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    • Dear Sir/Madam, you can access the Price List at the top of our page for full price quote. Price in the table is the wholesale price. We will also offer discounts for large orders. For more detailed information, you can contact us directly. Thank you.

    • You can completely bleach the hair. Our hair is Virgin hair, so you can comfortably style, dye as well as stretch. However, you should also take care of your hair carefully, spray before styling and ensure that the temperature of the styling tools does not exceed 200 degrees C. Thank you.

    • Extensions are like human hair, need care and careful maintenance. Here are some basic hair care practices:
      Use a spray for hair to keep your hair looking shiny. If your hair get tangled, spray with warm water and brush with a brush comb. When combing, remember to keep the hair roots and brush down to avoid falling.
      After using the extensions, gently remove the adhesive tape from the hair. If you can not peel them by hand, soak them in a few minutes in a dedicated solution.
      After removing the tape from your hair, place it on the shelf so they can hold the shape of your hair. Then use a smooth brush and rinse the dirt with your hair, then apply a small amount of cleanser over your hair and let them stay overnight in that state. This will help you to create the adhesion of the wig through many uses.
      In case of repeated use, dirt does not go away, you can soak the wig in hair cleaning solution. After cleaning them, wash your wigs with regular shampoos and let them dry naturally by waxing them in a shady place, avoiding the wind to keep the hair from tangling.
      When not used, put the hair into plastic bags to advoid it from dirt.

    • This product has two colors for your choice: black or dark brown. Besides, you can completely bleach and dye your hair according to your liking.

    • With this product, we have 2 basic colors: black and dark brown. These two colors are quite safe and suitable for everyone. In addition, you can also dye your hair to get the desired color. Here are some criteria for choosing hair color, hopefully they will be useful to you:
      Choose the color of hair depends on skin tone
      Before choosing your own beautiful hair color, you need to determine the color of your skin tone. Two tones of skin are hot and cold. People with warm skin, brown or yellow skin tone (typical Asian and Latin American skin tone) are suitable with dark brown, dark brown, chocolate, caramel, red, mahogany color, orange red, honey color, etc. People with cold skin tone (characteristic of Westerners) spoiled for choice of hair color, from platinum color, silver ash, cream color, golden sand color to dark cardboard such as coffee, yellow brown, light brown, red wine, red booze and black potato.
      Choose the color of hair suited to the face
      Big face: A silky smooth hair, highlighted by the light-toned ton-sur-ton texture, will taper your face. Avoid using a uniform color because it makes your face look bigger and draws attention to the details you just hid. Light skin combined with honey colored hair or gold color is the most beautiful. For darker skin, choose a dye tone that matches your skin tone.
      Long face: To make your longer face look softer, dye your hair with different tones. Multi-layered hair can also help to reduce the length and balance the face effectively. If you want to dye your hair blonde, combine the two yellowish-brown and metallic shades for a soft and radiant look! If your hair is dark, give your hair a deep, dark brown highlight.
      Small face: If your face is small and square, you should dye a homogeneous color. Try black, chestnut or even gold platinum. Also, with a small face, you can choose smooth hair style not divided into multiple layers. When combining straight hair style with a strong hair color, you will look very stylish with its styling cut.

    • Hello. You can choose one of the following shipping methods: UPS, DHL, FedEx, EMS. We will prepare the goods immediately after receiving your order and delivery soon after. We have links with shipping companies around the world to ensure that our customers receive the fastest and most convenient delivery. For more detailed information and to get more detailed advice, you can contact us at the address listed on the website. Thank you.

  1. I used a high temperature hairdryer for this product and it was still able to withstand. However, I think I should learn about its limit of heat tolerance. Can anyone give me the answer?

    • Our product is made of virgin hair so it has good heat tolerance, similar to real hair. However, you should limit the use of styling tools to keep your hair as strong and beautiful as possible. The maximum temperature you can use is 200 degrees C. Note that you should spray the hair before styling to protect the hair. Thank you.

    • You can change the hair color and bleach your hair as your prefer. However, do not forget to take care of your hair carefully. Wish you have a good hair color.

    • This is a very good idea. Experts at hair salons will help to take care of your hair as well as possible. However, if you do not want to spend too much time and money on the salon, you can take care of your hair at home, the effect is also quite good.

    • If you do not use the product, you should wash it, dry and brush it smoothly and then hang up in a fixed position. If possible, you should wrap the product in plastic bags to avoid dirt and other environmental impacts.

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