No more mistakes! Difference between curly and wavy hair

You want to change your straight hairstyle and you desire to follow your creativity, you are going to have a new appearance but you wonder how to choose between curly hair and wavy hair! 

At first sight, many people often take into consideration that the two types of hair above actually do not differ much or in other words, they are one. That is a big mistake a lot of girls make. Therefore, my following sharing will tell apart the difference between curly and wavy hair! Wholesale hair vendors hope you can find out for yourself the best choice of hair

Difference between curly and wavy hair: What do you define two terms?

Kinky Hair

Difference between curly and wavy hair
Kinky Hair

As you can see in the picture above; kinky or in other words, excessively curly hair has a tight curl. The tightness of the curl pattern may be the main reason for its dry ability. When you use your fingers to comb your strand of kinky hair, you will have a feeling that there are a plenty of sharp letter Z angle hair-piece. With the right tools and practice, this hair texture will give you many styling options.

Unfortunately, a lot of people used to make a mistake that kinky or excessively curly hair is “bad hair” but it’s not. No natural hair texture is bad, only hair that is not taken care of properly.

Curly Hair – difference between curly and wavy hair

difference between curly and wavy hair

It is easy to see that curly hair has less curl of hair than kinky hair. When you take your finger through downward your hair, you will have the feeling that your curly hair is pretty smooth and easy to comb up from the top to the end of hair strand.

There are many kinds of curl forms such as forms-ringlets, circles, loops, or even spirals and the hair itself may be thick or thin, fine, medium, or course. When you grow up, the curls will gradually change from tight to lose or vice versa, which depends on genes.

Curly hair can be dry or oily, so this kind of hair needs enough care from you, in other words, how you take care of this texture of hair is very important.

You must treat this type of hair gently and of course, you had better not overhandle it by brushing or touching it too much. Moreover, it is turning difficult to handle with curly hair if wrong products or tools are used, which makes you really annoyed sometimes.

Wavy Hair

Wavy hair is pretty popular because it brings you a sweet look. When you take a strand of wavy hair and run your finger down it, you will be excited because the hair feels so smooth and you just want to do it again and again.

Wavy hair has a silky look and you can get a safe beauty from this kind of hair. Different from Z letter angles form above, curly hair have a S letter angles form.

This type of hair is very soft in common, especially when you are small; but it sometimes turns to rough and over-dry and of course you have to pay a lot of attention to the caring of wavy hair. It is another mistake that caring for wavy hair is so difficult and the truth is that you do not need to be so hard on your wavy hair.

The only thing you have to take into consideration is that when you get older your hair may become curlier or straighter, which all depends on your heritage and how you take care of your hair.

Coily hair

difference between curly and wavy hair

When mention coily hair, you will immediately imagine the hair fun, free and filled with volume, which can satisfy any cool style the women love to try out. More interesting, you can ditch the hair spray, because the natural shape will give a ton of volume, without a ton of effort. Compared with kinky hair, coily hair has a similar appearance, but they are different from texture.

Through some basic explanations, you must partly build up the difference between curly and wavy hair in your mind. Until now, no one can say that wavy hair actually is curly hair, which leads to no more silly mistakes.

 Basic differences between curly and wavy hair that often make you confused…

First of all, we have to tell apart the difference between curly hair and kinky hair in term of nature form

About nature form, kinky hair can also be called “curly”, on the contrary, curly hair is not always necessarily kinky! Curly hair simply intends to be  spiral or wavy while kinky hair has a torsion twist where the hair strand turns around itself.
The twist of the curly hair is basically the twisting around itself. The simplest comparison is to squeeze a canvas where you rotate to one side clockwise and vice versa


difference between curly and wavy hair
The clear different forms of both kinky and curly hair
Images modeled on SEM images in (Ph.D. Thesis by Jutta Maria Quadflieg)

Now kinky hair can be twisted and have the same twisted rings apart from the twisted helix. This creates the dominant hairstyle among people of African descent – kinky curly hair. Just following the first comparison on a large scale, you try thinking of it like squeezing a sheet of paper and curling it around a large wooden stick to form a curl.

What is the difference between curly, coily, & kinky hair in definition?

Curly – the word curl implies a wide soft curve, almost wavy. Coiy is not the word you think it is, but you might have been thinking of “coil” the adjective version of which is not common. I think it would be spelled “coilly” or maybe “coily”.

Kinky has two meanings. One is a sharp turn, the other is used to describe non-standard sex. Kinky or sharp folds add a ton of volume, so notice how it seems poofy and with very small kinks, it seems frizzy.

Sum up, can we say for fun: straight is straight, wavy is a soft curve, curly is a little tighter, and kinky is the sharpest turns.


In detailed, there are some differences between curly and wavy hair


difference between curly and wavy hair
Wavy hair falls into a slight zigzag pattern.

Curly hair takes on ringlet or corkscrew shapes. As you can see in the example of Taylor Swift’s hair above; wavy hair gets curly and settles into an “S” shape rather than tight curls or in other words, it is unlike kinky hair or coily hair. Sometimes, it looks like ZZ pattern. Both superstars Reese Witherspoon have this kind of wavy hair.

Kinky hair is the tightest curl type, this kind of hair appears popular at the area where women of African live. In spite of its strong corkscrew  apprearance, kinky hair are often very fine and easily get into hair loss.  Both Macy Gray and Alicia Keyes own this kind of hair.

Identification difference between curly and wavy hair

Although in fact, both wavy hair and curly hair are fine in texture, their  thick appearance can make up all. So two kinds of hair are very suitable for the women who own a thin hair and want to change their look.

difference between curly and wavy hair

Wavy hair is often wavy at the bottom and flat closer to the scalp. On the other hand, kinky curls have tiny curls with a big densest in thickness. Kinky curls are curly from the scalp to the hair tips and are easily layered.

Therefore, as you can see, it is very obvious to tell apart the identification difference between curly and wavy hair.

Kinky curls are the tightest type of curls.

Care difference between curly and wavy hair and some other kinds of hair

People who have waves or curls should use a diffuser when blowing their hair. As all of you know about the use of diffusers, diffusers are hair-dryer attachments that diffuse the air.

As a result, the curls do not blow straight or turn to beard during drying. To keep the hair curled, the lower hair dryer design is used while combing the hair between the fingers and vibrating the dryer.

After drying, mousse or pomade can be applied, to the curls and body waves rather than scales them down. If a hair care product makes the hair have a crispy feel, a remedy is to scrunch out the crunch. Of all kinds of hair, kinky hair is the hardest to maintain, however, you can tam it with specialized shampoo and cream.

Warning – care difference between curly and wavy hair

difference between curly and wavy hair

When it comes to curly hair, you do not brush your hair or comb it thoroughly. This makes the lock back and curly. Moreover, you can treat your hair with some natural herb or extract, such as coconut oil, beer, olive oil, lemon, jojoba oil … which help your hair keep its own curls and growth well. Redraw your hair and use your fingers as temporary tools by twisting the curls into rings until the hair becomes wet effectively for on-the-go fixes.

For wavy hair, you had better treat it gently. Because wavy hair is usually weak and soft, it is vulnerable to hardening, combing or chemical processing. You have to always remember to take care of your hair regardless of its kind.

In term of caring, there is no particular difference between curly and wavy hair, both of them should be paid a lot of attention. Anyway, if you own a kind of hair, you should improve your hair knowledge of this particular hair to find out the best treatment for your hair.

The beautification technique nowadays becomes more popular than ever; you can choose any kind of hair you are keen on regardless of the difference between curly and wavy hair or and any other type of hair.

Curly hair and wavy hair attract a lot of women’s attention. In particular, these types of hair is suitable for you or not, which all depends on your taste and your own face, your own appearance you have. Although two kinds of hair are gradually becoming hot trends of hairstyle all over the world, many women often think they are the same and make some silly mistake.

However, after reading my sharing, I hope that you will have a basic knowledge about the difference between curly and wavy hair. If you stll have any wonder, do not hesitate to contact us, Ivirgo Hair Customer Care Department on the website for the best support. Trust us and enjoy your hair. Hope the best!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I have a round face. What kind of hair should I choose? And I myself love curly hair more, especially kinky hair?

A: Thanks for your attention! Each type of face has its own natural beauty method, such as the right hairstyle, how to make it match your face the most is one of the most important steps. For example, if you own a round face, you should choose a long hairstyle to make your face look longer and vice versa. You wonder whether curly or wavy hair suit you? Do not worry, I am sure that it is totally for you.

In addition to how to choose the right hairstyle, you have to keep in mind that makeup properly is the next step. You should choose the nice eyebrows for your face and brush the dark side of the face which will look more more elegant.

If your face length and cheekbones are almost equal, you have a round face. The advantage of a round face is that it has the ability to make you look younger, so do not hesitate to getting a curly hair or a wavy hair.

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