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How do you think about “diy ombre hair” ? It mean do it yourself ombre hair, this is a great ídeas. In the fact that, many people usually go to to the salon to be taken care of their hair such as shampooing, cutting hair, dying hair,.. However, you can do it yourself all things that help you save money substantially as help you self-confident in front of the other people.  We will introduce to you some types of ombre hair  you can do at home  and understand “ what is ombre” more clearly.

Understanding about ombre hair

Ombre hair is a effect that you use for your hair in order that make hair more outstanding and lighter. However , the different point with normal dying hair is you just perform to lighten in a part of the hair( in the hair tail) without dying whole of the hair.

“Ombre” is a type of hairstyle that originated from the French. There are many variations from “ ombre hair”, they can diy ombre hair for dark hair or diy ombre hair for hair color.

How to diy ombre hair at home

You can have hair stylist do ombre hair or can do it yourself. Every way has advantages or disadvantages personally.

If you go to the salon to make the hair, you will ensure the quality of  ombre hair and not waste time go to the stores to buy tools, hair dye,… However, you waste much money to use the service. Instead of, you can diy ombre hair at home with our diy ombre hair tutorials. You should experience the way to do ombre hair at home, that is saving money and as you can take care of your hair without going to the salon.

If you diy ombre hair at home, you have to follow  step by step carefully . Firstly, you need prepare some tools such as a spoon, nylon gloves, a brush, an old bowl,…Secondly , you carry out to bleach the hair. Finally, you dye the your hair to lighten the hair.

You know, steps to diy ombre are similars to types of color hair. However,  diy red ombre hair and diy blue ombre hair or any other color is only different in bleaching the hair because the rate of the bleach hair for type of the color hair is different. You can not diy ombre hair without bleach or dye, because your color is not bright, it can make you more older. Therefore you have to accord three steps we introduced as above. About where to buy ombre dye, you can go to the hair stores will have full tools, hair dye and bleach hair and you also have salespeople guide the performance.

Some ombre hairstyles

Ombre style for dark hair

“Ombre” is a type of hairstyle that originated from the French. There are many variations from “ ombre hair”, they can diy ombre hair for dark hair or diy ombre hair for hair color.  Ombre style for dark hair is one of the most popular hairstyle that women choose because they want to change their black hair and diy ombre style to lighten hair. It look more cool in the summer, and ombre style for dark hair is a good idea that make you keep traditional beauty, as create the outstanding point for you. With the dark hair, you can choose some bright colors to  the hair tail such as the blonde color, red color in order that whole of hair is a harmony combination without individual two parts . This hairstyle make you look homely but not monotonic when going out.

diy ombre hair

Diy red ombre hair

Red  is a hot color tone that personal girls dye the hair to become more attractive. However in the summer, this red color make people feel hot, uncomfortable. So , diy red ombre hair is good choice for girls, they  express their favorite and don’t  cause the inconvenience for the other people. This is a combination between red color and blonde color in a hair. The blond color in the hair tail help your hair is good-looking . This is red to blonde ombre hairstyle but is very natural. With girls have white skin should choose this ombre hair because this make you more fresh and bright. Therefore, diy ombre hair with red doesn’t mean you look torrid.

 diy ombre hair

Ombre hair blonde

Diy ombre hair blonde is not too difficult for you to perform at home. This ombre hair blonde keep you noble and create to the other people comfortable. It gives you sexy look and is suitable to the skin that is not too white, also not too black. And one thing you need to know, this blonde color is easier to make than the dark color. This hairstyle is conforming to the west women because they were born with yellow hair, ombre hair blonde only help them more attractive. Diy ombre hair step by step is also easy for you to perform at home if you research carefully. There are three main steps that are : Prepare, bleach hair and dye hair.

diy ombre hair

Gray ombre color

Gray ombre color for hair dark is unconvention combination to diy ombre hair. This is a special change color from dark color to gray color and white color. Personal girls want to look for the stranger hairstyle, it is a great hairstyle they should choose. This combination is not only stranger but also is so cool for the youth. This ombre hairstyle is from black color or dark color to white variations that is suitable to white skin girls.

diy ombre hair


Pink ombre hair

You love pink color from clothes, private tools and you also find how to diy ombre hair with pink color, this hairstyle is a great idea. However, with this hairstyle, you just do ombre pink color in the hair tail in order that you look pretty. If the pink color is too much, your hair is not comfortable that is not good-looking.

diy ombre hair

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