Color bulk hair

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  1. I think this hairs is very nice , and also the site is great . But if you have a português language also in this site will be more better to make an registration

    • Of course, sir. If your hair suddenly grows slowly, pay attention to your current diet. Lack of vitamins and nutrients is the main cause of hair growth. Or, for example, that you are eating too much sugar and too much salt can make your hair grow more slowly. Balance your diet and feel the change to your body and your hair.

  2. My hair grows very slowly. Probably because I used too much shampoo and conditioner for my hair. God this article made me realize that it was time for me to stop taking too much hair care

    • These methods are based on science. Depending on the person, the effectiveness of each way will be different. Try it and tell us what works best for you. Good luck.

  3. I cut my hair short and regretted that decision. I was looking forward to my hair growing faster and coming back as it was

    • Coconut oil has many effects. It not only makes your hair grow faster but it also makes your hair look silky smooth. You can brew hair with coconut oil or use hair care products from coconut oil. Good luck

  4. My mood is very bad. I have too much to do. I noticed my hair grows slower. Is this also the cause of slow growing hair?

  5. My friend and I cut our hair 3 months ago. My friend’s hair grows very fast, her hair is now much longer than mine

    • If you are confused, you can both improve your diet and your health. Either way, a healthy diet and good health will benefit you, right?

    • Dear Ivy, the oil spill of scalp is not the cause of slow hair growth. However, it is possible that spilling oil and hair grow slowly for the same reason as inappropriate diet or chemical shampoo abuse. Hope you find the cause and find a solution.

    • Scalp massage is good, but many shampoo is not good. It does not help your hair grow faster but it also slows down your hair and causes many other problems such as hair loss.

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