How to dye hair two colors top and bottom to pop your summer up

If you get bored with one hair color, let try something new such as adding one more color to it. Two-toned hair is now the hottest trend, which can make your hair vibrant and show your characteristics.

But how to dye hair two colors top and bottom? In fact, you can choose ombre or under layer style. In this post, we will give you information about ombre hair for summer. Please take a look.

dye hair two colors top and bottom
Hot hair color for summer

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Which colors are suitable for this summer?

In this spring, some soft hair colors were dominant all over the world, such as pretty pink, sleek silver, platinum blonde, caramel brown, and rich brown. However, you need to have strong hair colors to blow your summer up.

It is predicted that some color combinations will go popular in this summer, including brown and blonde, dark and purple, brunette and pink or red and blonde. If you don’t have enough courage to try these colorful hair style, dark and brown is a safe choice for you which is hardly out of fashion.

dye hair two colors top and bottom
Hot colors for this summer

What is ombre hair?

Ombre is the gradual blending of one color hue to another, usually moving tints and shades from light to dark.

Ombre as a hair-coloring technique has been popularised since 2000 when the artist Aaliyah had   in subtle  gradual fade from black at the roots to lighter towards the hair tips.

dye hair two colors top and bottom
Artist Aaliyah

There are two kinds of ombre, including the tradition (darker roots and lighter tips) and the reserve (lighter roots and darker tips).

How to dye hair two colors top and bottom?

Step 1: Get ready

Firstly, selecting your color. As we recommended above, you can choose one of the color combinations to dye your hair. You should choose color with no more than 2 shades which is lighter than your natural hair color.

Thanks to it, you don’t need to bleach your hair. If you want to apply a lighter hue to your hair, bleaching is necessary but it may damage your hair a lot. Remember that   to have a natural look.

Secondly, preparing all the necessary tools. You need a hair dyeing kit (including bowls, brushes, gloves, hair ties) and chemicals.

dye hair two colors top and bottom
Hair dye kit (Dye hair two colors top and bottom)

Thirdly, taking care of your hair. Bleaching and dyeing will damage your hair so do hair care to make it in best condition. As a result, your hair will be stronger and get ready for makeup process. 48 hours before bleaching, you should not wash your hair because the natural hair oil will protect it from bad effects of chemicals.

Fourthly, identifying where the color will be faded. Ombre will create stronger effect for long hair. It is up on your hair length to divide it into 2 colors. Jawline is the perfect line for blending the color. If your hair is really long,   can be a good choice.

dye hair two colors top and bottom
Blending part depends on hair length

Step 2: Bleach your hair

If you wonder how to dye hair two colors top and bottom, the first thing you should do is to bleach your hair. It will help you reach the lighter color better. It will be great to smear coconut oil to your hair before bleaching.

The ideal bleaching formula is mixing developer and bleaching powder with ratio 1:1. Mixing them until they become a paste. Even when you want to go lighter, you should use developer with 20 volumes instead of 30 or 40 volumes. The higher volumes are, the more damage they cause to your hair.

dye hair two colors top and bottom
Mixture for bleaching

Applying this mixture to the part you want to go lighter. In case that you want to change all your hair color with two different ones, please bleach all your hair. Leave it in your hair up to 45 minutes. However, we recommend you to wash the chemicals away after 20-30 minutes  it may fry your hair and hurt your scalp.

You of lights or sunlight to stimulate this process faster and more effective. Then, you should wash your hair with nutrient shampoo and conditioner.

See more: Ion Demi Permanent Hair Color Chart

dye hair two colors top and bottom
Sunlight can make a help in dyeing

Step 3: Color your hair

Every box has its own formula so read the instruction and follow it. You should use hair ties to separate your hair.

If you just want to change one part of your hair, you apply the dye to this part only. If you change all of your hair color, you should smear the color to the upper part first, then the lower one. You should leave the dye in your hair about 10-15 minutes thanks to bleaching process.

dye hair two colors top and bottom
Time for hair dye to be absorbed

Normally, you can leave hair dye in your hair up to 45 minutes. However, bleached hair is much more vulnerable and easy to light your hair up so that you shouldn’t let dye stay on your hair too long. It may cause split ends, lack of hydration, fried hair and so on.

You should smear the chemicals to the parts between two colors last, about 5 minutes after finishing other parts. Therefore, the changing color will look more natural.

Step 4: Finish your work

Finally, washing your hair with shampoo with “Color conservative” written in the label. Apply conditioner to provide nutrients to your hair. You should not rub your hair or mess it up. If you do that, the chemicals can get contact to other parts which causes uneven hair color. Use a towel to absorb the water, let it dry naturally or use hair-dryer with low heat.

dye hair two colors top and bottom
Use towel to dry your hair

How to keep your ombre hair color durable?

Avoid exposing your hair to the sun

Just like skin, hair has many layers of cells and the outer layer is very vulnerable to dust pollution and ultraviolet rays. With dyed hair, sunshine is also the reason for the color to fade and make the hair become scaly.

After dyeing your hair, if you have to go out in the sun, you need to shield your hair with a wide-brimmed hat and a neat hair column with hair clips that cover the hair inside. Restricted to go outside in the sun during the period of 10 am to 3 pm.

Avoid drying hair with a hot dryer

After washing your hair, you should dry your hair with a fan or a cold dryer. Avoid drying hair with a hot dryer because the heat will make the hair unsuitable (wet to hot) so it is prone to cuticle damage and split ends. In addition, if not really necessary, you should also limit hair drying too often, as it will affect the durability of the dye.

Recompress the newly grown hair

For those who choose highlights such as yellow, light brown, red for hair, note that the hair root grows about two or three months after dyeing. If the difference between the two colors is obvious, then redefine the hairline.

If you don’t redefine the color of your original part, your hair will lose its aesthetic appearance, easily offensive to the opposite person. When choosing a color for your hair, keep this in mind to choose a color that is close to the dyed color.

Use specialized shampoo for dyeing hair

The shampoo for hair dyes will contain the right formula, while protecting the hair less fiber and split ends, while keeping the hair color longer. High-end brands or regular brands have shampoos and rinsers dedicated to dyed hair.

Apply tips to keep the hair color dyed longer

With outstanding hair colors and dark colors like purple, red, you can use hydrogen perxide solution mixed with strawberries in about 15 to 20 seconds and then apply to hair before shampooing. Your hair will keep dyeing longer and more shiny. With fresh colors such as chestnut brown, yellow, use rosemary leaves in the water and boil, then strain the concentrated water and apply to the hair every time you wash.

The oil from this herb will help make the hair’s color lighter. And with dark or dark brown hair, you can use coffee water to apply to your hair during the last wash, which means to use as a conditioner, your hair will be more beautiful and durable.

Shampoo your head with cool water

Want your hair dyed always fresh, wash your hair with warm water or cool water, as hot water can make the color of your hair fade quickly.

Do not wash your hair often

The farther between the washes, the longer the color of the hair is kept. In addition, a headwear hat when bathing is also a must-have item.

Never go to bed when your hair is still wet

If you use a striking color, the color may fade onto the pillow when you sleep with the hair still wet.

Only dry your hair when necessary

Keeping hair exposed to high temperatures makes the dye easy to fade, so avoid the hair dryer as far as possible. Let your hair dry naturally.

Ombre hair looks really cool and causes strong effect when other people look at it. So now you know how to dye hair two colors top and bottom, right? We hope that this post is helpful for you. You can send us questions or tell us your hair problems. Ivirgo Hair Factory will response it as soon as possible. Remember to follow our website to explore hair beauty secret

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6 thoughts on “How to dye hair two colors top and bottom to pop your summer up

  1. Avatar of Keisha
    Keisha says:

    This problem is because of color balance, as when you bleach the hair to dye purple, it appears to have no pigment left, so that the brown that you dye on will not give you the expected brown look as the hair does not get enough red pigment on it to tone up the brown color, so that’s the reason why people first dye it red and then put the final color on top of the hair
    The thing that makes the dyed color become ashy is the blue pigment so that you should try to avoid those tones if you are trying to cover the blonde hair, or you might end up with a green hair.
    These thing I’ve learned from hair professionals for a few years and I am writing this in order to share this useful knowledge with you have a nice day. <3

  2. Avatar of Kaylin
    Kaylin says:

    I also faced this problem as I needed to dye the brown over my light pink hair, and all the time that I dyed it, the color was still a purple one, so that when become faded it looked so terrible. All I could do that time was to keep on dying red and brown color on it and waited until it finally clear all the purple color away. But I think that this way will not work for you all and wasted a lot of time. Here are my suggestions: First, if you are in the same situation that I was, dye it black, because this color always covered my terrible hair color and when it faded, the color will be quite acceptable with a permanent one. Second. you can totally wear a wig or hair extension. I used to buy and wear a wig to get to work if I did not want to clear my favorite pink hair. That color was so lovely and matched me a lot, and I only had to fix my hair for work in daily life so that I could still keep a good job and my pink hair color.

  3. Avatar of Isolde
    Isolde says:

    I followed the advice which is to stick with a long lasting dark brown dye on my purple hair. It was completely fine in the first few weeks, and then the brown color in my hair faded into a wine color and I had major roots. And last week, I made a decision that I was gonna remove the brown color on my hair (and hopefully even some of the purple tones) with the color remover named Color Oops, an amazing product which has been helping me clear away dye colors in the past. I got one bottle of Color Oops to use for my hair. Almost all the brown colors had been lifted by the hair remover, but very little of the purple. This product was not really supposed to clear direct dyes as the purple one; however, I surely thought it would, because it has taken the bright red color out of my hair without any problem.

  4. Avatar of Hebe
    Hebe says:

    I have done this thing for 1 time. Last week I dyed my hair purple and now I want it to get back my original brown so I turn purple hair to brown.
    It was a purple-pink as I used a special effect called deep purple. I would like to use a semi-brown in it because I found using the hear dyes is a lot easier than using color box hair dyes from shops. And I was so lucky, my hair got back to a bright brown color with normal root hair.

  5. Avatar of Fiona
    Fiona says:

    It was so cool that you have tried to dye your hair with different colors. Another thing you should remember is the results of your hair color could be affected by permanent styling such as waving, straightening, or it can even be affected by being exposed to the sun, or the past coloring and other factors. I would try a hair strand test first in order to make sure that my hair is on the safe side. A few years ago I dyed my hair on Halloween holiday. I dyed my hair with black, and this color was too dark compared to my origin hair color, and then I decided to turn it back to my real color which is in the dark blonde and the strawberry blonde. However, my hair color turned into something green and also I could not recolor my hair in 2 weeks. I missed my parents’ silver wedding just because of this stupid error in my hair. And from that event, I always feel worried when dying that my hair will fall out..

  6. Avatar of Fidelma
    Fidelma says:

    This was exactly what I did with my hair 1 year ago. I bleached it dyed with bright purple and after 3 months, I dyed it back to the brown color, I put the brown dye over purple hair. It didn’t make a strange color but my hair right now is having a color as a dirty blonde one at some areas that I dyed them with purple. This is because I went swimming which makes the bleach and dye, not in the same with each other. All you gotta do is not go swimming and you will be fine

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