Does Dandruff Cause Hair Loss? Detailed Explain

Does Dandruff Cause Hair Loss

Unpleasant white flakes from the scalp make you lack confidence in everyday life. Whether multiple dandruff causes uncontrolled hair loss is controversial.

Is there a link between dandruff and hair loss? Does dandruff cause hair loss? In this article, Ivirgo Hair Factory gives you the most detailed explanations for your reference and solving this problem.

Does Dandruff Cause Hair Loss
Does Dandruff Cause Hair Loss

Does Dandruff Cause Hair Loss?

Dandruff is not the leading cause of hair loss. It simply causes itching and makes you lose confidence when white flakes appear.

The itching sensation that dandruff brings can make you want to scratch. Too much impact on the scalp can damage the hair follicles, causing hair loss. However, this is only temporary hair loss with a small amount, not causing complete baldness.

Conversely, hair loss can lead to dandruff. Using hair loss products that clog the scalp or shampoos that are not suitable, contact dermatitis can occur, and dandruff is more likely.

For example, the anti-hair loss drug minoxidil causes dry, flaky hair and scalp redness. It also has the potential to cause itching and aggravate dandruff.

Causes Of Dandruff

Dandruff is not an abnormal condition. According to some surveys, half of the American adults have at least one problem with dandruff.

Its cause comes from seborrheic dermatitis. Clogged pores on the scalp causing dermatitis will cause cells not to be removed in time, leading to dandruff.

In addition to this leading cause, dandruff formation is also associated with the yeast Malassezia. Small flakes appear all over the hair and scalp due to fungi that do not cause inflammation or harm health. 

So, they are pretty uncomfortable and make people with dandruff less confident.

Do Dandruff Treatments Cause Hair Loss?

Some people may worry that anti-dandruff products will damage hair follicles and cause hair loss. However, most good anti-dandruff products will not affect your follicles and hair regrowth.

Dandruff treatments use antifungal compounds such as zinc pyrithione, salicylic acid, sulfur, and ciclopirox. These ingredients do not cause hair loss. Even salicylic acid can remove dead cells and prevent flaking.

The treatment of dandruff also helps to reduce inflammation and damage to hair follicles. It will facilitate hair regrowth. Of course, the hair growth process is relatively slow, so you will have to wait a long time to notice a noticeable change.

What Causes Hair Loss?

What causes hair loss
What causes hair loss

Neither dandruff nor anti-dandruff products are the leading cause of hair loss. 

So what causes your hair follicles to be damaged and affects your hair density? Here are the main reasons you should consider:

  • Heredity: This type usually appears as you age in both men and women. However, it is more common for men to have this problem due to a lack of male hormones.
  • Hormonal changes: Changes in the body, such as pregnancy, menopause, or the thyroid gland, cause hormonal changes and cause temporary or permanent hair loss.

For example, during pregnancy, women’s estrogen levels spike, making them less prone to hair loss than usual. However, mothers will notice hair thinning or baldness after pregnancy and a decline in estrogen levels. 

  • Side effects from medications or supplements: Medicines for cancer, depression, and arthritis often cause hair loss.
  • Stressful lifestyle: Physical or emotional shocks often cause temporary hair loss. A lifestyle with many bad habits, such as staying up late and not enough nutrients, also makes hair thinner.
  • Styling your hair regularly: Styling overuse with hot oils, dyes, or simply buns and braids often also causes hair loss. Even if it leaves a scar, the hair will be permanently unable to regrow on that scalp.

Prevention Tips To Remove Dandruff

Prevention tips to remove dandruff
Prevention tips to remove dandruff

If you have had severe dandruff in the past, even with successful treatment, you may still experience the problem later. And here are some tips you can refer to prevent dandruff-related hair loss:

  • See a dermatologist for the proper treatment. If you notice unusual issues such as hair tangles, talk to your treating doctor, as this may be related to other issues.
  • Wash your hair regularly to limit dandruff growth. When using an anti-dandruff shampoo, carefully follow the instructions.
  • Avoid brushing your hair or scratching your scalp. If you can’t stand the itch, look for medications to help reduce the discomfort.
  • Do not tie your hair too tightly to avoid breaking the hair texture and damaging the scalp.


In addition to wondering about the relationship between dandruff and hair loss, there are also quite a few people interested in dandruff removal methods. Here are the answers to the questions you care most about.

Does hair regrow after fall due to dandruff?

Indirect hair loss caused by dandruff is temporary. When treating dandruff, the hair follicles will be restored, and your hair will slowly grow.

Why do I have so much dandruff and hair fall?

Dandruff appears from an irritated scalp, a dry scalp, or yeast.

How can I prevent dandruff and hair loss?

To minimize the discomfort caused by dandruff, try massaging the scalp. Friendly essential oils such as olive or almond will provide moisture to the scalp and make you more relaxed.

How do you deal with dandruff and Hairfall?

If your dandruff is not too severe, use a mild shampoo. You must resort to a pharmaceutical or medicated scalp-friendly shampoo if the desired effect is not achieved.

Does the problem go away by itself?

Dandruff is a chronic condition. To prevent dandruff, you must change your hair care products and lifestyle and use specific products over the long term.


This article has just answered your question: Does dandruff cause hair loss?

Dandruff is not the leading cause of hair loss. However, its treatment can limit sebum and cover hair follicles, thereby creating conditions for hair growth.

Thank you for reading!

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