26 inches straight bulk color 99j



The hair extension market is busier than ever. You can find quite a few different hair extension suppliers with a wide range of products. 

And if so many manufacturers and products make it difficult for you to choose, you can consider using Ivirgo Hair Factory’s 26 Inches Straight Bulk Color 99j. 

This hairstyle possesses many advantages that you are always looking for. If you are skeptical about the actual hair extension quality, here is all the information you should refer to. 

Product Features

The 26 Inches Straight Bulk Color 99j compared to many options available on the market? This product can confidently conquer even the most demanding users with an impressive array of advantages in texture, flexibility, and hair quality.


Different from many hair extension suppliers, Ivirgo Hair Factory emphasizes natural hair beauty. Hence, we will not use chemicals to color our hair extensions. Instead, our extensions are all born in color. 

The black or dark brown of 26 Inches Straight Bulk Color 99j may not win the attention of those with strong personalities who want to stand out. 

However, you will fall in love with this color after just one try. It is fully compatible with your natural hair color and is suitable for many different styles. 

Its black and dark brown colors are also relatively easy to paint. You can completely bleach and dye your hair home to get the most accurate color.  


Ivirgo Hair Factory offers hair bundles from 6 inches to 32 inches in length. 

Six inches of hair is a good choice for the budget. People with short to medium natural hair will love this hairstyle. 

Meanwhile, 32 inches of hair is long enough for users to style freely. People with naturally long hair will also need to use hair extensions of similar lengths to avoid loss of aesthetics. 


All hair extension products from Ivirgo Hair Factory are 100% Vietnamese human hair. And 26 Inches Straight Bulk Color 99j is no exception. 

High-quality hair materials have created soft, smooth, no-shedding, tangled hair extensions. Hair also supports straightening and flexible bending without causing damage. 

In short, it is an excellent material for creating extensions perfectly compatible with your natural hair. Because it is high-quality natural human hair, the 26 Inches Straight Bulk Color 99j also has an impressive use time. 

It can be available for 2-3 years and reused many times as long as you take care of it properly. 


Every fiber on 26 Inches Straight Bulk Color 99j has been carefully selected. The expert from Ivirgo Hair has carefully removed every damaged, curly hair. 

As a result, you have smooth, substantial hair extensions. The texture is similar to real hair, giving you the most unique and natural look. 


This hair extension has a natural straight look. You hardly have to spend too much effort to maintain the hairstyle. This hairstyle also exalts the elegance and elegance of the user. 

26 Inches Straight Bulk Color 99j is also a good choice for those who often change their style. 

This hairstyle is relatively easy to style. With just home styling tools, you can get beautiful hairstyles like waves, waves, Fumi curls, etc. You can even style based on photo templates to get a look. as desired. 


When using hair extensions, can I blow dry or tie my hair into a ponytail? 

How does it feel to use 26 Inches Straight Bulk Color 99j? If you are wondering about these issues, refer to the exciting information below. 

Could you flatten or curl your hair? 

You cannot treat artificial hair extensions with excessive heat. However, all of our hair extensions are from natural hair. So you can comfortably straighten or curl as you could with your natural hair. 

Could I take a ponytail with the extensions?  

You can altogether tie your hair into a ponytail when using hair extensions. The only advice is to look for extensions with tape that get your hair color for the most natural look. 

Will the hair extensions fall out randomly?  

Yes, it can happen. So, you should prepare many different hair extensions to replace in any case. 

How long do hair extensions last?  

The average hair extension lifespan is 6-12 months. However, you can enhance the above time by taking care of your hair with specialized products. 

How does it feel to have hair extensions? 

The feeling when using hair extensions will depend on the hairstyle you use. 

Beaded hair will usually cause pain in the first few days of use. Meanwhile, hair with tape is not noticeable and almost painless to use. 


26 Inches Straight Bulk Color 99j has simple colors and designs. And this is also the reason why this hairstyle has always been loved for many years. 

If you are also one of those who are interested in this hairstyle, I hope that the above sharing is helpful to you. Wish you always get the look you want. 

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