Some information about the difference between wig and weave

Nowadays, the demand of beauty is higher than ever before. Every part of your body plays an important role in your appearance and your hair isn’t an exception. Not everyone has beautiful natural hair. So, wig and weave were created to response the demand of beauty.  Do you really know about wig and weave? This writing will give you some information about the difference between wig and weave.

Distinguish the difference between wig and weave

Before finding the difference between wig and weave, you should know what wig and weave are. Wig is an artificial covering of hair for all or most of the head. It is made from human hair, animal hair and synthetic fiber… Weave is a kind of hair extension. It is created by weaving or bonding pieces of real or artificial hair into a person’s existing hair.

From the definitions, we can see that wig and weave are not similar to each other. Not only having difference in definitions, but wig and weave are also difference in their functions. Let’s see how different they are.


Wig is not too strange to us. Most people know it as a covering of hair for all head. In America, wig can also be called as “caps”. Because it can be worn directly as a cap with hair hooked inside. You can think simply that wig is a cap without sewing or clip in like hair extension.

There are two main kinds of wig. They are synthetic wig and human hair wig. The name of wigs tells us which element is used to make wig. The price of human hair wig is often higher than other kinds. Because human hair wig is made from real hair of human, so it looks more natural and permanent than other kinds.

difference between wig and weave

Wig is used for many reasons. It can be used in cosplay. This is an action that you will disguise to be an anime figure or any figure you like. Moreover, wig can be used in fashion. The models sometimes need to use wig to look suitable for the design in fashion shows. Once wearing wig, your hair looks totally difference in color and the lengthen. It belongs to the kind of wig you choose.

Wig is also mostly used by the bald. Some people are bald because of their gene. But some people are bald due to their treatment of chemicals. Losing hair makes them lack of confident in communication and their appearance. So, using wig is the best solution for them. Wig brings to them beautiful and natural hair as normal people.

difference between wig and weave
Wig is being wore naturally


Most people just know about wig and they don’t know what weave is. As the information above, weave is hair extension. When you decide to use weave, they will weave or bond the hair extension into your natural hair directly.

difference between wig and weave

There are three kinds of weave. They namely are bonded weave, sew-in weave and fusion weave. Their names tell us about the way it was made. Boned weave gives you a natural look. It is easy to put in. It is also the cheapest weaving technique. However, it doesn’t last as long as the sew-in weave or fusion weave and it is quite hard to take out.

Sew-in weave is seemed healthier than other kinds. It looks natural and free-flowing. It doesn’t demand excessive and destroy hair practices, which often happen with other weave techniques.

difference between wig and weave

Weave is used mostly in aesthetic appeal. When using weave, your hair looks thicker and longer. It is suitable for girls or women whose hair is thin and short. Weave also can be used in fashion shows as wig by the models.

How to take care of wig and weave in right way

Above is the difference between wig and weave. After reading the difference between them, you can easily choose the one is suitable for yourself. However, wig or weave are all needs to take care of carefully. You can also refer how to take care of wig and weave before buying one of them.

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When using wig and weave, you need to pay attention to skin care. Follow the guidelines below if you want your hair to be long lasting and avoid being headaches, fungus hair, hair loss …

Clean your wig and weave carefully

Make sure you clean your wig and weave regularly. Wash your wig and weave with shampoo or specialized products after using. This way helps your wig and weave always clean, fragrant, smooth, natural, shiny, and not tangled.

Letting your wig and weave be dirty will facilitate the penetration of bacteria. For long a time, the bacteria will create a variety of skin diseases that affect the skin and even harmful to health of user.

In the process of cleaning your wig and weave, you should wash it from top to bottom gently. Avoid scuffing, pulling your wig and weave if not the wig and weave will be broken off.

Do not wash your wig and weave by dipping them in the basin or use hot water. These lead to the wig is tangled and the shape of wig and weave is lost.

Absorb water in your wig and weave by a soft towel and let your wig dry naturally.

Comb wig and weave gently

Do not comb your wig and weave too much, just comb it before and after cleaning or when you wear it.

You need to have a brush with thin teeth to reduce the loss of hair in wig and weave.

To sum up, this writing gives you some information about the difference between wig and weave. Also, you can refer the right ways to take care of your wig and weave. If you have any questions, please give the comment below for us. Hope you satisfy with the information given.

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