5 Different Ways To Put In Hair Extensions

Using hair extensions is no stranger to women all over the world. You do have not to worry about thin or short hair anymore because it is incredibly easy to solve thanks to hair extensions. There are various methods to wear a hair extension.

Our post today is going to give you 5 different ways to put in hair extensions. Don’t miss out any parts if you want to explore 5 MUST KNOW clip-ins extensions tricks. Let’s read now


5 different ways to put in hair extensions
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The first method in 5 different ways to put in hair extensions we want to mention is that Fusion. This way uses hot or cold fusions on separate keratin bonds. It is perfect for those wanting to own length, volume, and little maintenance. The clients can treat hair extensions while it is in as if it is their own hair. However, this method is not suitable for the clients having compromised hair. It may take about 2- 3 hours to put in a full head of extensions and last for about 4-6 months.


5 different ways to put in hair extensions
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Another in 5 different ways to put in hair extensions is sew-ins. This method is the proper cost, easy to maintain and removes fairly. Notwithstanding, the technique is not for all clients. In other words, not all types can suffer the stress from the weigh and braiding of the extensions.

It is likely more suitable for women innately owning curly or thick hair because this attach requires a lot of hair weight. There are various of textures, colors, and types of hair with different price ranges relied on quality and length for customers to choose.


5 different ways to put in hair extensions

Clip-ins is one of 5 different ways to put in hair extensions we’d like to recommend. This technique is especially perfect for those who want to instant gratification for special occasions because it takes a short amount of time to install.

You can boost volume and length immediately in a couple of minutes.  And, it is best for clients with hair which can’t handle stress. It is not exaggerating to say that the technique is the fastest and most convenient to achieve the new look you desire. As its name suggests, you just need to clip hair extensions in your head.

Remember that the clip-ins should be clipped along the horizontal section of the head. You can select synthetic or human hair to install but we do recommend using human hair. The reason is that real hair is much easier to using heat in styling. Clip-ins is really super easy to attach you can wear them on a daily basis.


5 different ways to put in hair extensions

Like clip-ins extension, tape-in extensions are pretty fast and easy to install. Moreover, it only takes a short amount of time to get an installation for the extensions. Another advantage of tape-in is that clients can reuse hair extensions many times.

Tape-in uses a double-sided tape to secure the hair extensions onto the roots of your natural hair. Your original hair will be put between 2 wefts to create a seal. Keep in your mind when you apply this technique you should be careful with using hard conditions and oils because the extensions can be dropped out.

In general, tape-in is nice for customers looking for a fuller and look. That is a reason why we’ve listed the technique in 5 different ways to put in hair extensions.

Top pieces

5 different ways to put in hair extensions

Top pieces, one of 5 different ways to put in hair extensions, is perfect for the guests who are being thinned on the top of their head. Top piece extensions are the greatest camouflage for the client’s thinning original hair by its adding volume and thickness. Users need to have the extensions retightened ever so often.

Micro rings

5 different ways to put in hair extensions

This is the last one in 5 different ways to put in hair extensions we want to suggest to you. This technique requires to have a professional hairstylist in order to locate right position and layers for applying for hair extensions. With micro links, you don’t need to use glues or heat when installing.

Just have to use micro beads and locks, they are relatively easy to put in and take out. It is no surprise that many beauties become big fans of the attachment. Micro rings, on average, can last about 4-5 months. Remember to come to a salon every couple of months to get the extension retightened.

5 MUST KNOW clip-ins extensions tricks


To blend your natural hair and your extensions perfectly, make sure straighten your own hair into your hair extensions.

Long-lasting hold

Just use a backcombing brush to tease your roots gently and then add extra a mist of hair spray.


Instead of clipping your extensions dead straight, tilt them back a little to give you a softer and more natural way, definitely.

The twist

If shorter hair around your neck are ruining your look, and you want to give away the fact that you are using hair extensions, this is the tip for you. First, Section off the hair at the nape of your neck. Then, twirl it around your finger before pinning it into a horizontal line. Finally, just clip your hair extensions on top.

Closing clipping

The last trick is clipping your extensions closely together. It really does assist you in giving your extensions more natural blended look. If you get shorter layers around your face as well as shorter hair, this is a great trick for you.

How to take care of hair extensions?

How to comb the wig properly?

– Put the wig on the mannequin head and position the latches firmly.

– Use a wide-toothed comb to smooth the hair or use gentle fingers to brush the hair before combing.

– Brush in the direction from the bottom to the top, the top part of the hair must be brushed first and then towards the top of the head.

– When brushing does not allow the comb to touch the wig cap, this may cause the hair to break quickly.

Wash your hair extensions properly

– Add shampoo to the diluted water.

– Put the wig in a soaking basin for about 5 to 10 minutes (just soak, do not use your hands to scratch your hair, because it will mess up the hair).

– After soaking the hair with a shampoo, rinse with water.

– Continue to add conditioner to the diluted water tank. Soak the hair similar to shampoo and rinse it off with water.

– After that, put the hair in a soft towel and gently absorb it (do not use your hands to rub your hair).

– When hair is about 70% – 80% dry, comb your hair again with a thin comb and spray water to your hair, let the hair dry naturally.

The drying way for a human hair extensions.

– Put the extensions into a soft towel and gently soak it out (do not use the hand to squeeze water to damage the hair).

– When the hair is in a humid state, there are two ways to dry it: One is to dry the hair in the light in the morning, the other is to use a dedicated hair dryer at a moderate heat (should also limit the use of the dryer because it will reduces the quality of hair fibers).

– Before drying, using a comb to comb the hair.

– Adjust the dryer to the average temperature and wind, change the top-down airflow, place the 45 degree diagonal machine against the top of the head and about 20 cm away from the hair.

– If carefully, after drying, you should use some olive oil on your hair to increase the shine and flexibility for the hair. Olive oil is a great ingredient for hair and this is the way to restore a wig made with real natural hair that few people think.

Protect your extensions every time you use it

To keep the extensions soft, fluffy like just bought at the store, you need to have a hair care regime with meticulous hair. Extensions have a different texture than real hair, so be sure to protect your hair every time you go out. When going on a road, you should put your hair in front of your chest to limit the wind from tangling your hair and make it dry.

In particular, do not let your extensions stick to rain or exposure to the sun if you do not want your smooth hair to become dry, tangled, and unnatural. So, if it’s sunny, give your wig a sunscreen to ensure your wig is safe.

 We hope that 6 different ways to put in hair extensions today will help you get some sort of essential information and make a right decision before getting an installation for hair extensions. The bonus “5 MUST KNOW clip-ins extensions” is useful for you, isn’t it? Share with us. If you have any feedbacks or questions about this post, don’t hesitate to leave your thoughts in the comment section below! Thank you!

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