Does Trimming Hair Make It Grow Faster? The Truth About Hair Growth

Healthy and smooth hair is the desire of many people, especially women. Do you also want to own such hair to style and change them in a trending manner to express your personality and lifestyle?

Many people believe that cutting hair will make hair grow faster and healthier. But is that very suspicious? And does trimming hair make it grow faster?

Let Ivirgo Hair Factory find out the truth in the article below!

Does Trimming Hair Make It Grow Faster?

Does trimming hair make it grow faster?
Does trimming hair make it grow faster?

According to many studies, trimming hair cannot make it grow faster. Indeed, regular trimming does not stimulate or make hair grow faster. The root of hair growth is from the hair follicles on the scalp, not the ends of the hair.

Erica Conan, director of education at ColorProof, says that using hair clippers doesn’t give us the power to make our hair grow faster.

Beauty Guru Blossom Kochhar also shares his insights on the subject. Something unrelated to the scalp won’t change the average hair growth rate.

The Benefits Of Regular Haircuts

The benefits of regular haircuts
The benefits of regular haircuts

As mentioned, cutting hair does not help it grow faster, but it will make it stronger, shiny, and thicker. That said, you don’t need to worry about whether you’ll cut 1-2cm or perform regular pruning.

In addition to that benefit, regular haircuts stimulate hair growth in the right direction, helping hair maintain its perfect length and texture. Accordingly, you will own a coat with an attractive bounce.

We all know split ends and damage can make hair look weak, brittle, slow in growth, coarse, and dull. In addition, you will easily find it much more difficult to comb or untangle with such hair types.

A hair that lacks vitality and is less developed than usual will take longer to style as you want. Therefore, trimming hair is necessary to remove this damaged hair, ensuring the hair follicles develop fully.

Tips And Tricks For Growing Hair Fast 

Stimulating hair to increase and grow healthy is not simple, but it is entirely doable. Here are some of the tips and tricks for you to follow.

Scalp Massage

Scalp massage helps your mind relax and wake up and dramatically influences hair growth and health.

In other words, this operation will help promote blood circulation, creating an essential premise for hair follicles to increase, healthy and evenly.

The most effective massage method to stimulate hair growth is a 1-2 minute scalp massage in the shower combined with shampoo. In addition, you can add a little bit of your usual hair conditioner for better results.


Eating healthy and supplementing with foods containing collagen and biotin is another ideal solution that can quickly promote hair growth from the scalp.

Keratin is the central part of our hair. Adding amino acid nutrients will accelerate this process and help hair grow faster.

Besides, I recommend prioritizing vitamins like C, E, and those with high oxidizing properties. They can control stress on the scalp very well, so you won’t have to worry about hair loss as much.


Using a keratin treatment could be another not-so-bad solution for you. This method helps smooth out frizz and prolongs the time between trims.

Use Quality Products

Last but certainly not least is the use of quality products. It helps minimize the accumulation and damage to the scalp. Hair will grow faster and stronger on a healthy and clean scalp.

Not every product on the market is safe and suitable for your scalp. Thus, make sure you choose the highest quality versions with safe ingredients that won’t hinder your hair growth.

How Often to Trim Hair for Healthy Hair Growth

How often to trim hair for healthy hair growth
How often to trim hair for healthy hair growth

While trimming your hair won’t make it grow faster, it can help it grow healthier. The frequency depends mainly on the type and type of hair you’re after:

Medium Hair

Medium hairstyles like bob, lob, shoulder length, or layered hair tend to grow better. Therefore, their trimming time is also longer than other hair lengths.

You must trim from 6-8 weeks if you own this hair. But if you want to keep the length of your hair, you should consider cutting it after 8-12 weeks.

Long Hair

For long hair, the ideal time to conduct trimming is 3-6 months. This hair is usually more brittle and thinner in different people. So, carefully observe and monitor your growing hair before trimming it.

Of course, the time between haircuts can be up to your liking. Yet, you should not abuse your hair too long, which will affect long-term hair health.

Short Hair

Unlike long hair, short hair proliferates, so you will need to maintain it for a long time, from 6 weeks or even a few months. Get your hair trimmed regularly if you want to keep things looking sharp with your pixie or bowling style.


Due to the nature of framing the face between the jawline and cheekbones, this hairstyle requires trimming every 6-8 weeks.

If you cut earlier or later than this, it will be difficult for you to maintain the original perfect framing layers. I recommend cutting after 6 weeks if you have thicker and more curly hair.

Thick Hair

You don’t need to go to the salon or trim yourself at home for a few months if you own this thick hair.

Although it doesn’t need to be refreshed as often, maintenance is indispensable if you want to avoid messy hair becoming frizzy and underdeveloped.


Trimming hair does not make hair grow faster but only helps hair grow healthier and smoother.

In addition, this manipulation, when combined with keeping the scalp clean, will produce the best hair growth results.

Hopefully, after the above explanations, you have clearly understood the answer to the question, does trimming hair make it grow faster?

If you have questions about haircuts and health, remember to comment to receive support. Thanks for following my post!

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