24 inches straight bulk ombre 8c 613c


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For weak hair that cannot be bleached commonly, a light hairstyle is always a desire. Most women want to change their hair color once to refresh themselves.

24 inches straight bulk ombre 8c 613c is the ideal solution for you. This hair has a natural color, which is perfectly suitable for your consumption requirements. 

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It is 100% natural human hair with good texture and stable health. It guarantees to give you perfect quality hair with ideal absorption of nutrients. 

Unlike artificial products floating, this hair model can be styled wildly according to the user’s wishes. With a high-temperature resistance of fewer than 180 degrees Celsius, this version of the hair extension allows you to curl, straighten, or any style you like. 

To limit the damage caused by frequent heat effects, you should use special styling conditioners for this hair extension. As such, it will keep good health and a certain bounce for your hair overall. 


This hair has a strange color, a gentle combination of warm deep brown tones and sweet milk tea brown to create an attractive, quality hair bundle overall. 

This particular color version will be more suitable for individuals who have a strong personality lifestyle but still want to keep the sophistication and politeness for their lifestyle. 

This hair color for all skin tones, from pinkish white to dark brown, can freely use the product. It helps to brighten the skin and add a youthful look.

It ends with a sweet milk tea brown tone, which can easily change into many colors without using harmful bleaching chemicals. That is also a unique advantage of the product that many other hair models cannot do. 


24 inches is the length of the hair. With such a size, it is to help you have long, smooth, and shiny hair. If you like dynamism and confidence, you can cut them short in any desired style. 

However, we do not recommend it because it is easy to change the texture of the hair leading to a nutrient imbalance, making the hair frizzy and more challenging to recover. 

If you want more flexibility for your daily activities, you can tie or tuck them up. That’s a much better idea and makes more sense than cutting them off. 


It has a natural straight texture that can be heated to create your favorite curls. 

Our hair is carefully selected, combining many straight ends of equal length to create the perfect finished hair bundle. We do this to help your splicing and styling be more consistent and achieve better results. 


The transaction of goods today has become more accessible, but many potential dangers directly affect customers’ interests. 

The most typical is the situation of the exchanging product. Understanding this, we have constantly sought and experienced delivery services from many units. 

We have been cooperating with 4 leading reputable carriers, including DHL, UPS, Fedex, and EMS. It will help to quickly deliver your favorite order to your hands as soon as possible. 

Delivery time is expected to range from about 2 – 5 days or may be slower depending on weather conditions and specific recipient areas. 


Can this hair extension be dyed?

You can dye it into your favorite colors. Starting from a sweet milk tea brown, we can quickly turn it into many vibrant tones without using harmful chemicals. 

How to take care of hair extensions?

Caring for hair extensions has more stringent requirements than normal hair. Here are some essential suggestions for you. 

  • Brush your hair regularly: Brushing is the simplest way to take care of your extensions. Use wide-tooth combs to brush to limit tangles and breakage. 
  • Styling with moderate heat: When styling, you need to pay attention to the amount of heat used. Do not apply too much heat to the hair extensions because it is easy to stretch the joints and cause hair dryness. 
  • Use conditioner: After shampooing, it is recommended to use a little intensive conditioner to increase the softness and bounce of the hair. 

Should middle-aged people use this hair?

No, they should not. Middle-aged people should not use this hair type because it will make their faces look ridiculous and cause sympathy loss with those around them. This hairstyle should only be for teenagers with a youthful personality and healthy lifestyle. 


24 inches straight bulk ombre 8c 613c is perfect for your investment. With this special hair color, you will stand out from the crowd. Don’t forget to leave feedback for our article when you have experienced it! 

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