It is high time to try dark green hair dye and all the things you should know

In special occasions such as a Halloween costume or a musical event, you desire to have a new you completely. In that case, the first thing you will think about is to dye a very outstanding hair color which nobody could  help their head turning back to see. Then a dark green hair dye would be a perfect choice. It consolidates both your sexy and sporty look.

However, dark green color is also a picky option in that not everybody can be successful in wearing it. Especially, when you meet the seniors or even those in their forties, they will ‘judge the cover of the book’. Therefore, you need to take many factors into consideration before getting started with dying your hair.

Now, let’s start our journey to explore different shades of dark green hair dye and find the simplest but least damaging way to do it!

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Dark green hair – a revolution triggered by celebrities on the red carpet

Those were the days dark green, accompanied by peach, pink and silver hair color were regarded as quirky ones. Rarely did you happen to meet a greenhead because at that time, green shades were just unavailable. However, time is passing by and these quirky hair colors become a trend of the summer and of the year as well.

Thanks to the leading roles of some celebrities, dark green hair dye gradually becomes a norm. While its counterparts, including pastels and pinks, bring about a pretty and soft look, dark green, in contrast, is bold, complex and moody. People even make jokes of dark green as a color of ‘do not call me cute’. It is the mixture of yellow – the color of optimistic energy and blue – the hue of calm and coolness. Dark green hair helps to trigger off the conversation.

dark green hair dye
Katy Perry after dark green hair dye – she has taken lots of audience by storm.

Green hair should go with self confidence and it was born to be with cool kids who dare to give a big middle finger and break the standard rules of the society. However, dare to play, dare to suffer from its drawbacks. It is the most unnatural hair color, therefore it is the hardest to remove and replace.

dark green hair dye
To our surprise, Kate Bosworth is catching up with dark green hair dye by her fine light strands.

Five Best dark green hair dye look

  • Arctic fox hair color
dark green hair dye
The phantom green of all times

When it comes to dark green hair dye, arctic fox hair color is always among top-searched keyword. It belongs to semi permanent hair colors. The special thing about this phantom green is that it is made of 100% vegan ingredients. Therefore, it is for sure gentle and do not contain any chemical damage. It is also vibrant and long-lasting, which is another bonus point.

dark green hair dye
Mysterious look via the reasonable phantom color
  • Lime Crime hair color
dark green hair dye
A brand to achieve a light to medium brown dark green hair dye

In Lime Crime, you can choose from three shades of dark green hair dye. As aforementioned, it is specifically made to appear on light to medium brown hair.

Why is it on the second position of the list?

It is prioritized because of 100% vegan ingredients and cruelty-free. However, one minus point of this dye is fragrance; perhap it is too strong for some strands.

dark green hair dye
Unicorn dark hair dye – on the scale of 5, it is marked 3.75
  • Manic Panic Formula
dark green hair dye
As for experienced colorists in the hair industry, manic panic is not a strange name at all.

Similar to these two hair dye products above, Manic Panic is also cruelty-free and made of 100% vegan ingredients.

Manic Panic is among the types that you have a colorist to achieve the green goal. For those who have already highlighted, mixing 4 different shades of manic panic would be a better option.

dark green hair dye
It is worth your waiting for the magnificent look.
  • Pravana Chromasilk
dark green hair dye
If you are looking for a product with 5/5 rate among dark green hair dye, pravana chromasilk is definitely the one.

It is among the most vibrant dark green hair dye out there. It is also an easy one because both professionalists and newcomers can learn to use it properly. Dark green dye is fully achieved and with vivid look.

The salon quality can last 4 weeks before it starts to fade away. However, even when it fades, the color is still amazing with glamorous pastel shades.

dark green hair dye
Who can help this sexy dark green dye?
  • Joico Color Intensity

What is green combines with blue? It is like the combination of forests and sea. Tree is a representative of leaves and trees while blue is a symbol of sky, peace and sea. The color will be something beyond the goal of dark green hair dye. It is the blended beauty among basic signs of life.

Maybe it is this reason that joico color intensity possesses a very special look. It includes dyes with concentrated pigments. It is not picky as well and you are free to create your own shades or to use it as pre-lightened hair. It is vibrant until the 15th wash. You can also enjoy a pleasant fragrance.

dark green hair dye
How cool you are in dark green hair dye thanks to Joico Color Intensity

In a nutshell, if you desire to have dark green hair dye, you need to search more and read more to better understand about it. It is suggested that you should try semi permanent color rather than permanent one in case you no longer love it in the near future.

For 5 best dark green hair dye we mentioned before, they are all among perfect products that have received many positive feedback and we hope that you will be the next. Should you want to buy one of them, do not hesitate to check the price in Amazon or inbox us to get advice. Remember that we always welcome your questions!

How to dye dark green hair at home (for easy-to-use products)

  • Things to remind before getting started

DIY dye is not the thing that lazy people might take notice of because there are many things that you need to prepare at hands and deal with. First, just wear clothes that you are not crying over spilt milk when it gets stained. Why? During dark green hair dye process, bleach is a necessary substance.

If you do not find a useless shirt before getting started with dark green hair dye, just consider making use of a poncho or a cape to cover yourself or at least your neck and shoulder.

Second, do not forget to analyze your own hair color. Use the hair color wheel below to determine if your strands are totally black or natural blondes. For redhead, brunette, or a darker shade of dirty blonde, bleaching is inevitable. However, it is not recommended that you bleach your hair at home, especially for the first time. It is much better if you have already bleached or highlighted at the salon.

dark green hair dye
The hair color wheel
  • Steps to follow dark green hair dye (note that we do not mention bleaching because it may do harm to you if you try it at home)

After finishing bleach process, now you are really in the battle with hair coloring as a true colorist. Put on latex gloves to avoid staining and let the battle begin by adding several packets of chosen green dye product into a bowl. It is better if you add a tablespoon of hair conditioner to the bowl. Mix it until it is thick enough to look like a paste.

dark green hair dye
Follow what the picture illustrates

When the mixture is fine, use a comb to equally distribute it throughout the strands, from root to tip. Learn some tips to massage the ‘paste’ into your hair, except for your scalp. After that, pile the strands on top of your head and leave it there as long as plastic wrap is covered.

Leave it there because heat reaction in the cover will speed up deeper penetration. Some clients ask us if overnight is possible and our answer is yes. However, it depends on how bright you desire to have. The longer you keep it, the brighter dark green hair dye will become.

Finally, you can rinse it out after a certain period of time. Let the water run clear until no residue or trace of dye mixture is left.

dark green hair dye
the final step to come

Actually this is not the end of dark green hair dye. After finishing, you have to learn how to evaluate the new color properly. You may immediate  feel that this dark green hair is so wrong that you feel ashamed. However, you have to wait some time to receive the best hair color that you desire.

  • Post-dark green hair dye

The first principle to remember is to avoid heat, including heat from blow drying and hot water to your dyed hair. Should you be living in regions where hot weather and sunny days are all year around, hats should be your indispensable necessity.

dark green hair dye
Mentioning the perfect frequency of washing dark green hair dye, see below.

Even you dye permanent dark green hair, it is not recommended that you wash your dyed hair so often. Try to wash it as rarely as possible. Hard as dark green hair is to fade, water is still the enemy of all types of dyed strands. Infrequent washing helps to extend hair longevity.

Secrets to choose the right products are same as hair extensions. They all require sulfate-free shampoo and conditioners. To get to know more about them, click here (dẫn link bài hair care tips).

One intriguing method to keep your dark green hair dye effective for quite a long time is to touch up your strands regularly. Every two to four weeks, use the leftover dye to touch up the strands. You can be free to mix the residue with conditioner to rejuvenate dyed hair. By this way, you could reduce the re-dyeing process and avoid unwanted damages.

Dark green hair dye ideas for styling

By opting dark green hair dye, it means you are going beyond your comfort zone or the boundaries that you have set yourself in for quite a long time. You are no longer a copy to anyone else with the old black hair because it is just dead and ‘can’t come to the phone right now’.

Why not hesitate to find the best hairstyle for your new you? It would be a dilemma when you first experience a new hair with new color and you do not know what to do with it. Let us clear your confusion by thousands of fabulous styles that you would love at the first sight!

  • Beautifully green box braid

dark green hair dye
Why is it on the top of the list hair styles?

Green hair is endowed with its cool look. Therefore, as a good rule of thumb, it is better if it goes with cool kids and ‘badass’ style. Braids make the girls stunning in dark green hair. To be more natural, you can leave your naturally black shade on top and only braid dyed strands.

Why not resist your temptation in front of this sexy look?

  • Chopped bob
dark green hair dye
Bob – a new trend in 2018 of both young girls and ladies

What if a chopped bob is accompanied with an uneven fringe? It will definitely be glorious for the wearer. For dark green hair dye, it is better if you wear a bright makeup cover.

However, let the red lips be the spotlight. The thing is as long as you are confident in this unconventional hairstyle, nothing could keep you from being cool and lovely at the same time.

  • Slight touch for being a queen of dark green hair dye

dark green hair dye
Who told you that dark green hair cannot bring you a lovely look?

For dark green hair, you just need to sway it a bit like the girl in the picture. It is enough to create a stunning look. Dark green hair dye is best suited if you are enjoying your black long hair and waves. It is an absolute must for a special night out or the next party. Why not give it a try?

  • Color down under

Not everyone is ready for try a full-blown green, especially at work. For a formal but glorious look, you can go halfers and throw some dark green on the bottom half of the head. It is much better if you braid the half updo in that you can show off your eyeful of green. Dark green normally brings about strong personality. However, with this style, you still keep yourself girly and slim.

dark green hair dye
You no longer suffer from criticism of the elderly because the green in this style is so perfect.
  • A-line bob with ombre

dark green hair dye
How impress this style is!

Hair styling is an art and each style will change completely the face of the wearer. Should you be brave enough to put a dark green ombre, you will make a long lasting impression on the others. Just by adding some waves into the mix could you achieve an amazing appearance that make other not take their eyes off you.

  • Plaited Jade hair

dark green hair dye
Save the best for the last

As the caption of the illustration for plaited jade hair, we actually save the best for the last. According to experienced colorists, nothing could describe a stunning forest green hair color better than a braid. However, there is a myriad of braid out there. So, why does it have to be plaited braid?

It is best suited to those with thick, textured hair. Therefore, plaited braid helps the wearer to show off as much as possible. First, create a Dutch braid braid down backward your head and then, tug at it. That’s it for the process to get full and voluminous strands.

How to keep the dye last long?

  • Use a dye with a moisturizer

Dyes can cause hair to become more dry, so hair absorbs and releases more oil. This oil can dissolve the molecules of the dye.

Before dyeing your hair, ask your hairdresser to use a high quality dye that has moisturizing ingredients for your hair. Dye with natural oils will help maintain moisture for your hair and the hair will look healthier and more shiny. In particular, dyes that do not contain ammonium are a very good choice for your hair!

  • Do not wash your hair immediately after dyeing your hair

After dyeing your hair, you should wait at least 48 hours or maybe longer to wash your hair. If possible, wait 3–4 days after dyeing to wash your hair so that the color has better time to go up. This patience is an extremely important condition to take care of the durable dyed hair!

  • Caring for dyed hair  with dry shampoo

To keep your hair looking fresh, lift your hair and spray some dry shampoo on your hairline to absorb the lubricant. These dyed hair care not only keeps hair from becoming stain, but it also retains longer dyeing.

  • Avoid getting wet hair dyed when bathing

On non-shampooing days, you should use a hood to keep the hair from getting wet while bathing. You can also have a loose, pony-tail bun to prevent water from getting sticky. Wet hair will fade color quickly.

  • Use shampoo specifically for dyed hair

When shampooing dyed hair, you should use shampoo that protects hair color. A good shampoo will help maintain your hair color longer and increase the health of your hair.

  • Care for dyed hair with cool water

You should wash your hair with warm water or cool water. Hot water will cause the dye to fade faster because hot water will cause the surface of the hair to open, causing the dye molecules to float out. So don’t forget to adjust the temperature just right before shampooing.

  • Care for dyed hair with specialized conditioner

If possible, consider avoiding shampoo and use moisturizers for dyed hair. Shampoos can make hair color easier to fade than conditioner.

In addition, use a specialized conditioner for care of dyed hair. This conditioner will help your hair color look brighter and more even. Some conditioner products that contain Tahitian monoi oil and Ojon seed oil can help limit fading and create a protective film on dyed hair.

  • Avoid products containing sulfate

Sulfate can make the dye fade very quickly, so you should find a shampoo that does not contain this ingredient. Furthermore, sulfate with salt can remove moisture from the hair. This is one of the main causes of color fade.

  • Do not use shampoo labeled “Clarifying”

Shampoos labeled “Clarifying Shampoo” are a special shampoo that washes dyes because it contains a strong detergent, helps deep clean and remove dirt and chemical products.

  • Use hot oil treatments

Hot oil treatments are quite simple and you can do it right at home to make your hair shine brightly.

Apply oil evenly to the hair when the hair is clean and dry. After that, keep your hair in a shower cap. Heat yourself by using a hot towel, dryer or even sitting in the sun. After the oil is hot, you should let it cool down to room temperature and then wash it with clean water.

  • Use thermal protection products for dyed hair

When using a dryer or straightener, make sure your hair is completely dry before being exposed to heat to avoid damage from inside hair. You should also use a pre-discharge conditioner to strengthen your hair and finally use hair spray to protect your hair.

  • Take care of hair dyed with nutrition

Everything you eat every day affects the health and appearance of your hair. Nutrients from a healthy diet will provide energy, which will help hair grow better and make it brighter. Some iron-rich foods help nourish your scalp and hair by building a solid keratin layer that protects hair, protein and helps hair grow, improve texture and stimulate hair growth.

  • Supplement vitamins for dyed hair

You can use functional foods to supplement your hair with vitamins because vitamins are one of the essential nutrients to care for strong and shiny hair.

Vitamin C keeps the strong blood in the scalp healthy by supporting hair follicles and helping you absorb iron from plant proteins.

  • Avoid chlorine exposure to dyed hair

If you’re a swimmer, wet your hair and use a hair restoration essence before going into the pool to prevent chlorine in the pool water from damaging your hair.

Chlorine chemicals can accumulate and change the hair color to a beautiful green color. In addition, you can also wear a swimming cap to prevent hair from coming into contact with water.

So, this is the end of a full guide to dark green hair dye. As it is so special and unnatural hair dye, we have to detail everything that you may happen during the process to get a dark green look. Ivirgo Hair Factory sincerely hope that nothing could prevent you from being outstanding in the crowd and nothing bad will happen to your hair dream.

Should you have any related queries, do not hesitate to inbox or comment below. Let’s rock dark green hair dye and for sure, you would love it as our life is a long journey to experience new things.

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