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Are you looking for light-colored Euro double hair in length 60cm? Take a look at the products from Ivirgo hair vendors. We offer high-quality #60-60cm euro double, meeting your requirements for both durability and length.

We are also happy to offer helpful tips so you can take the best care of your wig.

If you still need to grasp the most straightforward tips to choose the correct wig and simplify the hair care process, check the information in the article.

Product Features

It is no coincidence that customers pay special attention to the #60-60cm euro double. We are proud to source high-quality, natural bulk hair.

Our Euro Double hair models all meet the requirements of durability and aesthetics. We are committed to its all-natural origin. If you are skeptical about its actual quality, consider some information below.


Want to have a light hair color but don’t want to dye your hair causing damage to your scalp? A 60-60cm euro double will be the ideal choice to change the style but not weaken the hair.

A 60-60cm euro double has quite a prominent color. Its somewhat light color will attract all eyes. You may suspect this color is not suitable for your skin tone. Yet, this hair color gives users a trendy look.

After using the wig, you can also freely dye and style it according to your preferences. Its continuous color change does not affect the wig quality. And you can take advantage of this to find the most suitable color.


We offer a large amount of hair length, about 60 cm. For professionals and users alike, this number is the ideal wig length.

You can style your hair to make it more bouncy, loose for natural beauty, or bun it up for convenience in living and working.

You can customize any style with #60-60cm Euro Double.


We offer wigs made entirely from natural human hair. Our experts draw from young, healthy people without having to undergo hazardous chemical processing.

Our optimized, advanced hair removal and treatment process ensures consistent hair quality.

Because we do not use artificial hair containing nylon or silk fibers, our hair has a long life. You can use this pattern for years, but it retains its natural smoothness and shine.

Because it is a natural material, you can use heat such as drying, style, and dyeing your hair without worrying about damage.

You can even do washes and cuts the same way you would with natural hair.


Flexibility in use is the reason why users love the #60-60cm euro double.

We supply hair in bundles. And you can style, bleach, and dye to design your perfect Ivirgo hair vendors.

Or you can also combine multiple hair bundles to create hair extensions with the desired thickness.

The commendable advantage is its simple cleaning support. You no longer have to deal with frizzy, dry, and unnatural hair. Instead, you can completely clean the product with natural hair.

It would help if you cleaned and brushed your hair with conditioner to keep it smooth. A high-quality wig can last for many years if properly maintained.


Below are some of the most frequently asked questions regarding our products. If you have the same interest, some information is below:

Can I swim with hair extensions?

You can use a wig while swimming.

Yet, it would help if you did not let your hair, especially the joint, be exposed to water for a long time. This habit can lead to hair loss, affecting the product’s life.

If you still want to use a wig while swimming, wash and dry your hair immediately after exposure to water.

Can you cut the hair extensions once they’ve been applied?

It would help if you styled it after applying the euro double. One trick you can use is to keep your natural extensions and add layers to complete your style.

This way, your extensions will blend in perfectly with your natural hair. If you look closely, it will be easy to detect that you are using hair extensions.

Final Thoughts

You will regret missing the #60-60cm euro double. Its perfect length, ideal quality, and high aesthetic will surely conquer you.

If you have any questions regarding this wig, do not hesitate to contact us. We are always ready to advise you to make the most suitable choice.

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