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You usually want to have a beautiful hair at anywhere in spite of going to the parties or going out, even at home. Do ombre hair at home is a good idea that is never out of date.

Women like to be fresh and new in front of friends, so diy ombre hair is also the way to beautify that they choose for themselves. However, you should find out careful before performing diy ombre hair at home. Here are steps and the techniques Ivirgo Hair Factory will show you in order to lighten your hair.

Preparation steps to diy ombre hair at home

You know, the best benefit of this remedy is saving money and you are content with your choice such as colour, the performance way,… Steps to diy ombre hair (( at home is not too difficult to perform, but you should regard to some principles as some tips of  the experts about the hair.

According to the experts, you need to carry out to diy ombre hair by main three steps:  Preparation, bleach hair, dye hair . After searching how to ombre hair steps by steps  we introduced, hope you know how to do ombre hair for yourself.


Tools :

 There are some essential tools to diy ombre hair at home

  • A comb
  • A ceramic bowl to mix dye
  • A brush
  • Nylon gloves
  • Clips
  • Developer
  • Hair Dye
do ombre hair at home
Do ombre hair at home

After you prepare tools to do ombre hair, you need to choose type of color you like to dye. This step is very important, because it affects to you in new hair while you appear in front of the crowd.

Choose the color

You know, you can choose any color you like to dye for your hair. However we recommend you how to do ombre hair color which is suitable to you. You should choose type of color (( which is suitable to your natural hair color in order that your hair will be not only lightened but also look more spontaneous. We suggest that you use blonde color, blue color or red color. However the choice is belong to you, it is up to you when use the color for the hair to become more self-confident.

Then, you have to consider  the rate of hair to diy ombre hair. Traditionally, everyone divide the hair into two parts and carry out to do ombre hair in the below side

do ombre hair at home

Bleaching hair

do ombre hair at home
Do ombre hair at home

You should learn how to do ombre hair technique to ensure that your hair is smooth, soft and natural after dying the hair. This is also an important step , because after you bleach your hair successfully, it is easy to dye  standard color for your hair.  It means that if you don’t perform right technique to bleach, “ do ombre hair” will fail, your hair color is not outstanding or not like as your desire.

Therefore you want to have tough and fast color, you must perform right technique how to color ombre hair . You also have to pay attention to some notes before bleaching hair, that are:

Small steps when you do ombre hair at home with bleaching :

Step 1: Going to hair store to buy the professional bleach and considering “ how to do red ombre hair” or “ how to do the bleach for black hair or yellow hair”. If you don’t  understand clearly about them, you should contact sales people to help you.

Step 2: Choose the rate of cream developer to do ombre hair by reading carefully instructions on packages. There are 4 levels volume developer that are 10 volume, 20 volume, 30 volume and 40 volume. You can use 10V or 20V developer to bleach because 30 volume and 40 volume are easy to bleach more than lower volume but they can cause bad consequence when you do it at home without helping from hair stylish.

Step 3: Now, start to bleach your below side hair. You have to keep your hair dry to process perform more easily. Firstly, you divide hair into many small parts by hair clips to sure that all parts are bleached. Secondly, you use a brush which is prepared before, then you apply the bleach every part hair from up to down, from inside out. Performing lightly to sure that you don’t drop the bleach on your scalp. Thirdly, keep your hair like that within 30 minutes, then shampoo your hair carefully. You can keep your hair with less time if you are satisfied with color of your hair.

Some notes:

  • You must use nylon gloves to bleach hair to protect the skin hands
  • Checking the bleach before using
  • Reading carefully instructions on packages
  • Don’t drop the bleach on the scalp
  • Don’t keep the bleach too long that can make allergic to you

Do ombre hair at home

do ombre hair at home
Do ombre hair at home

The similar to bleach the hair,you perform small steps to dye the hair. After choosing the color of the hair, you will carry out  small steps to dye ombre hair at home.

You completed the second step that is bleaching the hair. The next step is dying your hair to color hair. After shampooing the first, you have to dry hair in order that hair dye is diluted and dye standard color.

Step 1: Dividing the hair into two parts by hair clips to dye equally and easy to perform. Example: Dye the brown color from the roots to shoulder  and dye blond color from the shoulder to the hair tail

Step 2: Using hair dye ( that is prepared) and mixing dye in right rate as follow instruction on packages

Step 3: Applying the dye in small parts hair (the bleached hair)

Step 4: Keep the dye within 10 minutes

Step 5: Rinsing your hair and using suitable conditioner for your hair

That’s all steps how to do ombre hair at home including how to style ombre hair, how to bleach your hair, how to dye your hair… You know, you can do all things as follow by yourself.

Some tips when you dye your hair:

  • You must use gloves to protect your hand skin
  • Keep only the hair dye in 10 minutes because you bleached hair
  • Using conditioner regularly to protect your hair and help hair strong, smooth
  • Shouldn’t use metal hair clips because they can react to hair dye

Color retention for dyed hair

Avoid exposing your hair to the sun

Just like skin, hair has many layers of cells and the outer layer is very vulnerable to dust pollution and ultraviolet rays. With dyed hair, sunshine is also the reason for the color to fade and make the hair become scaly. After dyeing your hair, if you have to go to the sun, you need to cover your hair with a wide-brimmed hat and neatly tied your hair with hair clips that cover the hair in it. Restricted to go in the sun during the period from 10 am to 3 pm.


  • Avoid drying hair with a hot dryer

After washing your hair, you should dry your hair with a fan or a cold dryer. Avoid drying hair with a hot dryer because the heat will make the hair unsuitable (wet to hot) so it is prone to cuticle damage and split ends. In addition, if not really necessary, you should also limit hair drying too often, this affects the durability of the dye.


  • Recompress the newly grown hair

Notice the hair root grows about two or three months after staining. If the difference between the two colors is obvious, then redefine the hairline. If you don’t redefine the color of your original part, your hair will lose its aesthetic appearance, easily offensive to the opposite person.

  • Use own shampoo for dyed hair

The shampoo for hair dyes will contain the right formula, while protecting the hair less fiber and split ends, while keeping the hair color longer. High-end or popular brands have shampoos and rinsers dedicated to dyed hair.

  • Shampoo your head with cool water

Want your hair dyed always fresh, wash your hair with warm water or cool water, as hot water can make the color of your hair fade quickly.

  • Do not wash your hair often

The farther between the washes, the longer the color of the hair is kept. In addition, a headwear hat when bathing is also a must-have item.

  • Use products specifically for dyed hair

Shampoos for dyed hair will have a lighter effect than regular shampoos. In addition, you should use natural conditioner for a healthy hair. Remember to avoid peppermint shampoos, because peppermint is easy to lose color.

As follow are 3 steps to do ombre hair at home. With every step you have to perform right instructions. If you put the bleach hair or dye hair drop your skin can make you allergic, let’s go to the doctor to check. For steps, you can save money and still be beautiful , bright with ombre hair. However, you can also go to the salon where having hair stylish help you to do all things.

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