Does Testosterone Cause Hair Loss? The Link Explained

There is much research surrounding the effects of testosterone on hair growth. If you are struggling with this condition regularly, this sex hormone is most likely the main trigger.

Here are concise explanations for answering the question, does testosterone cause hair loss? There are some tutorials you are sure to be interested in from Ivirgo Hair Factory. Scroll down for more!

Does Testosterone Cause Hair Loss
Does Testosterone Cause Hair Loss

Does Testosterone Cause Hair Loss?

The short answer is yes. Testosterone is a direct factor in hair loss. Too high or too low a concentration will also aggravate this medical condition.

DHT, a substance made by testosterone and certain enzymes, makes hair follicles more sensitive. Too much DHT can cause hair loss.

It is the main factor for hair loss and even male pattern baldness. Some studies also suggest that high DHT levels can be hereditary.

In the opposite direction, a decrease in free testosterone in the blood that affects hair growth is also affected. People with this condition are also prone to baldness on the front and top of the head.

Does this hormone cause hair loss
Does this hormone cause hair loss

What Are The Types Of Testosterone?

In addition to DHT, many other hormones are derived from testosterone. Learn about the different testosterone types, and you’ll be able to choose the right hormone therapy for your needs:

  • Free testosterone: This one is a particular hormone form that is not subject to protein binding. This type will connect to the testosterone receptors for the cells to absorb and maintain function.
  • Cypionate: This one is a long-acting testosterone form so it might be in an 8-day metabolism.
  • Enanthate: This one is an ester testosterone form, with a metabolism of 5 days.
  • Propionate: It is a reasonably rapid-acting hormone. After just a few hours with this therapy, it reaches its peak concentration in the blood, and your hair can start to grow faster.
  • Aqueous testosterone suspension: It has no ester as it exists in the body.

How Can You Treat Hair Loss By Fluctuating Testosterone Levels?

Does Testosterone Cause Hair Loss
How to treat it

If you have identified testosterone as the leading cause of hair loss, here are some treatment methods you can refer to.

PRP Treatment

This method is an effective hormone-based hair loss treatment that can stimulate hair regrowth. It is relatively safe, with almost no serious side effects.

With this method, experts will extract platelets by centrifugation to convert them into protein-rich plasma, also known as PRP. It is a substance that has cell growth-stimulating factors for effective tissue healing.

The therapist will receive PRP injections into the bald patches and the scalp.

DHT Blockers

The principle of this method is to inhibit DHT production, the cause of hair loss.

Drugs like Propecia are remarkably effective in inhibiting the enzyme that controls DHT production. You can also find several other topicals that help remove DHT from the scalp.

Similar to the above PRP treatment, hair will show signs of regrowth once DHT levels stabilize.

Hair Transplant

Hair transplantation is a quick hair restoration method, which is helpful if you have too many damaged areas on your scalp. Experts will use hair follicles from the back or one side of the scalp to implant the patches.

Scalp Reduction

Scalp cutting is a variation of hair transplants. This invasive method can also effectively treat hair loss and severe baldness.

This method will remove bald patches and damaged scalps. The remaining scalp will be stretched and repositioned with a scar. However, the bald patches will disappear, and hair loss will significantly reduce.

Other methods

In addition to the above treatment and invasive methods, you also have a few options to deal with testosterone-induced hair loss.

Using dietary supplements, medications to treat zinc deficiency, and biotin, in some cases, can effectively handle hair loss. However, before using any medication, you should consult a dermatologist.

What Causes Hair Loss?

In addition to testosterone, there are many hair loss factors that you should be concerned about. Here are the most popular ones that I want to mention.


Does Testosterone Cause Hair Loss
Stress can cause your hair loss

Prolonged stress and fatigue can cause your hair to thin quickly. Fortunately, this factor causes only temporary hair loss. Overcoming the shock physically and mentally, as well as living a comfortable lifestyle will help you limit hair loss.

Issues with your diet

Poor diet and lack of iron, protein, or zinc also cause hair loss. You can supplement these substances through functional foods. However, increasing zinc and protein through the diet and limiting unscientific diets is better.

Medication types

Some medications for arthritis and depression cause hair loss as a side effect. If you have chemotherapy and radiation, hair loss for a few weeks after treatment is inevitable.


Does testosterone help hair growth?

Testosterone is an androgen that can affect the growth of body hair, including hair. However, too much testosterone will lead to hair loss on the scalp.

Is testosterone the reason I am balding?

Excess testosterone will cause hair loss and damage to the scalp leading to baldness. Most men lose their hair due to an imbalance of the male hormone testosterone.

Can you reverse or slow down DHT in men?

You can reverse or slow down the production of DHT with specific measures such as PRP, gels, and topical plasma.

Can a better diet slow down hair loss?

A healthy, varied diet will work well for your hair. Supplementing with biotin, iron, and zinc will help strengthen hair and reduce hair loss.

Can genetics cause hair loss?

DHT is a negative influence on hair loss. And these hormone levels are highly heritable. Therefore, many scientists confirm that genes are the leading cause of hair loss in both men and women.


Changes in blood testosterone levels can cause hair loss and even baldness. Besides, this hormone can affect pathology in both men and women.

To treat this symptom, you can use drugs to prevent the connection between DHT and hair follicles and adjust your lifestyle and nutritional diet.

So, this article has answered your question, does testosterone cause hair loss?

Thanks for reading!

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