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Bulk hair is one of the top beauty trends today because of its versatility and multitasking. Professional hairdressers or beauticians choose this material to create wigs or hair extensions.

However, finding a reliable hair supplier is an important issue. Ivirgo Hair Vendors is proud to offer you the bulk hair straight super double drawn model. This product combines top hair types with outstanding features.

For a more in-depth look at the model, let’s read on to discover!

What Is Bulk Hair?

Bulk hair is original hair without using any attachments or going through other applications. This hair type is mainly used as a raw material for customers to invent their hair extensions or wigs. It’s easy to adjust and use, so it’s trendy.

Another application of bulk hair is to thicken braids, especially cornrow hairstyles. Using it is extremely simple; you must combine natural and bulk hair into the curls.

The effect achieved is the bouncy and thickening of the hair very quickly. You will attract a lot of eyes when wearing this hairstyle.

What Is Double Drawn Hair?

Double-drawn hair is a premium bulk hair. For those who are new to hair extensions, this term can be confusing and confusing. It refers to the hair of incredible quality.

Usually, the hairs in a bundle will have different lengths. Manufacturers will usually combine half of the hair that is standard and the other half shorter.

For example, a bundle of hair 16 inches long will have 50% of hair that is only 12 to 14 inches short. When you touch and feel it, the bun’s texture will be thick at the top and thinner later.

Many people feel okay with single-drawn hair because it is reasonably priced and equivalent to natural hair. However, thick and bouncy hair will attract more.

That’s why double-drawn hair was born. This premium hairdo has all hairs of equal length for a uniform feel. This hair extension is thick, so you can buy only a few bundles to achieve the desired look.

Highlight Features


When choosing Ivirgo Hair Vendors’ bulk hair straight super double-drawn style, you have many lengths to choose from. We offer a wide range of options from 6 to 32 inches to meet every need.

Girls with fantastic bob hair can consider the 6-inch version. The length combined with the considerable volume will accentuate your style.

In contrast, bulk hair bundles of 20 to 32 inches are suitable for feminine girls or require high flexibility. The most popular bulk hair length is 24 inches with cornrow braids.

Type Of Hair

Our bulk hair bundles are all straight hair. This hair type is the first choice of professional cosmetologists. 

Straight hair has very high flexibility. You can style your hair to your liking with home curlers. Temporary curling is not too complicated, so you can adjust the curls and consistency if you do it yourself.

Besides, you can create a variety of shapes with this bulk hair. Whether you want a wavy or curly look, this design can do it.

The final reason straight hair extensions are so popular is that they are so easy to care for. Curly or wavy hair is prone to tangles and can sometimes get damaged quickly if you don’t maintain it properly.


Ivirgo Hair Vendors gives you over ten color options when purchasing this product. Primary colors like black or dark brown will suit all styles and skin tones. Besides, they create a classic and luxurious feeling.

If you are a stylish or stylish girl, try to find brighter and more prominent colors. Some of our recommendations are platinum, gold, and red.

You can even color your bulk hair to your liking if you want more novel colors. Choose models with light tones to save hair bleaching effort.


Manufacturers pack bulk hair into bundles with a standard weight of 100 grams. However, the customer can request to change the weight at will.

We accept shipping with a minimum order of 200 grams. With thick and quality hair like this, you only need two to three bundles to get the results you want.


Which Is Better, Single Drawn Or Double-Drawn Hair?

Double-drawn virgin hair is the finest quality woven hair. Hair is arranged in equal lengths to create a smooth and shiny look.

How Many Bundles Make Full Hair?

For a complete look, you’ll need 2-3 lace front bundles and 3-4 lace closure bundles. Whatever hairstyle you choose, remember that braids are an excellent investment, as they usually last much longer and allow you to experiment with as many hairstyles as you want.

Does Double-Drawn Hair Tangle?

​​The double draw is less tangled than the single draw and is the highest quality you can find. Shorter hairs will be removed by hand, so it will take more than one donor to form a weft. 

All hairs will have an exact length and look much fuller than a single draw.


Hopefully, this post has provided you with all the necessary information to choose and use our bulk hair straight super double-drawn products.

Do not hesitate to leave a comment if you have any questions regarding this product of ours. Our experts will quickly reply to you.

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