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There are many many hair extensions in different styles, colors, lengths, and textures, so sometimes it can be a difficult choice for you to choose your next suitable hairstyle, you need to choose Vietnamese hair extensions wholesale.

The hair quality is better than any other hair type of hair. You can even use virgin hair for some installations. However, not all virgin hair brands are created equal. Our big virgin hair vendors sell low-quality hair extensions at high prices. However, the hair news is that there are still some companies that sell original and high-quality virgin hair at reasonable prices. In it, you should not ignore our virgin hair vendors.

Vietnamese hair extensions wholesale

The hair quality is good, and you’ll notice minimal shedding and no tangling. In general, most customers are satisfied with the hair extensions purchased from our virgin hair vendors. The company claims that it sells original, virgin hair extensions originating from Vietnamese and Cambodian.

Some customers are dissatisfied with the products, but others say it’s a price per quality. Her’ hair extensions are popular with celebrities, especially the label brand that is created from handpicked hair. Our hair extension is a brand new, but popular that brings you good quality Vietnamese hair extensions wholesale.

When we tested the hair extensions, we found they are good, but not the best. The hair extensions are beautiful, but we noticed some shedding and tangling. You can overcome the tangling if you take good care of the extensions…. Those cheap hair extensions actually come from China, and they are made of rejected and chemically processed hair.

You can choose a well-known, professional supplier with high-quality hair (at a high price to match).  But it’s not an easy job to find a good virgin hair vendors because there’re still hundreds of hair vendors from Vietnam, China, Indian, Indonesia,…. who provide thousands of hair products with different qualities and prices.

Every day we read the black hair forums and African American hair magazines to find the latest black hair trends and the hottest black hairstyles.  We make sure the hair packages that we recommend in our blog posts are all with best quality and virgin hair vendors we recommend are all reliable. In order to save your time and money, we’ve arranged a list of the virgin hair vendors that offer high-quality hair for a fraction of the cost of the celebrity virgin hair suppliers.

vietnamese hair extensions wholesale
Vietnamese hair extensions wholesale

Hair vendors mean that hair shops with the highest rank have been built for many years, many many positive customer reviews and you can easily find information about them everywhere.

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  • Material: 100% virgin hair, 100% natural hair, no treatment with chemical, all hair inside a bundle are same direction from top to bottom.
  • Quality of hair: no shedding, tangle free, thin, strong, soft and silky.
  • Color: natural color, other colors can be customized.
  • Only washed with shampoo, no lice, no nits.



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  • You need a lot of money to buy natural Vietnamese human color hair.
  • The price is a little bit high than synthetic hair.



Notes must know before transitioning little girls to natural hair

My suggestions are based on how I transitioned. You can use this information for your daughter’s and/or your transition to natural hair, special you choose Vietnamese hair extensions wholesale.


The Natural Hair JOURNEY is exactly what it is. try the products that you think will work for you.


You are going to have a lot of up and down moments going through this process.


That is exactly what I would recommend for a little girl.  It may appear as if the hair isn’t growing because you are trimming it often.


Dealing with 2 textures isn’t  easy, but it can be a smooth process. During this time with your hair, you can choose to keep your hair in roller sets. For me, roller sets help to mask the 2 textures as my hair grew.

For a little girl, I would keep it in braids or cornrows carefully to make sure they are not too tight. Keep your hair moist and clean.


The boundary is where the new growth and permed hair meet. It is supposed to be the most supposed part of your hair where breakdowns occur. When your hair is wet, you will notice from the root to your delicate hairline will be curly/kinky. When you see that the rest is straight, that’s your permed hair.

It’s up to you as you choose to cut the rest of the permed hair off. When you do that, you will instantly become a natural hair girl! For your daughter, I advise you to wait until her natural hair is long enough for her to wear comfortably before you cut the rest of the mantle. The time it takes for her hair to grow will vary from head to toe. Stay patient and enjoy the process.


I found it difficult to find the right hair products in my transition period. That doesn’t mean that you will have the same experience, but it was very frustrating for me. I will spend money on a product only to find that it dries my hair out or it makes my hair to oil,  or it does not do what the label says it will do for me.

Once I cut the last of my perm out I was able to fully evaluate how my natural hair reacts to a particular product. Finding the right product has been hands down the hardest part of the natural hair process for me. And some hair care tips for you.


I was careful not to use a lot of heat during my transition. The other style is a wash and goes ponytail. I wear a ponytail for the summer. Then I wore a wig. I do not have many weavers, but if you are, it is a great way to forward… I can not give any advice on how to care for your natural hair in that state because I have no experience with weaving.

One last thing, you may see a lot of ladies who are able to spray water on their natural hair and style it… for me a spray bottle of water was NOT my friend and still isn’t. That made it very hard for me to do anything with my hair other than slap some moose on it and put it in a ponytail.


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