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Nowadays, women is not only intelligent but also beautiful. But the demand for beauty is necessary for women. So hair extensions becomes increasingly popular. Price of hair extensions is  not too expensive, but If you don’t have plenty of money, you can choose cheap hair bundles wholesale.

Why do you wanna choose cheap hair bundles?

The rising demand for remy human hair is in high. It was worth noting that the US market is one of the largest importers of hair extensions worldwide and which is known as the largest retailer market in the world. There are many wholesaler especial retailers there. They always want to find a reliable supplier at reasonable price. If you can make enough profit for them and they are satisfied. Of course, you can cooperate with them in the future

As I said before, If you don’t have enough money or don’t want to buy luxury hair extensions then you can choose cheap hair bundles to replace it

Almost customers choose weft hair extensions there. You can choose from 2 to 3 bundles with a closure to make a wig easily.

The market doesn’t require too high of quality hair extensions.

Why do you should choose hair extensions?

I think that sometimes you ask yourself that why does n’t my hair grow anymore or you cut your hair. But you regret cutting one and you remember that when you’re so pretty with a long hair which can make you gentle, lovely

It’s easy to find a solution that is hair extensions. It will take few hours to make it. I think you’ll satisfy

  • Color

I want to make change your look, you only need to choose right color. If you do, I think It’s not bad idea. It can change your look immediately.

But you’re afraid of damaging hair or bad looking. You can try at hair extensions. If you don’t like it, you can take out your hair

  • Volume

Thinning hair and hair loss are rather common for women. Hair extensions are a great choice to deal with it, you can get your hair back that you once had

  • Style

Give you a new hairstyle and you can find the right hairstyle for you easily.

If your hair is straight, you want to try at wave hair or curly hair. It’s easy, right? I think you will be a little bit amazing

  • Special event

Hair extensions are always a great choice to change your look for wedding, graduation, birthday, Christmas, ect. It’s essential, your friends will envy you. I think so

  • No damage

You can dye, bleach or you can choose any hairstyle which you want event you can prevent heat

To be honest, If you don’t take care of hair. It can damage your hair

Where to buy cheap hair bundles wholesale in United States?


Everything is clear in the social network (facebook, Instagram, Twitter, vk, website and so on)

If you’re not satisfied, you can take your money back

Reasonable price

Good quality

If you’re a retailer or you want to buy it for yourself or you’re a wholesaler. We only want to try our best to give good quality to you.

Why should you choose Ivirgo hair to buy cheap hair bundles wholesale?

Ivirgo hair is one of the largest company which specializes in foreign export about hair extensions. We have many quality: same length, super double drawn, double drawn, single and cheap hair. You can find the price list of our cheap hair on the website.

  • We have a factory, Vietnam is known as a cheap labor market. We always want to give customers good quality at a reasonable price to make a profit for customers. If so, we can cooperate with you in a long time. We always offer the best price to give customers.
  • We use only one price list. The price applies wholesale price and retail price, you can order at least 200 grams (two bundles) to check our quality clearly. As you see, no company supply the price like us.
  • Quality:

We specialize in Vietnamese hair and Cambodian hair. They both are good, Vietnamese hair natural straight and Cambodian hair is natural wave. We only supply 100% Remy human hair. All cuticles aligned in the same direction.

So our hair

No tangle

No shed

If not, you can check our hair after washing to clear it

So you don’t worry about quality

Contact us right now to get wholesale price

Thanks for your attention

Q:Can I dye and bleach it?

A: Yeah, dear. Because we only supply 100% remy human hair. So It’s easy to bleach and dye

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