Beauty corner: how to achieve cute sew in hairstyles for black people

During harsh weather, most black ladies resort to using weaves in order to let their natural hair grow out and achieve their desired length at the same time. It can be said that they are the lucky ones to try out different hairstyles thanks to their tough healthy strands. This time, Ivirgo Hair can have a chance to explore cute sew in hairstyles for black people and we are sure that you will be green with envy!

When compared to wigs, sew in hair is definitely superior. As the name reveals, you can actually sew into your natural hair rather than glue onto your scalp. However, due to this feature, you must be skillful at styling. Therefore, this article is for you who are fumbling to figure out a way to beautify yourself.

Be ready because our journey has just got started!

The great potential of sew in hair

If you are a vivid reader of our website, you will be familiar with such terms as sew in hair and clip in hair extensions. If you are not, to say in the most simple way, sew in hair integrations are those which are sewn to your natural hair. Therefore, African – American women utilize them as protective styles while some would love to rock this kind to switch things up.

In theory, you can achieve this hair extension technique by using both human and synthetic hair. However, from our perspectives, quality is worth a price. Whenever you think about hair extensions for a long time and efficiency, to invest in human hair is a perfect choice.

Normally, cute sew in hairstyles for black people are tightly sewn in the cornrows against the scalp or against a wave cap. Whatever pattern you will go with, they are always sewn to the braids. You can either sew directly on the braid or ask for the help of a net to sew through strands.

cute sew in hairstyles for black people
When compared to clip in ones, cute sew in hairstyles for black people require more sophistication and attempts from the doors. (Source: Internet)

 Things you need to be aware of when applying sew in hair extensions

Before you make a decision on applying any of the cute sew in hairstyles for black people, you should have some basic understandings about how to take proper care of them. Unlike other kinds of hair extensions, sew-ins will last up to six to eight weeks because of washing, conditioning, styling and gentle handling.

As experts in the field, we will provide you with some quick tips to keep an eye on your new hair and help you to feel comfortable while your beautiful appearance has still remained.

cute sew in hairstyles for black people
Tight braids will drive you mad for sure (Source: Internet)

For hairstyles that require braids, your scalp may suffer from itchiness, which is an annoying feeling that you definitely do not want to experience. First, do not scratch if you do not want to accidentally ruin your cute sew in hairstyles for black people. Frizzy roots and noticeable tracks will appear if you cannot stay patient. Second, oil your scalp whenever you feel unbearable.

Such essential oils as coconut oil will save you. Believe us and you will not be painful anymore. Should you want to find other alternatives, please click here

cute sew in hairstyles for black people
A must-have item to keep your cute sew in hairstyles for black people for long (Source: Internet)

This kind of hair extensions seems to be picky a bit. You just cannot style them on your own. Should you want to restyle or color your hair, an appointment with your stylist is inevitable. Only he/she can remove them or place filler tracks in your braids to update your look.

All you have to do with them is to be careful. When detangling after a shower, you cannot do it at random or depending on your moods. You should start with the bottom of hair extensions and work way up so as not to pull at the strands. If you have any sign of damage like broken roots, do not hesitate to make an appointment or just a call with your stylist.

 Ten cute sew in hairstyles for black people that you can achieve

Recently, cute sew in hairstyles for black people really take ladies by storm. They definitely prefer them to wigs because they are impeccable and hardly ever could others tell them apart from natural strands. Keep yourself updated and you will know that the vixen sew-in is the latest and hottest hairstyle. It is followed closely by another popular one called the versatile one.

Whether you prefer curly or straight hair, this list is enough to meet your unlimited demands. Why not take a look and be inspired by cute sew in hairstyles for black people?

Pixie cut sew-ins

Little do you know that haircut is a fashionable way to hit the restart button?. It changes your mood and it changes your life, especially for those who desire to get a sharp look. Have you been impressed by Rihanna in the cute crop? If yes, it means you are going the right way in decoding the reason why pixie is put first on the list of cute sew in hairstyles for black people.

cute sew in hairstyles for black people
An inexplicable sexiness in this picture that makes you stare at this popstar (Source: Internet)

Among other cute sew in hairstyles for black people, we would consider this as the cutest one. It softens your face but enhances the maturity of woman that you definitely fall in love. To complete the look of a woman instead of a girl, remember to mix with some stunning accessories such as bling studs.

cute sew in hairstyles for black people
You can either color your strands or keep your black ones. Both options are fine (Source: Internet)

Center part sew ins

To find cute sew in hairstyles for black people, you will happen to know quite a few same styles as with natural hair. It is understandable because basically when styling, you can treat sew ins as your own hair. It would totally fine and this list will help to consolidate your choice.

cute sew in hairstyles for black people
Attractive long tresses – a dream of many women in this world (Source: Internet)

Center part sews ins is the style that you often leave for your hair. It is easy to achieve and you do not need to worry about the damage that it brings about. It just does no harm to your hair investment. In this style, the stylist creates the cornrows like a maze on purpose. The last part is to leave out some strands at the center and layer hair extensions.

Body curls

How would we describe this hairstyle? Personally, we love the natural look and this can satisfy us in terms of that field. However, if we were the stylist in the picture below, we would make some highlights to rejuvenate the look and brighten the skin color.

cute sew in hairstyles for black people
This deserves a place in cute sew in hairstyles for black people. It highlights sharp look enhanced by colored features of the owner (Source: Internet)

Body curls are not for everyone. They are just born to be a priceless asset of those who want to both protect their strands from overheating and add length & thickness. When you choose sew-in hair extensions, especially take notice of the color. Make sure that it matches the color of your own hair texture. This is the only way to get the natural finished look.

It is suitable for a person with a very active lifestyle as you can transform it into other cute hairstyles just in a few minutes. You can pull it up to create a twisted bun, a loose ponytail or keep it in one side or wear it with your office suit every day. You can be sexy; you can be formal or you can be cute. You can explore a lot of you in this cute sew in hairstyle for black people.

A-line bob with a highlight

cute sew in hairstyles for black people
Any A-line bobs are not just cute sew in hairstyles for black people. They are universal enough to win contemporary women’s heart. (Source: Internet)

A-line bobs are the reflection of the female spirit in today’s setting. Look at the smooth and flowing hair strands and you can have your own cause to explain our claim. Depending on the color you choose, the hairstyle will bring about different aspect of your beautiful side. For example, platinum is the combination of sexiness and purity.

With the help of highlight technique, people will not get sick and tired of your hairstyle because they feel that it is not a copy of others out there. In the picture, to achieve these cute sew in hairstyles for black people, the stylist needs to give a boost courtesy of the caramel brown highlights to incorporate over black strands.

Ombre sew-in style

When this name is called, it comes as no surprise to us because ombre has been the trendy color for ages. It is not a fad for sure. As you know, cute sew in hairstyles for black people always appreciate the emphasis. Without the emphasis, people would sooner or later get rid of them because they are boring, even as for solid hair shades.

Therefore, ombre is the shortcut to get everything done. Two is more fun than one. You can go for such a subtle transition between the shades as from a darker brown to a lighter brown or a more drastic one.

cute sew in hairstyles for black people
Cute sew in hairstyles for black people fully harness what sew ins possess. (Source: Internet)

In the picture, the doer utilizes the versatility of sewing in hair extensions to rock a multitude of fun and flirty look. On top of that, he/she puts the eye-catching element on the sexy ombre XXL curls. The more dramatic your side part is, the more noticeable your long swoopy bangs are.

Fully curly sew in

You can kill two birds with one stone if you apply fully curly sew in. This hairstyle is as beautiful as other cute sew in hairstyles for black people while it still keeps the typical features of a colored woman. To tell the truth, it only enhances the quirky look and it is born to be their asset.

cute sew in hairstyles for black people
It is the best suited to those with dark skin color, thick lips and layered makeup (Source: Internet)

Tight curls are an indispensable part in a full head of sew-ins with tons of volume. This kind of sew-in hair extensions is nearly at one length; thus, the style is packed with a lot of fullness. One minus point of this look is that you are required to spritz your curls with a conditioning spray. Otherwise, they will not be kept defined and everything will become a mess that is hard to detangle.

Distinguishable braids

cute sew in hairstyles for black people
Quirky things do not need to be advertised. This stunning look always has a place on the list of cute sew in hairstyles for black people for a reason (Source: Internet)

From the first sight, you may assume that it takes a long time to achieve this distinguishable look. However, contrary to your common belief, it is so simple to get. Moreover, it helps to protect the brittle strands, to preserve breaks and to encourage hair to regrow.

We highly recommend the look to on-the-go clients. You can let go of hair whenever you are busy doing other things such as work and study. You can save a lot of time and money because this hairstyle is easy to maintain and simple products like olive oil, coconut oil and gel should be invested. It is nothing different from treating your own strands.

Long chocolate curls

Do you think that pure blondes are out of fashion these days? In fact, it is not but to wear blonde hair, you need to have a good taste of fashion. Therefore, an alternative that you must try is the sultry brunette. The shades of brown and black right now are natural enough to kick up a notch.

cute sew in hairstyles for black people
This picture is evident enough to prove that not all sew in hair extensions always look like sew-ins. They are just so natural that you could not handle.(Source: Internet)

Thanks to this picture, you will be talked into that it deserves a slot in the list of cute sew in hairstyles for black people. As long as your colorist is professional, your strands will appear sexy and natural. You can make the style more attractive by adding gentle highlights and swoopy bangs.

Maybe you do not know, chocolate color has a wide variety of shades. If you go with a tiny bit lighter, it will turn out to be one shade. When a little darker is applied, another shade is created. You can look at that of Kendall Jenner, Jessica Alba, and Kerry Washington to get some sources of inspiration.

cute sew in hairstyles for black people
Cute sew in hairstyles for black people could be suitable for any patterns of makeup (Source: Internet)

Glamorous side part sew in

When it comes to cute sew in hairstyles for black people, side part sews in must be named because of the mesmerizing look that it contributes to the build up. You would immediately miss the old days once the early celebrities of Hollywood came up on the red carpet.

cute sew in hairstyles for black people
Hollywood glamor is just upon your reach. (Source: Internet)

Deep side part straight sew in is easier to manage and do. However, to make it an emphasis on your head, let’s make strands curly, which can give you a more fashionable look. You can mix this style with diamond earrings and red lips to win people’s heart.

Be sure to tell the stylist which side you would like to part and it is better if you show him/her a model or a sample to follow. What you desire should be determined before the stylist gets started.

Cranberry bob

Yes, you are reading the right subtitle. What we are mentioning in this part is cranberry hair color. This element of Thanksgiving, of turkey and stuffing, will bring you a tart little treat in a new and unexpected way. From whole cranberries, they could extract the sauce and magically put it onto your hair.

The final color may range from deep fuschia to the pumpkin pie. It is diverse in the shades indeed. When it is mixed with bob, this hairstyle must be placed number one on the list of cute sew in hairstyles for black people.

cute sew in hairstyles for black people
Here you are – a model look with a deep cranberry bob (Source: Internet)Here you are – a model look with a deep cranberry bob (Source: Internet)

Finally, we could finish the list of 10 cute sew in hairstyles for black people. We hope that based on our suggestion, you can have your own ideas to rock the hair integration world. Sooner or later, this knowledge will be helpful to your way up to recover your beautiful youth. You of tomorrow deserve to be better than you of today. Do not rush to say no to it because everything happens for a reason.

From bottom of our heart, we hope that this article could be a good source of inspiration. Ladies, let’s rock your own world, right from renewing your appearance. It is good to get your pictures and feedback. Should you still have any queries, contact our helpline soon. Look forward to hearing from you!

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