The essential guide on Dropship hair extension: A perfect way to improve your business

Dropship hair extensions have now become a very popular over these recent years as it has helped the E-commerce organizations run the more effectively and properly without paying extra cost price for stock, coordination, bundling supplies and staff to ship all the orders.

This will help to save up your working expenses as well as increase the increment benefits. Bear in mind that you always need to consider the whole things related rather than only focus on the cost of the item.

Considering it at once, you will need to transport your stock, and cope with many other procedures which can soon consume your benefits.

Drop shipping is such a great way to set out your own hair business or you can use it as to test a new market. In this article, let’s discover how dropship hair extension operates and how to be at the best in this market.

What is dropship hair extensions?

Dropship hair extensions
How to run your extension business better without paying more cost? (Source: Internet)

This is a basic model which can let you individually buy products from a particular wholesaler and ship the products right from you to whom buy your items. Instead of having to get a huge amount of inventory, you just simply need to get a partner with a drop shipping supplier and list their merchandise for sale.

Also, getting a good and qualified hair extension drop shipper you can have more time to concentrate on the other essential parts in your hair business such as Marketing, Customer Service as well as Promotions.

As having a perfect drop shipper for your hair extension can help to look after your brand’s operations such as backlogging the products, moving your orders to customers as well as help with the packaging process.

Let’s imagine how you can be even more successful with hair business when you have someone to handle and take responsibility for all these stock processes. Now you will not have to spend all day just packing as well as shipping all your orders which will take all the essential time for marketing.

Also, hair extensions can give you really great margins!

Based on the different orders, you can make from $50 to $100 for each transaction. Even when you want to give $20 in marketing in order to reach your customers,  you will still win the profit every day. Therefore, dropship hair extensions are now more and more popular among wig sellers and consumers.

How can I choose the extension to dropship?

The needs of your customers about hair extension they are one of the most essential things when selling as well as introducing your products so that you should know what types of wigs your guests need.

2.1. A wig with a suitable size for the customer’s head.

First, above all, we must make sure that the size of the wig is suitable for your customers’ head, which acquires you to be really careful when you inspect the wig products.

2.2. Your wig can meet customer’s different demand.

Dropship hair extensions
Types of caps (Source: Internet)


Maybe your customers are cancer patients, who usually expect a high demand for the extension quality, or they may want it to be real human hair.

This extension would give them the same flexible quality like real hair. As it is the real hair, it will require more maintenance, attention, and care. And when there is hardly any natural oil from the human scalp to condition and nurture the hair, the extension will soon become really dry and fragile as well unless there is a proper and frequent maintenance.

However, there is an alternative way for customers like that, synthetic hair, which is an easier wig but still able to satisfy their needs. One of the greatest things about this extension type is that they will always look good even when there is less frequent maintenance.

The synthetic wigs with high qualities are nearly and almost in the same appearance with human hair extension. This wig type has the most outstanding plus point of being able to remain its original shape. However, on the other hand, one drawback of synthetic hair can be that it is unable to stand the heat source so that its fibers can be permanently damaged exposed to the heat.

Other choices for customers who prefer a wig that can be versatile under the heat to make different hairstyles, can choose the heat-resistant extensions which allow you to make the appearance of the wig different and more unique, from a curly to straight style.

For those customers who want a flexible one but do not really want a wig, a synthetic wig could be their better option. In addition, the average life expectancy for each wig is 3 months. It can be longer if there are enough proper care and attention.

2.3. The types of wig

Classic wig

The wig machine made a classic wig with traditional hair stick to it. Most of the classic wigs are not designed as caps, so they allow the scalp of the head to breathe better. This kind of wigs is able to make people’s hair look so natural and real.

Each strand of hair is placed in a specific place separately on a translucent mesh cap in order to make it look just like natural hair. In addition, these wigs are very suitable for cancer patients or women who want to improve their hair loss appearance because of other diseases or typical hair loss symptom.

Hand-tied cap

This wig type is usually sewn on a very soft and tender fabric. Unlike the traditional monofilament wigs, the whole cap is knotted by hand in order to give the most natural appearance.

Lace front wig

The lace front wig has a separate hair on the very fine lace around the hairline. This way people can pull their hair back from the face and look more natural.

 How to dropship hair extensions: Tips for dropship your hair extension

Dropship hair extensions
How to drop ship my products most properly? (Source: Internet)

At the first beginning, you may wonder how to dropship hair extensions. Do you know that there is exactly a very good platform for dropshipping?.

When you start to dropship hair extensions from this platform, your business can have and save more time and money, you do not have to think about any issues such as wig products, customer service, or logistics, because this has assisted you with all these things.

You only need to cope with the sales issues. Let’s explore some principles for the dropship platform that you can consider starting your business.

3.1. Find out the best dropship hair company for your own

The extension industry now gets the features of e-trade products, which helps it become suitable for many different sales methods. Now, a large number of wigs in major platforms continues to increase, and sellers are now more inclined to platform development.

In order to find out the best platform for your business, you should consider the hair dropship reviews about the companies from sellers and a few customers.

3.2. Good descriptions of the extensions are also essential.

It is truly worthy to get a copywriter or journalist to write these for you. If you have a badly written piece of information, it will prevent your customers from reaching your products. Your website must not appear with amateurish and not related things.

Each type of extension needs to be described carefully, with the accurate length, and above all, you need to be sure that you are charging correctly. Therefore, you should have someone who is shrewd stand by your side so you’ll get a lot of help when needed.

3.3. Be Active Daily

Running a business acquires everyday effort. Maybe you do not need to spend eight hours each day working on your business but you ought to spend at least an hour a day on your store in order to grow and increase your sales.

Every day, you will need to check the orders to make sure that your products can be moved to your customers promptly with Dropship hair extensions. Also, you will need to give a response to customer acquisition in 24 hours (it should be less) so that the customers can rely on and prefer your brand.

The above is a guide about Dropship hair extensions for those who have just started their wigs business with drop shipping. This is a quite new but very effective way to run your extensions sales.

If you want to improve your sales performance, reduce the background cost, and remain your survival, this way can certainly help to sell your products greater.

You only need to have an online store and select products from it, and all of the other issues, from packaging, warehousing, to logistics will be totally taken good care of and responsible. Hopefully, you will be completely successful in your own business. Wishing you all the best.

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