Super double drawn color hair 50 – 60 – 70cm



Bleaching and dyeing hair extensions are exciting, which brings you a sense of exploring the final piece needed for a vibrant appearance at home or outside. 

Super double-drawn hair 60-60-70 cm is ideal if you want to refresh your look and attract other people’s attention. The hair extension provides a variety of colors, lengths, and hair grades, ensuring a satisfactory experience.

Consider reading this article carefully for more detailed information about the product, or go to Ivirgo Hair Factory to consult professionals’ advice.

Product Features

Super double drawn color hair 60-60-70 cm delivers decent natural texture and color compared to other high-class extensions at a reasonable price during use. You will be impressed by its quality in many elements. 

At Ivirgo Hair Factory, our staff always tries to bring you the best services and high-quality hair extensions for various requirements. Keep scrolling down for more helpful information!

Hair Length

Our salon currently provides 6 to 32 inches hair extensions depending on customers’ orders. With a length of 10 to 18 inches, you can freely redesign the product with a bob and pixie to facilitate movement throughout the day.

If you are a huge fan of classic and endearing hairstyles, consider choosing hair extensions 20 to 30 inches for a graceful look. The hair length evokes a sense of mystery while highlighting the best facial features.

Hair Grade

Not everyone can afford an expensive virgin hair extension, priced around hundred dollars. Moreover, supplement hair products and hair styling tools will cost you a lot. 

Understanding the challenge of purchasing hair extensions at reasonable prices, Our store offers various hair grades, including 5A, 6A, 7A, 8A, 9A, and retailer prices. 

The 5A and 6A hair extensions mainly refer to medium-class extensions, delivering thin hair strands and decent cuticle layers. The hair extension can be reused and typically last for one year with a proper hair care routine.

The 7A hair extension is typically Remy hair with one-way cuticle layers, reducing the risk of your hair getting tangled and frizzy. This is a great choice for everyone interested in hair extensions as the excellent performance during use.

The 7A and 8A hair extensions will satisfy you for many months. They are made of natural human hair from hilly regions women. You can freely redesign and color the extensions without worrying about hair damage. 

The more money you spend on extensions, the higher quality you get. Therefore, consider your needs carefully to purchase the most suitable ones. 

Hair Color

Super double drawn hair offers two primary colors, including natural black and dark brown, with different color tones. These colors represent sophisticated and mature colors and last longer than conventional highlight colors.

In addition, you don’t have to bleach the natural hair color to dye these colors. Just apply the color to the hair surface and enjoy your striking appearance.

Also, there are many different colors available at our hair salon, so don’t hesitate to choose a color and express your style and personality.

Shipping Services

For a super double drawn color hair 60-60-70 cm package, you will receive the rounded package in 2 to 5 days. We ensure to deliver packages to your front door on time, even on holidays.

For delivery service, you must order at least 200 grams of items, which equates to 2 bundles. We regret setting the delivery requirement, but doing so is necessary to have a standard shipment delivered to your home.


Is It Better To Go Lighter Or Darker For Extensions?

It depends on your preferences; a hair extension typically allows users to go lighter and darker for 2 to 3 shades compared to the extensions’ color. 

As long as you go lighter or darker in the shade range, the hair extension can blend and match naturally. 

If you are still trying to decide between them, consider choosing lighter colors, as they can blend in and add more highlights to your appearance.

Should You Dye Extensions Wet Or Dry?

It would be best if you dyed extensions dry to avoid color fading during the hairstyling process. First, you should wash your hair and dry it with a dryer at a low temperature. Remember to dry the hair completely.

Then, apply conditioner to the hair extension to remove tangles and knots before wrapping them with tin foil.

What Color Of Hair Extensions Should I Get?

Professional hair stylists recommend choosing the color that matches the ends of your extensions. This helps you have a seamless hair color and reduces the color fading problem.


Super double drawn color hair offers a variety of possibilities and is reasonably easy to match natural hair color.  I hope you have a better overview of this hair extension type to make the best choice.

Thank you for reading!

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