Do Great Clips Dye Hair? What You Should Expect

For beauty believers, Great Clips must have been no stranger. Their chain of stores provides their customer’s hair care services with a modern style.

Do great clips dye hair? Ivirgo Hair Factory will provide information about the answer to this question and its related services in this article.

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What Are Great Clips?

Great Clips is known as the famous chain of hair care and styling stores in the United States. The chain’s headquarters is in Bloomington, Minnesota, a suburb of Minneapolis.

You can easily find one of their stores in this country. There are over 4,100 stores located in various locations across the US and several in Canada, employing over 30,000 stylists.

With their large scale, prestige, and high popularity, these stores have attracted many customers. Whether male or female of any age, you will receive a warm welcome here.

Hair stylists bring you the most suitable and satisfactory hairstyle. Because of their enthusiasm, fast, no-frills workflow, and affordable price, their model is growing. In 2013, all of the chain’s stores brought in $1.03 billion for hairdressing.

Does Great Clips Dye Hair?

Great Clips

No, unfortunately. Great Clips does not provide its customers with hair-dying services. Instead, they focus on cutting and styling to control the system’s service quality easily.

Great Clips’ main goal is to satisfy its clients with the best quality and results. Hair dyeing can reduce the satisfaction of those who come to the store because the color of the hair after dyeing will depend on many factors.

The method, dye, hair material, and more can all lead to unsatisfactory color results. Consumers may be annoyed by this and underestimate the store, which reduces Great Clips’ ability to compete with other hair salons.

Services Of Great Clips

Although Great Clips does not dye your hair, their hair care services are also very diverse and prosperous for you to choose from. Most people go to their stores to get a haircut, style, or wash.

Meanwhile, others will want to experience other secondary services after going through the main options.



Great Clips is famous for its trendy and high-quality hairstyles. Accordingly, the hairdressers in this chain of stores have professional skills to bring customers the most stylish and suitable hairstyles for their facial features.

From the beginning, Great Clips has specialized in styling everyone’s hair, from women to men, children, and the elderly.

The barbers here are always willing to listen to customers’ requests and fulfill their wishes with skillful scissors.

Surprisingly, the haircut price here is also highly affordable for those with a decent average income. So, their service is getting more and more famous and popular after a few years.

Barbering service has become the traditional service group that makes up the system’s reputation. The store chain leaders are still focusing on developing in this direction, providing great competition against emerging stores.


The management company has set criteria for service quality and consumer satisfaction. So their hairdressers try to develop and perfect their skills.

The hair stylists here update the latest hairstyles regularly to give their customers the best experience. There are many hairstyles that you can request at Great Clips stores.

  • You will love the shop’s short haircut service if you are a cool girl or a gentleman. You can choose from many short hairstyles, such as bobs, pixies, fades, or undercuts.

  • Chain stores can also provide you with elegant and trendy hairstyles. Ladies and gentlemen will be able to recognize hairstyles like buns, updos, and chignons.

  • With soft and feminine girls, layered cuts and bangs are popular choices. Great Clips’ skilled hair stylist will make you confident in your beauty.

  • Some stores have experienced hairdressers who also offer perms, adding curls to straight hair. This service doesn’t exist in every Great Clips store, so it’s a good idea to research where you go to get your hair done before you want to pursue this hairstyle.


Shampooing service

Besides cutting and styling, Great Clips provides hair washing and hair care services with specialized and reputable hair care products.

Experienced professionals will help you enjoy the most relaxing moments when washing your hair. By conditioning your hair with suitable shampoos and conditioners, your hair will become shiny and full of life.

With a scientific and precise shampooing method, the workers here will help you massage your scalp, facilitating blood circulation. From there, your headaches can significantly be reduced.

The right way to wash your hair is also a factor in preventing dandruff production and limiting greasy, tangled hair or problems with breakage.


If hair is an issue that women are especially concerned about, men will also pay attention to how they grow their beards and hairstyle.

Many people want to grow their beards to look more elegant and masculine, but they must learn how to trim them. When coming to Great Clips, experts will help you quickly solve your problem.

The Great Clips muscles can also take related requests such as shaving on the neck, trimming a mustache, or beard trimming for gentlemen. They will help people with beards look more elegant and polite.

The right and well-groomed beard styles are also a factor that helps men become more attractive to women. As a result, more and more people want to go to Great Clips for professional beard and hair care.


This article has helped you answer the question, does great clips dye hair?

Great Clips provides various hairdressing services with excellent quality. Yet, they don’t dye their hair at all.

Instead of dyeing your hair, you can go to these hair salons to have your hair cut and styled. Skilled hairdressers will help you look as good and stylish as possible.

Come to Great Clips and enjoy their top-notch services today!

Thank you for reading!

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