How to prepare your hair for double drawn hair extensions

Double-drawn hair extensions are very popular around the world, especially in this period, when the beauty of women is very important in their life, in their career, and other related. Therefore, how to have pretty hair when you have hair extensions, how to take care of them, and how to make them the most natural.

However, before discussing how to prepare your hair, we will tell about what is double drawn hair extensions, and which is the best double drawn hair extensions.

what is double drawn hair extensions
what is double drawn hair extensions

What is double drawn hair extensions?

There are many kinds of double drawn hair extensions, but most of them have thick ends. They make your hair longer and thicker.  That is also the fastest way to make your hair beautiful immediately.

My Ivirgo hair Joint Stock Company is Virgin hair supply, from the best double drawn hair extensions to the cheaper hair extensions.

The best double drawn hair extensions are Euro Double. Almost slide hair has the same length, only from 3-5% shorter. When you pick them up each bundle, their ends are very thick and almost square. We usually call them “square hair”. Euro double is also the highest quality in double drawn hair extensions. They are very smooth and soft. We can make dye hair, dry hair, and wash hair like your natural hair. Only the difference between hair extensions and your hair is: hair extensions cannot grow up.

Besides, super double drawn type 1 is one of the kinds of high-quality double drawn hair extensions. This is the most popular kind. They have thick ends and smoothness. Even though they do not have ends as thick as Euro double, super double type 1 is enough to use for any hair and the same quality hair. Super double drawn hair extensions type 1 have all characteristics of Euro double.

Finally, can not without Double drawn type 2, they also have thick ends, however, the quality is lower than others little a bit. The plus point of this kind of hair is the cheaper price than others. Of course, the more money you pay, the more quality you get.

Double drawn hair extensions
Double drawn hair extensions

How to prepare your hair for double drawn hair extensions

Many people choose double drawn hair extensions for the beautiful hair, but many people do not know how to prepare their hair before we using double drawn hair extensions. Let’s follow this guide.

Choosing a color that matches your hair color for extensions

To be not veiled your hair extensions, you should know well your actual color and choose an extension color like that. Either way, you can dye your hair if you love another extension color. It depends on your interests. But avoid being the different color between your hair and your hair extensions.

Avoid making a style hair soon

When your hair is washed, used conditioner, dyed or dried, do not apply any heat or make any style hair immediately after. You should link your hair with double-drawn hair extensions in advance, in the most natural ways. After all, apply nutrition to your hair and make them in one.

Know well the hairstylist you want when changing with double drawn hair extensions.

If you can not use hair extension on your own, you have to go to the salon. You should find many pictures of the stylist you want. That simple thing makes you save time and money in preparing hair well, you can follow the stylist’s advice

Prepare the best double drawn hair extensions

The final step is preparing hair extensions. You should choose the kind of hair which has high quality so that you can wash, dry, or dye your hair. And preparing your mind that, it will be okay to have a few split ends. Because the hair has a few splits make your hair natural, sexy, and messy. Using hair care products is the best way to have a pretty whole.

After extensions, you have a beautiful hair. Taking care of your hair carefully to avoid tangling hair, and losing hair.  However, how to take care of them properly!

Using a wide-tooth comb.

Having some combing tips to limit hair loss such as: using a wide-tooth comb for your hair and do not comb on the boundary between your hair and your hair extensions, apply oils to your comb before using it

Apply the oil regularly.

Using the oil or serum or conditioner regularly makes your hair and your hair extensions smoother and softer. You should apply from top to below but stay away from the scalp to avoid getting stuck on hair with oil, use more haircare on ends to avoid split ends.

Remove your Double hair extensions

When you do not want to use it, take it off cleverly, but only remove the hair if they are the clip in hair or weft hair. To tip hair or bulk hair, you should go to the salon or ask someone to remove on hair carefully to avoid damaging your real hair.

Double drawn hair extensions can be used for a long time with good quality like new.

Take care double draw hair extensions
Take care double draw hair extensions

How to take care double drawn hair extensions when you do not use them

Let’s wash them normally then apply conditioner on hair extensions, keep them carefully, avoiding the windy or fire helps your hair extensions be smooth and no damages. Do not worry about the time or color of hair extensions if you buy them from my company. because we make hair with high quality and they have all characteristics of natural human hair. Let’s take care of them like your real hair

My company is Ivirgohair investment and commercial joint stock company. And I am Lily from Vietnam. If you have any questions or any requests, do not hesitate to contact me and I will always be here at any time you need.

And if you have any problems, I will solve them immediately.

I am confident that you will fall in love my double drawn hair extensions.


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