Does Vitamin C Damage Hair?

Dust, smoke, sunlight, everything around us can be the causes of common hair diseases. As a result, day by day, many people are trying to find out the treatment, and using vitamin C is one of them. However, a lot of people still worry that vitamin C can cause some unwanted effects on their hair. So, does vitamin C damage hair? Let’s find the truth!                           

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does vitamin C damage hair
Vitamin C is good or bad  for hair?


“Does vitamin C damage hair ?” The answer is

Both “Yes” and “No”! In fact, vitamin C brings to many advantages and help you keep your hair healthy, but sometimes, if you consume too much, it can dry your hair out too. Despite that, instead of thinking of its drawbacks, if you know how to use vitamin C correctly, it can benefit you a lot.

Moreover, it depends on each purpose of using vitamin C, we will have each suitable usage. Therefore, Ivirgo Hair Factory should carefully learn about what we can gain from vitamin C treatment and the right ways to apply it. 

Magic coming from vitamin C

Mainly included in citrus fruits (( like oranges or lemons, vitamin C as an essential substance is daily used to take care of our bodies as well as beautifying. It is considered as “a magical remedy” for people to care for skin and especially hair. There are some following advantages which vitamin C bring to.

Promoting hair growth

To help your hair grow faster, besides providing yourself with protein, biotin and others, getting enough vitamin C is also important to prevent your hair from becoming dull and weak. Minerals like iron (( are really good for the production of proteins that help to increase the process of growing hair, an vitamin is crucial for iron absorption.

However, experts believe that directly applying vitamin C can make your hair so dry. Therefore, you just need to eat food which have high amounts of vitamin C such as spinach, broccoli, leafy greens, peppers and citrus fruits. Also, you can try to take about 500 mg to 1,000 mg of vitamin C twice per day for better result. So now, I think you have your own answer for the question  “Does vitamin C damage hair?”, don’t you?

does vitamin C damage hai
Should not directly apply lime to hair

Preventing hair loss

Containing antioxidant (( properties which help to reduce damage caused by free radicals. Free radicals produced when your body transforms from food into energy turn your hair brittle and weak. Therefore, you have to use vitamin C because it protects hair from them. Vitamin C helps to improve the strength of your hair and make it healthy. Besides, a vitamin C deficiency is not the direct reason causing the hair loss, but it causes the dry and splitting hair that lead to hair loss and other related conditions.

The best way of using vitamin C to prevent hair loss is modifying your diet by eating more rich-in-vitamin C foods, for instance: turnip greens, strawberries, kiwi and so on. Furthermore, you may need a supplement. It is recommended that women should use about 75 mg of vitamin C a day, and it is 90 mg for men. If there is anyone who still have some doubt about “Will vitamin C damage hair?” and feel unsafe to use it , let’s take a look at the next benefit of vitamin C to attain more information.

does vitamin C damage hai
Vitamin C included in a variety of fruits and vegetables

Naturally lightening hair dye

“Can vitamin C damage dyed hair ?” Maybe some people will have some questions like that. Imagine that you already dyed hair but the color is darker than the shade you want. Don’t worry because not only will vitamin C not damage your hair but it can also solve this matter. You can feel secure that this method is completely safe for all hair types and it does not result in damaging.

This process requires you to mix vitamin C tablets with shampoo. All things you have to prepare are:

– 10 – 30 white vitamin C tablets (Just using white tablets instead of orange or red ones to prevent the color from blending on your hair. You can buy these ones in local drug stores. If you have short hair, you just need from 10 to 15 tablets, but if your hair is longer, you need to use from 20 to 30 tablets)

– a bag

– something to crush the tablets (like a rolling pin) b

– a bow of 3 to 4 tablespoons of shampoo which does not contain any dyes (Adding more 1 to 2 tbsp. if you have longer hair)

* How to use:

Step 1: Crushing the tablets

– Put the tablets into the bag, and be sure that the bag is tightly sealed

– Put the bag on a flat surface, then use the rolling pin to grind the tablets until they become a powder

Step 2: Applying the vitamin C

– Mix the powder and the shampoo together to make a thick paste which has the texture of glue

– Remember to wet your hair with warm water. Do not let it be soaking wet, just damp. Then, apply the mixture to your hair. Make sure that your entire head is covered by the paste and lightly massage from root to tip.

– Wear a shower cap on your head and keep it sitting for at least 2 hours, so that the vitamin C from the tablets will have enough time to be absorbed. You can speed up the process by sitting under a hooded dryer or using a blow dryer

Step 3: Rinsing your hair

Rinse your hair thoroughly for at least 5 minutes to completely remove the paste as well as strip the color out of hair.

Apply moisturizing conditioner to your hair to avoid getting dry or frizzy

Dry your hair and access if your hair is lighter or not. One more noticeable thing is that you should use a heat protectant product when drying hair to protect your hair from being damaged.

Note: Just repeat this method if you want to lighten your hair color further. It is harmless to use the vitamin C paste 3-4 times in a row. Although it will make your hair get a bit dry and make your scalp flake and itch if you use many times, you can use moisturizing conditioner to protect the hair and scalp, so it will be fine. “Does vitamin C damage hair?” There is one thing you can know for certain that you will find the way to resolve any problems with vitamin C whether it damages your hair or not.

does vitamin C damage hai
the result of before and after lightening hair with vitamin C

Vitamin C products for hair

Now, there are some products including vitamin C that you need to take home to take care of your hair

* Vitamin C Supplement 1000mg Spring Valley

does vitamin C damage hai
A general-purpose product

This product helps to boost immune system and speed up the formation of collagen. Also, you can use it to lighten your hair by following the above instruction.

*TRESemmé Vitamin C Deep Cleansing Shampoo 900ml

does vitamin C damage hai
An ideal shampoo with vitamin C

TRESemmé is considered a “professor” in haircare industry. By using natural ingredients combining with vitamin C, TRESemmé Vitamin C Deep Cleansing Shampoo 900ml is really suitable for damaged hair.

*Vitabrid C12 Hair Scalp Therapy Shampoo 120ml

does vitamin C damage hai
A product for thickening and regrowing hair

Thanks to the effect of vitamin C with non-irritant ingredients, this hypo-allergenic (( shampoo which is suitable for all scalp types can help to prevent your hair from losing and make it stronger.

Some extra pluses…

Maybe you do not know that besides helping to care for hair, vitamin C treatment have a positive influence on your body as well as your skin. Vitamin C plays an important role in improving heart health, regulating blood pressure levels, helping to prevent cancer and more. Additionally, vitamin C also has anti-aging benefit that helps your skin look younger. It helps to even out skin tone and shield skin from virulent factors of pollution.

Through this post, I believe that all of you will not ask the question like “ Does vitamin C damage hair ?” anymore. If you learn and know thoroughly about vitamin C, there will be no longer disadvantages, just advantages instead. Besides, I hope that this article will give you useful information that you can apply in your daily life. Thanks for reading!

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