Blonde hair, brown hair and black hair – straight bulk



Creating long and short hair with the desired styles is relatively easy if you know the hair extension method. 

Ivirgo Hair Factory is a place to produce top-quality hair models today. This article recommends blonde hair, brown hair, and black hair-straight bulk, a popular national hairstyle.

Product Features 

Straight bulk is easy to use and maintain compared to other types. Besides the above two advantages, it also possesses some outstanding properties that you can consider when interested in hair extensions.


Although it is traditional straight hair, it is not monotonous because of the accompanying colors, such as black, brown, or blonde. Brown or black are two colors that easily coordinate with many different dress styles.

Blonde will be the perfect choice to help you stand out more if you have white skin and a round face. 

Besides, you can still bleach or dye as you like. Due to the natural origin of the hair that has not been subjected to any impact, bleaching, dyeing, and coloring will be more accessible than ever.


When using our products, you can rest assured about the quality. All hairs, whether short or long, are rigorously tested by us before entering the adhesive segment. Indeed, you will never experience split ends or sclerosis when experiencing the product. 

An undamaged cuticle is a fundamental feature of blonde hair, brown hair, and black hair-straight hair. It is also the foundation to help you quickly and easily curl or style your hair.


Like all hair models, we offer you a variety of lengths from 6 to 32 inches. The distance doesn’t affect the hairstyles you love. 

But if you want a convenient style, you can consider a mid-range size or more. 

In addition, for those who want to curl their hair, you should subtract the loss of a few inches from the original number.

Shipper service 

Each bundle of hair we provide weighs 100 grams/bundle. And to qualify for home delivery, you need to order 200gr/2 bundles or more. 

In addition, we will still accommodate the weight requirements for each bundle to your liking, about 200gr/1 bundles or 150g/bundles. Depending on your needs, you can contact us directly to order. 

The delivery services we cooperate with include UPS, DHL, Fedex, EMS… With these prestigious services, you don’t need to worry about careless incidents occurring during transportation. Delivery time ranges from 3-5 days, depending on the location you want to receive it.

The ability to supply goods from 1000-2000 kgs/month. So, if you need wholesale, don’t hesitate to buy from us.

Some Frequently Asked Questions 

Choosing good quality products is a prerequisite when purchasing. In addition, you also need to know more about how to use, store and care for them. Please refer to the questions and answers below to solve this problem.

Can I put in hair extensions myself?

Although technically, you can still install your hair extensions. However, we do not recommend this. You should only install it yourself when using hair clip-ins. 

You won’t see the blind spots on the back of your head, so putting your hair in place can be difficult. 

It can even touch, damage the scalp, or the hair will fall quickly. Therefore, you need to ask others to help you in this matter. And if it’s even better, go to professional hair salons.

Who is not a good candidate for hair extensions?

Although hair extensions are the best method for having thick and long hair the way you want, there are cases where hair extensions should not be available.

If the hair at the top is too thin, you are unsuitable for hair extensions. That’s because it’s too weak to attach any extra hair bundles. It also becomes unsightly because there needs to be more natural hair to cover the hair extensions.

Can I sleep with my hair extensions wet?

First of all, letting your hair extensions get wet is something you shouldn’t do when using hair extensions. It causes the hair to become messy, and the tape will come off. 

If you leave your hair wet when you sleep, damp hair extensions are prone to knots and dryness. Therefore, you should let your hair dry completely before going to bed. If necessary, use a hair dryer. 

Can you be too old for hair extensions?

You will be young enough to use hair extensions. No matter your age, there will be hair extensions with different lengths and styles for you to choose from. 

Hair extensions can also help you become more youthful and radiant if you find the right type. One hairstyle we recommend you refer to is layers. 


Hair extensions are no longer a strange product for consumers, even if you are a modem or a celebrity. 

With the above unique properties, we believe that blonde hair, brown hair, black hair straight bulk will be the choice worth your consideration. 

The article brings you valuable things. Please contact us and place an order today at our buying and selling website if you trust us. 


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