Curly hairstyles for special occasions you must know!

 When special occasion was coming, you must have spent such a lot of time on standing in front of the mirror and design yourself a fancy hairstyle, or sometimes you were willing to pay a big amount of money for the help of professional hairdresser. You know, there are so many important events which really make you confused. You want to find out the best beauty formula for your own hair. So, here I am to help you with some curly hairstyles for special occasions.

From prom to weddings or to any kind of life events that need your attendance, you can easily go beyond the usual ponytail or messy bun and be gorgeous in your own fancy hairstyle. I am sure that after reading my following sharing, you will be very confident due to the huge beauty knowledge of hair you own.

Some interesting curly hairstyles for special occasion you must know

To be always bright like a center of your big event, you need to renew yourself with some fashionable  hairstyles below

Braided Crown Wedding Hair – curly hairstyles for special occasions.

To own an impressive hairstyle for a special occasion, you do not need to waste a ton of work on making it become so feminine and interesting that the crowded will have to stare at you.

This braided crown wedding hair is easy to make, you should know that the key is a chunky crown braid incorporated into the hair so as to fix locks in the midst of that awkward “growing out” stage or bring in order any layers that will not cooperate for formal occasions. It looks like you are wearing a real crown on your head and of course; you are the queen of the events you join.

curly hairstyles for special occasions.

Full curls for Short Hair – other curly hairstyles for special occasions.

 curly hairstyles for special occasions.

It will not take a lot of time to make full curls fatten up thin, short hair with some gorgeous highlights and side-swept styling. You just need to use some large hot rollers to set a quick and easy curl. When making full curls, you should remember that the trick to this curled style is to roll outward and upward instead of straight up and down.

Special Occasion Beach Waves – curly hairstyles for special occasions.

You would be gorgeous with a braided crown and a waterfall braid which is a perfect formal hairstyle especially for the kind of hair with shoulder length. Some curls help to add both volume and a distinct sense of formality, which brings back a thick and burnished hair especially for the girls having short and thin hair.

curly hairstyles for special occasions.

Short A-Line Formal Hair

No need complicated, Short A-Line Formal Hair is truly one of the curly hairstyles for special occasions.

curly hairstyles for special occasions.

You know, a long haircut creates angled hair that is ready for the parties. Add in some seductive, refined and rich brown and caramel hues, your short hair will be the envy of all people around, they must have to stare at you. Braids in curly hair are not all good every time because sometimes simpleness, nature, and elegance are much better.

Thick Braid

If you own a thin hair, you do not need to worry because you can try “Thick Braid” to fix your situation. You will have one of the best short curly hairstyles for special occasion

curly hairstyles for special occasions.

Do not worry if your hair tends to be thin or lifeless because you are able to thicken it up by gathering the top layer into a messy plait. To add both depth and volume and style some messy waves for the hair that is left down, you should braid it to the side and try to make the top layer go a little messy or bigger, which will help you hair look thicker.


Voluminous Special Occasion Updo

It is one of the coolest long curly hairstyles for special occasion that you must not miss

curly hairstyles for special occasions.

If you are too fed up with the daily familiar hairstyle, why don’t you try voluminous updos for special occasions? Some beautiful curly hairstyles don’t need to be perfectly coifed – in fact, they can often come across as messy, effortless, or both.

Instead of spending a fortune at the salon or wasting a big amount of money on a lot of hairdressers before that next event, you can do anything you want with your long hair until you make a masterpiece or in other words, until you find a perfect combination of buns, braids, and tendrils that looks best on you. Just try to be creative with your hair because who knows? you may be talented at hair styling


Multiple Braids in One – hairstyles for curly hair for special occasions

curly hairstyles for special occasions.

Roll up your hair on the top of your head with a deep sweeping side sweep. The braids may be thick or thin and therefore, they have different styles or just remain uniform. Whatever braids you choose to incorporate into your hairstyle list for special events, they will definitely make you unique and second to none.

Directional Waves – long curly hairstyles for special occasions

curly hairstyles for special occasions.

You must have watched Game of Throne, Dragon Mother character has some interesting directional wavy hair. If you like it, you can try it at least one time. Flowing down like the mermaid’s main, this long, loose hair flows over the shoulders with the perfect wave, which makes you look gentle and soft. You can let your hair be accomplished with large hair rollers or be in stable form with a strong holding product.

Natural Curl for a Fancy Night

It is considered as another interesting curly hairstyle for special occasion

curly hairstyles for special occasions.

You are so lucky when you possess a mess of corkscrew curls? Never ruin them with harsh chemical straighteners or flat irons because you can join any big events with your naturally curly hair.

If you get bored sometimes, you can add some color and a light hold product. Your hair will be so bright and draw a lot of attention from people around. The only thing you should do is taking care of your naturally curly hair well… because it is your invaluable gift!

Braid Combined with Curls

When your hair is curly and you want to do something impressive to long curly hairstyles for special occasions, why don’t you try “Braid Combined with Curls”?

curly hairstyles for special occasions.

To be prettier, you can change your current curly hair by braiding a section of hair above the earline, pull hair halfway back as simply as a straight ponytail secured with an elastic pin. Your new braid combined curls will be intricate-looking and make people around curious about how it is styled.

Sweet and Sassy Updo – a perfect hairstyle for cute girls

curly hairstyles for special occasions.
If you own a long and thick hair, you can totally choose this kind of hairstyle. With some hairpins and decorative things, you will have sweet updos that twist and turn in all sorts of paths. You may start styling with damp hair to play around until you find the best look for your face. Moreover, I suggest that you should ask for help from others because they can fix your updos for the better.

Modern Formal Chignon – another elegant hairstyle for curly hair special occasion

curly hairstyles for special occasions.

The chignon is a classic hairstyle that has existed for generations. You should start by twisting the front of the hair just above the earline and securing them with hairpins. Next step, you can twist the pieces of hair that were left down making the loops lighter and pinning them in the first place.

Sometimes, it will be more attractive if the hair becomes more messy than rigid. The hairstyle is especially special for all types of personality so you do not need to hesitate…!

Ultra Casual for a Special Occasion

curly hairstyles for special occasions.

When you feel trying to design a unique hairstyle takes you a lot of time and it is really useless. You do not feel like dressing up? That’s fine and acceptable at certain “formal” events. If you are just overworked or overstressed and don’t want to deal with a lot of issues, you still want to get yourself a nice and simple hair! This light curly hair was simply air-dried, side-swept and left to fall where it may, you do not need to spend such a long time on it.

Different elegant Hairstyles For curly hair for special occasions

To all important events, hairstyle plays an essential role to complete a nice outfit. That is the reason why the women must pay a lot of attention to their hairstyle. And this is a must-have hairstyle for curly hair special occasions, like some wedding party, Thanksgiving dinner party, Christmas party and New Year’s Eve.

Sometimes you are wrapped in working and busy all time, it seems that you do not have time to prepare for your parties and even go to a hairstylist. Luckily, I bring you several fast methods we have selected carefully that might be really useful for you.They are so easy to be done and do not require some special skills. Take a look at them and find which one will match with your next elegant outfit!

curly hairstyles for special occasions.

Medium Curly Hairstyle with a Diagonal Waterfall Braid

Sometimes you feel so jealous of the long silky hair in waterfall braid… Surprisingly, you do not need envy anymore because you can add some crown braids and have long locks to sport a trendy waterfall braid. An easy way to take medium hair from day to night is to add up some floating braids, which look like some hairstyles above but cooler with loose curls and short hair braids.

curly hairstyles for special occasions.

If hairstyles above do not satisfy you, you can choose “Breathtaking Curly Updo” for the special day!

I am sure that at least one time in your life you will wear a wedding dress and a beautiful crown. Do not wait until that day, you should be a magnificent bride at every event and consider it as preparation for the biggest day.

This hairstyle will be more fantastic with a messy touch which remains refined, sophisticated and on-trend even when it becomes loose and tangled. No worries if your hair is short because here is the best thing, you don’t need very long hair to create this beauty.

A medium haircut is enough for a good base. With this style, you can be confident as the main character or in other words, you will be the center of attention.

curly hairstyles for special occasions.

Need more fascinating but it seems not work, why don’t you try “curly hair extensions”

Which kind of curly hair extensions you want?

Curly hair extension with small or loose curls, it is upon your choice. No matter how weak your hair is, you are totally able to own a beautiful hair

curly hairstyles for special occasions.


First, you need to determine what color and the length you want to add to your real hair. Then you can order any kind or any curl level you like. Curly hair extension is curled by machine, so it is perfect on every hairpiece. These curls are curled beautifully and carefully. When the big events are coming, you are confused how to get a nice hairstyle without hair damage; curly hair extension is the best solution for you. You will have a very soft and sexy beauty with this thick and burnished hair.

Ivirgo Hair – the credible address to buy curly hair extensions

Although there are many different international hair extension companies on market, Ivirgo Hair is still confident to tell you that we can supply you with high-quality curly hair extensions

curly hairstyles for special occasions.

We can make sure to you that we supply 100% original hair in bulk and weft with high quality just cutting from woman directly without chemical process. The factory is located in Bac Ninh Province, Vietnam and the head office is located in Hanoi capital. With many years of experience in researching the optimal solution for the hair, we believe that you will not be disappointed with our product or customer service.

What are Ivirgo Hair’s partners all over the world?

That big number will show you how much attention the fair sex pay to curly hairstyles for special occasions!

Our products are exported to Brazil, Mexico, Columbia, Thailand, Israel, Ukraine, United Kingdom, Italy, Argentina, France, United State and so on… Almost international customers are satisfied with our product – curly hair extensions.That is the reason why we have many long-term customers in such new foreign markets

curly hairstyles for special occasions.
Curly hairstyles for special occasions

All in all, after a long time collecting these awesome images from the internet and choosing the best examples for you, I hope that you will spend your time reading and find out the best Curly Hairstyles for Special Occasion.

Until now, when big events are coming, you will never get confused again. Because with a huge knowledge of hair you gain from my sharing, you must always make full plans for every important occasion, the only thing you need to do is making sure that you will be shine like a diamond and people around have to be jealous with your beautiful hairstyle.

Moreover, if your hair cannot satisfy you and you need the help of curly hair extensions, you can choose our company. I believe that Ivirgo Hair with many experience years and expert on any kind of hair extensions will never make you disappointed.

You should spend one first time trying our product and of course, it takes you a whole life to give up using it! Hope the best for your curly hairstyles for special occasions!

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