Facts You Must Know About Extensions For Super Short Hair

Every hairstyle has a unique beauty. With the women who have extremely short hair, it is the best choice to choose extensions for super short hair. There are a variety of ways to wear extensions and enjoy a wonderful change.

Nowadays, the market has numerous types of hair extensions for super short hair. In this article, we will recommend you about great extensions which are suitable for your hair. They will add volume and the length considerably for the hair and help you become more beautiful and attractive

First, we need to enlight the readers with some misunderstanding about the hair extensions for super short hair. Most of the people usually think that extremely short hair can not blend with hair extensions. It is not true totally. If you know how to apply them, you completely have the gorgeous hair you want.

If you still hesitate, here are some examples of famous people who used the hair extensions. Wholesale Hair Vendors will show you the difference between before they apply for hair extensions and after. You will have more meaningful information to decide which hair extensions are proper for you! Let’s discovery with us!

Clip in hair extensions for super short hair

extensions for super short hair

This is an image that is cut from a clip in the Youtube. The girl named Harmony Nice shared about the way to apply extensions for very short hair. The girl had a very short hair and she didn’t feel really happy and she felt alone consciously. She had hair cut one year ago before she made the clip. To make her hair more attractive, she used 24 inches extensions with regular size and brown color to blend with her natural hair.

The price of them is a bit pricey but they are worthy and high quality. To have this long and thick hair in the right image, she needs to use two sets of hair extensions. Each set has eight-piece with durable wefts in order to keep the extensions not moving. To install the extensions, she starts to add extensions at the bottom of the hair. After holding the rest of hair, she adds clip in extensions easily and continues with the middle of her head.

In the next step, she uses clip in hair for the top of the head quickly. To cover the sides of her short hair, she added the wefts on the two side of the head. It is important to use a few of pieces to hide all of her natural hair. Finally, when her installation is done, she needs to brush her very gently. Her new hair is really brilliant, silk, long and bright. People totally can detect that she wear clip-in hair. She is ready to meet her friends and attracts much attention to her.

Clip in hair is a good method for really short hair. It requires the quick application, good maintain and can reuse many times. Therefore, you can save money because you can reuse from time to time. However, we advise you shouldn’t wear them for a long time, especially when sleeping because it can lead to the damage of the real hair and make you feel uncomfortable.

You should use them when you attend parties and events to make you look like gorgeous and beautiful. The long hair also can help you become more girly and confident.

Rihanna’s hair extensions

extensions for super short hair
Extensions for super short hair

If you want to have more illustrations, you should know about the extensions of Rihanna. Rihanna attended the MTV with the really short and unique hair. A few months later, she appeared with long, glossy and attractive hair. The short pixie haircut can be replaced by fascinated curls.

She looks like so seductive that we seem to pay full attention to her. Her hair extensions are really long, smooth, soft and bright. Her brown ombre hair seems very suitable for her skin tone and lip color. Everybody loves her and her appearance with the long hair extensions.

Following the sharing of Yuki Sharoni who is considered as the well – known hair stylist: “The long hair can be synonymous with sex appeal” Therefore, you don’t hesitate to choose extensions for super short hair right now!

Rita Ora’s hair extensions

extensions for super short hair
Extensions for super short hair

Not only Rihanna chooses hair extensions, many famous people wear extensions to have long hair. Rita Ora is a star that changes style regularly that make her fan feel refresh with her plentiful styles and maybe the quick transformations of her hair.

Changing hairstyle regularly help her keep fans always support her all time. Her long hair is really gorgeous that makes her sexy and attractive. We can’t deny the beauty of her and totally support this style. When she wears them well, she can blend with various of different fashion and makeup style. The hair extensions she wears are clip-in hair extensions with light ash blonde color which are related Paris Chic style.

The trend of wearing extension is very popular with Hollywood stars that they suppose that extensions seem be a part of the wardrobe. Especially, human hair extensions can be styled in lots of shapes such as straighten, curled, permed, ironed or colored. Therefore, they are more and more popular. For the best result, you should have hair stylist install the extensions for really short hair

If you want to save the money, you can do it yourself but you need to be aware of something. First, you need to choose a fairly short length of extensions because you have very short hair. Secondly, it is important to choose extensions that have enough thick volume. If your short hair is still thick naturally, thick extensions are suitable to blend with real hair properly. You should be aware of the thickness to have the perfect hair extensions.

Besides, you should consider which color can blend with your natural hair color. You must remember this thing to make the extensions application successful. Therefore, it is a great way for you to visit hair extensions stores to find some extensions and try in them before buying them.

You will have a chance to wear extensions and receive some sharings from salesmen. It is necessary to choose carefully about texture and color of extensions. We also advise that you should choose 100% real human hair extensions because it can be colored and permed in the way you want

Here are some sharings about extensions for super short hair. We hope you will have useful information to choose suitable extensions. If you have any questions, please comment on this post and e will answer you as soon as we can. We are proud to be a big vendor who supplies hair extensions which help women become more beautiful and confident.

You are welcome to visit our website. If you like this article, please share it and introduce it to your friends. Your support is a strong motivation for us to bring the best thing to you. Don’t hesitate anymore. Call us and we will give you wonderful advice about your extensions and help you choose some extensions which are suitable for you!!!



  1. Q1 Andre: I have read this article. In the past, I worried about my extremely short hair. I had haircut seven months ago and I don’t feel confident with the short hair. With the help of this article, I realize extensions are really suitable for me. I have bought them on your website and worn them comfortably

 We accept with your sharings. Extensions are really useful for women who want to have the hair more attractive

  1. Q2 Emma: I want to buy extensions for my pixie hair. Which extensions should I choose?

 We think clip in hair is the best choice for you. You need to remember something above we advise when choosing extensions. Besides, tape in hair is also a good idea for your short hair

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