How to have fabulous hair with a low cost by using DIY Keratin Treatment

DIY keratin treatment

If there is one magical spell for a frizzy and terribly damaged hair, it must be “keratin treatment”. Keratin treatment has been worshipped as one of the most effective methods to cure damaged hair and bring the glossiness back. And it also costs quite more than other treatments. But the good news is that you can reduce the cost by doing a DIY keratin treatment at home.

It is also noteworthy that keratin treatment is a two-edged sword: If you could not manage to do it properly, it will harm your hair rather than bettering it.

What to know before getting DIY Keratin treatment

What is keratin first?

Keratin (( is a type of protein which constructs our hair strands, our fingers, or our skin. It is believed to protect our hair from damage. However, as your hair is exposed to harmful external factors, it will lose keratin, making hair more prone to frizziness and tangles. By covering the hair strands and replacing the depleted keratin, keratin treatment will strengthen your hair and make it look smooth and glossy.

The advantage of keratin treatment – or the Brazilian blowout – over other methods of hair straightening is that it will not break your hair’s structure but build the strength of your hair from the inside. The result is also more long-lasting.

DIY keratin treatment

Keratin treatment is basically a hair mask treatment. Keratin is included in the products and it will penetrate the hair shaft when the keratin-contained substance is applied. After that, flat-ironing will help to lock the keratin in your hair.

Keratin is getting so much love from people with serious concern for their damaged hair because the treatment brings out a marvelous result just within a short time.

Cautions before taking the keratin method

It would take a deal of money to go for a salon treatment. Therefore, many people consider taking a DIY keratin treatment to reduce the cost. However, without the professional help from hairdressers when doing a homemade keratin treatment, you should be very careful and cautious in every step of the way or else, you might mess up your hair for worse.

First of all, you should read the ingredients carefully. There are some certain elements which you have better avoid applying on your hair. For example, formaldehyde (( emitted into the air during flat-ironing is not good to inhale into your body. If you use formaldehyde-releasing products, you should do it in an airy room in order to get rid of the gas released.

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When applying the keratin product, you or the one who helps you should wear gloves. Besides, do not let the substance to get into your eyes

DIY keratin treatment.

How to do the DIY keratin treatment

Each product will have its own instruction for using. The following will show you the fundamental stages and explain each step on the go.

Preparing step:

Before a DIY keratin treatment, you should shampoo your hair with clarifying shampoo (( This stage is important as it will deeply cleanse your hair and enable it to receive keratin more effectively in the next step. Use a towel to get the extra water and then blow-dry your hair with a hairdryer.

Applying step:

Section your hair and apply the keratin-supplying product for each section. With a help from a brush, you could evenly contribute the product all over your hair. Wait for the required time for the keratin to be absorbed. When the time comes, wash your hair with cold water and then blow-dry your hair again. Use a flat brush to define your hair.

DIY keratin treatment

Flat-ironing step:

After being done with applying keratin treatment, you have to flat-iron (( your hair to seal the keratin and get it into the right shape. It depends on your hairstyle to choose the suitable temperature. For example, curly hair should be treated with higher temperature than straight hair. It also depends much on each product’s instruction.

Make sure that every part of the hair gets enough heat to lock the keratin. A thoroughly ironing is extremely important to get the best out of the treatment.

During the process, you might need help from others. The work of keratin treatment could be hard to handle alone.

Before getting into any further hair treatment, you have better wait until your hair is ready. For example, if you want to dye your hair, wait until the next day. Tying your hair or making a ponytail is not advisable in three days after the treatment.

After having a keratin treatment, you can see a radical change on your hair: It will become smooth, silky and appear to be stronger than ever.

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