Best 9 fashionable dirty blonde hair tone for you 

Dirty blonde hair is one of the beautifully dyed hair colors, which is now a favorite trend. As this is a creative color, which gives a fresh young charm and unique atmosphere, there are a lot of women can not ignore.

Although not the new hairstyle color but the dirty blonde hair tone for you is always the beautiful hair dyed color which is suitable for almost every kind of skin, which helps to brighten the face without fear of fad.

If you want to own a beautiful dyed hair like in the dream, this dirty blonde hair is the perfect choice which is full of charm and appeal for you.

dirty blonde hair
This dirty blonde hair would be perfect for you. (Source: Internet)

Which tone of skin would fit dirty blonde hair?

The first thing that you care about when dyeing any hair color is that whether it matches your skin tone (( and face or not. Because not all beautiful dyed hair color can brighten the face, there are many bright colors are picky.

However, for dirty blonde hair tone for you, it is not too picky and very suitable for almost every skin characteristics. If you have yellow or dark skin color, the dirty blonde hair is the most suitable color for you to dye. These tones will help your skin become shiny and refreshed. Therefore, this hải dye color is always an attractive choice for both men and women that you can not ignore.

A small note for you when you are wondering to choose the dirty blonde hair tone for you  or not is that this tone is quite safe and friendly tone without harming the hair as other dye tones because you will not have to bleach hair for this color.

It is completely natural and very close to your original hair tone. So you just have to learn how to take care of a beautiful and dyed hair that is able to keep your dirty blonde hair beautifully lined up.

Best 9 tones of dirty blonde hair tone for you

Brown hair color with dirty blonde hair highlights

The first is a combination of brown and blonde color to give the perfect highlight. This color is suitable for all skin types, including dark skin. You can also combine this dye for a variety of hairstyles such as curly hair, short hair, shoulders, bob hair, even long hairstyles. Women today need to be dynamic in order to fit modern lifestyle, so do not hesitate to see this love brown hair.

Golden dirty blonde hair with brown

Ivirgo Hair Factory come together with golden dirty blonde hair tone for you. This is a trend that is being used in many Western countries, it helps to brighten up the skin and good facial features. This new hair color is considered to be very suitable for women aged 30 – 45. Help them to be young and chic with modern costumes.

Brown combines with golden hair color

To attract all the look around, I recommend you choose this golden shade. This is not a normal brownish-haired style, this color will help you stand out and shine whenever you appear. The highlight of this hairstyle is that it can be combined with any other make-up: whether it’s light or nude.

Dirty blonde hair with red highlight

If you have dark skin or honey skin tone, you should probably apply this color. This is a darker blonde color that will blend with the skin to help balance the face. Here is a picture of a very stylized haircut for women in their 40s

dirty blonde hair
This hair will make you even younger (Source: Internet)

Dirty blonde hair with smoky highlights

Smoke color (( is really hot and becomes the center of dirty blonde hair tone for you today. However, not everyone is suitable to dye this color. So that the hair stylists have created this yellow variant of smoke. If you are a fan of smoky colors but do not really fit, then you can think of this variation of blonde hair

dirty blonde hair
She looks so perfect in this hair color (Source: Internet)

Dirty blonde hair combined with orange color

Everyone has their own hobbies. If you do not like the yellow color of brown, maybe orange will be a better choice. This dye helps to enhance her personality. The big advantage is that this hair color is easily combined with many styles of dress today.

dirty blonde hair
Dirty blonde hair combined with orange color (Source: Internet)

Light dirty blonde hair

The Korean girls are enthusiastic about this blonde hair. Especially early in this year, social networking sites have been caught up in the trend of hair color. The image below is a very beautiful actress is going to meet her fans. Too sexy right?

dirty blonde hair
Korean girl with Light dirty blonde hair (Source: Internet)

Light brown hairstyle

Taylor Swift’s hair color is a variation that many people in the world admire. This bright blonde brown has been with her in many MVs with millions of viewers. I do not need to say more you also see the hotness of it. I believe you will be completely conquered if dyeing that color.

dirty blonde hair
Taylor Swift looks so gorgeous in this hair color (Source: Internet)

Dark brown blonde hairstyle

Like its name, this dark brown gold is very suitable for people with deep character, or gentle personality. Looking at the image below you will notice what I say. If you are a quiet person who wants to change yourself, do not be shy.

The above is some of the best tones of dirty blonde hair tone for you. Hopefully, after reading this article, you can find out the best suitable tone for you. Wishing you all the best

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