Platinum color hair bulk straight

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    • Hello. Our products come in a variety of lengths. You can choose the hairstyle that suits you best from 6 inches to 32 inches. Thank you.

    • There are no specific criteria for choosing hair length, hair type or hair color. However, you can rely on the shape of the face to choose the length of hair and hair styling. First you need to determine if you are suited for long hair or short hair. We have a few suggestions for you:
      John Frieda, a famous hair specialist in the UK, has researched a great formula that makes it easy for you to determine whether you fit short or long hair. This rule is called “Rule 2.25”, you just need a ruler and a pencil to determine the proportion of your face and neck.
      In particular, place the pencil near the chin (parallel to the ground), then set the perpendicular to the pencil and measure the distance between the pencil and the ear. If the number you get is less than 2.25 inches, it means you fit short hair. In case the distance you measure is greater than 2.25 inches, long hair will be the safest option.
      After determining the face ratio according to the rule of 2.25, if your face is suitable with short hair, the next step will be to look at your face shape to choose the right hair style.

    • The product is in natural color, black color and dark brown color. In addition, you can also bleach hair to get the best hair color. Rest assured that you can bleach, dye, style with our virgin hair.

    • You can completely bleach the hair. Our hair is virgin, so you can completely bleach your hair, dye or styling. In addition, you can also use the high-temperature hairdryer to have a good hairstyle. However, you should limit use and remember that the highest temperature allowed to ensure no hair damage is 200 degrees C. And do not forget to spray your hair before styling.

    • You can choose your hair style according to your preference, style or physique. We also recommend that you look at the shape of your face when choosing a hairstyle:
      Oval face: The oval face is characterized by a well-balanced face, delicate facial features that are soft and well suited to a variety of hairstyles, so girls can choose their favorite hairstyle. But to honor the inherent elegance of the oval face, you should choose one of three straight long hair, shoulders, curly or traditional bob hair style to create their own charm.
      Round face: The features of the round face are short, broad jaw bone, short nose and arched forehead. So to cover up the disadvantages of it you need to choose the hairstyle that helps the face look slimmer. You should choose to skew, long straight hair or long front staggered. You can also brush up and tuck the hair back to make it look more elegant.
      Heart face: This face has broad forehead, cheekbones high but chin is long elongated. You should choose a medium length hairstyle that can be straight or curved at the ends of your hair, or leave the roof pitched and tilted high, thus creating an impression on your beautiful eyes and chin.
      Diamond Face: The diamond face is characterized by large cheekbones, narrow forehead, small short. This face is very suitable for short hair personality, however, if you like long hair, you can still choose the right length of hair and the roof to the deviation or to the roof, the hair curly gentle.
      Square Face: With square face you need to choose the right hairstyle to soothe the angles of the face effectively. You can leave the roof with a natural forehead, so that the hair is trimmed down to smooth the edges of the face effectively, and can also curl the tail. Besides, the sloppy haircut is also quite effective to help the face look more harmonious.
      Rectangular Face: This face has a square, broad, long nose and square jaw, so choose a soft hairstyle that covers the jaw line. You can choose bob hairstyle to lightly lift the face, or long hair or curl will also help reduce the angle of the face. Be specific with this face you should choose to bang to cover the broad forehead.

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    • You can track prices of products in the Price List. This is our wholesale price. And we will discount for large orders. Thank you.

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