All you should know about double weft hair extensions.

First of all I want to introduce myshelf. I am Alice com from Ivirgohair trading and investment join stock company. we are manufacture of high quality of virgin Viet Namese hair. We offer for you a lot of many type hair such as : straight, wavy, curly. And to day I want to share with you about double weft hair extensions.

Double weft hair extension is very popular. Because it’s very easy to use and keep your style. Wholesale Hair Vendors have a lot of had more type. Please read on for more details.

Double weft hair extension – Scientific Structure

Double weft hair extension develops its structure from the shape of the cortex. The fibers of the hair are round, making it drop evenly on all sides of the scalp.Double weft hair doesn’t change much in straightness but it changes the thick. In some situation, hormones and certain medications can change the texture of the hair making t grow every day. Here are the three type of double weft hair extensions straight hair.

Double weft hair extensions type 1: ( excellent)

This type of straight hair is soft and smooth, but thin and wispy. It’s very to manage and style. It very easy to create a new style for a charming. It very to dry color and bleachable. It very hard to faded color

double weft hair extensions
Double weft hair extensions

Double weft hair extensions type 2 (good)

Good double weft hair extentions can be very easy to manage. Its thick enough to give the hair some style. It cant bleach just dyed

Double weft hair extension type 3 (medium)

This type hair that its very difficult to make color and bleach instead of it fuller end. It just only has one color.

Pros of Double weft hair extensions

It’s tough: Its easy for the natural oil  from the scalp

It’s  very charming the opposite sex. And its make you become a princess or braid with the long straight hair when you wearing double drawn hair extensions weft

It makes you accent with more light and more shine.

It’s not dryness. It easy to grow out and strong. You can keep your style forever if you don’t want to change wavy or curly. It easy to take care your straight hair. It cheaper than Double weft hair extensions wavy or curly. Because you don’t use a hot team.

Disadvantage of Pros of Double weft hair extensions

It makes you get boring . Although Double weft hair extensions  is classic and save time, its also lacks the texture needed to me it more interesting. This is common problem and it is not easily manipulated.

How to take care Double weft hair extensions

Keep your hair clean

The expert advice you wash your hair three times a week

Wash your double weft hair extensions  right way

Human hair extentions always sleek and soft if you know combine wash your hair right way. You should wash your hair the same direction from the root hair to the end.  After that wash your hair clean with water double drawn hair extensions weft

Use the shampoo and conditioner to keep hair .

 Remember you have to comb hair before you wash your  drawn hair extensions weft

You should slightly comb double weft hair extensions

Let comb hair with the round comb. You should comb from head up to the hair to advoid breaking hair.

Double weft hair extension
Double weft hair extension

Proctect your hair during you sleeping

When your hair wet, you absolutely not go to sleep when your hair wet. You should check the hair dry. Because your hair wet , it make hair tangle and breaing hair. Never comb straight down from the top to the ends.

Don’t worry about break double weft hair extensions

I understand if you afraid of breaking hair. Me too. But don’t worry because break hair is normal expression . Normally, every day hair will break hair about 180 – 150 hairpiece. Human hair extentions will

Keep your hair by braid

The expert advice you in order to style hair extension without tangleor damage when you swimming, doing exercise or sleep.

You should not  pull vietnamese hair

When you wear extension , you shoudn’t wear extension hair you shouldn’t stretch hair or pull hair strength . instead you should treat your hair carful and slight.

Use the product hair

You know what hair product no contain sulfate that have less bleach and help your hair  extention have a longspain. You know sulfate in product hair cair has cause element make your hair dry.

Avoid using heat to make hair

You always use a heat protecting spray  and a medium to low temperte

Don’t use hot team after you get extensions. Let wait few days.

Cover your hair with a net or sleeping cap before going to be.

You you did it it will protect your extensions and keep them from getting tangle while you sleep

This is my opinion to help you have a beatiful hair and keep a long hair extension. I hope it very useful for you. If you have any confusing about double weft hair extensions. Please let me know I will help you resolve every problem.

I hope you can come to ivirgo hair to look at our catalog. Please go on our website your reference. We are all enthusiatic worker and willing help you all the time. . Please feel free to contact me . I am very happy to help you.

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