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Wholesale Double Drawn Hair

Your hair is short hair, and you hate it. That’s why women like hair extensions and more use. It does not hurt hair or scalp. Today, in order to meet the tastes of wholesalers, virgin human hair extensions companies provide three kinds of hair: single drawn hair, double drawn hair, and super double hair. Brings you a variety of designs as well as types of products. Depending on your demand and preferences to recommend the right product for you.

Wholesale Double Drawn Hair
Wholesale Double Drawn Hair

What is Double drawn hair?

Customers always want to buy good quality hair to use, and they will thoroughly investigate then make choices. The best quality hair extensions are made from real virgin human hair. Are you looking for an answer? Double drawn hair meaning.

Single drawn hair is sold as single drawn due to the cost of production, is drawn from the original source one time and making the hair more economical. Hair strands aren’t of the same length with single drawn hair, thus creating thinner ends at the bottom of the hair extensions.

Double drawn hair undergoes an additional process long hair for single drawn hair during for manufacturing. The hairs are made by hand and not by a machine, so the worker will have a good working hand. This means that in the double drawn hair, the short hair will be removed and replaced with long hair. If you were to purchase 20 inches, the hair would be thick from top to bottom, a small part of hairs (around 20 – 30%) within the bundle would not measure the full 20 inches.

Choose the right hair extension to wear and quality (single drawn hair or double drawn hair), with long-lasting hair that generates wider hair quality. The single drawn hair is the hairstyle that is offered by many wholesalers in the market because of the cost less processing and production than other types so the price is lower. When you buy double drawn hair, you will pay more, but the quality, volume, and length of time that your hair lasts will far outweigh the unique pull of hair.

Wholesale Double Drawn Hair
Wholesale Double Drawn Hair

What is Tips double drawn hair?

Tips hair is structured small part by keratin ((https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Keratin)). The keratin is handmade by the worker, pre-bonded extension, human hair extensions, 1g/strand. The hair stylist will use a heating device and melt the keratin to attach to the hair. Tips hair is easy to use and many salons applied to introduce to customers.

You are asking “what is Tips double drown hair?”. Don’t worry. Many people do not know about it and are learning it. The hair manufacturers will answer you as “Tips double drawn hair is less short hair inside than Tips single drawn hair”.

This means that in the Tips hair used from double drawn hair to make, Then the worker will make extensions by the keratin connector.

Wholesale Double Drawn Hair
Wholesale Double Drawn Hair

Where is double drawn hair find?

There are many manufacturers hair extensions in different regions around the world with many famous brands, for example, Indian hair; Cambodian hair ((https://www.wholesalehairvendors.com/what-is-cambodian-hair-like.html)); Vietnam hair; Brazil hair…. Too many providers make you panic. You should choose the type of hair that your customers will favorite.

Vietnamese human hair has smooth, natural black, and long. The hair is taken care of by herbs from nature. The hair is so beautiful!!! Looking for beautiful human hair extensions, Vietnam human hair is a great choice. Especially the double drawn hair option. In Vietnam, the cost of labor as well as cheap materials, so the wholesale price list compared to the manufacturers in other countries are quite cheap.

How to take care of Double Drawn Hair?

  • Wash your hair often

The hair is in direct contact with the scalp, causing more sweat to be produced. If you do not clean your double drawn hair regularly, the bacteria will be itchy or scratchy.

  • Troubleshooting wigs
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First, spray hair conditioner exclusively for hair, divide the hair into small parts, use a comb to comb from bottom to top to limit tangled hair and clump. Nourish spray on the tangled parts to easily untangle, making hair smoother. After brushing, gently shake the hair to make it natural and smooth.

  • Protect your hair every time you use it

In order to keep the hair soft and fluffy as it was just bought at the store, it is necessary to have a thorough hair care regime. Double Drawn Hair has a different texture than real hair, so be sure to protect your hair extensions every time you go out. When going out, you should put your hair out in front of your chest to limit the wind from tangling your hair and make your hair dry.

  • Store hair after each use

After use, spray and comb hair, curl the ends of the hair, wrap it with storage net and put in a nylon bag, tie it tightly. To keep your hair in good shape, make sure you don’t hang the hair outside, but wrap it in the bag, squeeze the air out because the wig is exposed to the air and make the hair dry and tangled.

How to find suppliers Tips hair with double drawn hair?

You are owning the hair salon or the hair store, and looking for Tips hair extensions with double drawn hair. If you’re looking for a wholesaler for your niche market, an initial Google search for Vietnam human hair and industry-specific wholesalers’ Vietnamese wholesale products will typically get you started in the right direction.

If you want to explore more wholesale double drawn hair options, visiting a trade show tailored to your market is a great way to connect with wholesalers who can help stock your online store or your salon. At the trade show, you’ll get the chance to visit many different booths and hand-select items that would be a good fit for your e-commerce store. This is also a great opportunity for you to keep an eye on upcoming trends and to see what your competitors are looking at, too.

Many companies use social networking to promote their products. You can use Facebook, Instagram, Vk, LinkedIn, Youtube… to find virgin human hair companies in Vietnam supple wholesale hair products.

Finding the right wholesale double drawn hair solution for your business does take some time, but when you find the right option, it’s more than worth the investment. As you are able to fill more orders and constantly keep fresh, new items in stock, you’ll begin to notice the benefits of those bulk purchases at a wholesale rate.

Ivirgo hair investment and commerce joint stock company, where produced double drawn hair

At Ivirgo hair investment and commerce joint stock company – Top high quality virgin human hair companies in Vietnam. Our products: 100% human hair, No chemical, No dyed, no color; Soft, shine, straight, wavy, curly; Unprocessed, without nits, No lice, insect…; Lengths 6 inch to 36 inch; Color: Natural black, gray or dark brown ( dyed color : #2,4,6,8,12,16,22,27,613,60..). To make tips hair extensions we use double drawn hair. Tips virgin human hair is attached to the hair via little keratin bonds at the tip of the extension which is fused with a little hot tool. We guarantee Tips hair extensions pre-bonded extension, human hair extensions, 1g/strand.

You should choose Ivirgo hair investment and commerce joint stock company – Top high-quality virgin human hair companies in Vietnam as your supplier with Tips double drawn hair. You will detect our products very excellently.

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