any chemicals. 


The above is all information regarding 24 Inches Straight Bulk Ombre 8c 60c. The above sharing has helped you better understand this hair type. 

Hopefully, you make the correct choice and be satisfied with your new look. 


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