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I am Thomas Taw, the CEO of CITIZENSNIPS. I have experience in hair product development and chemical research, as well as sustainable resource engineering. In 2009, I co-created Sunsilk, one of the world's leading haircare brands. More recently, I was the CEO of SMOKINGPANDA LTD. I am a professional with a strong track record in delivering tangible results.

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5 thoughts on “Customer feedback 2

  1. Avatar of gale kulikowski
    gale kulikowski says:

    Wish you will receive lots of positive feedback.
    I like the way you work enthusiastically
    Hope that we will cooperate with each other for a long time

  2. Avatar of weldon rieger
    weldon rieger says:

    You are very enthusiastic and psychological.
    The feedback is very positive
    congratulation . Hope that your company grows stronger

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