Do you want to know how to get rid of brassy hair after bleaching?

Do you want to know how to get rid of brassy hair after bleaching? One of the most common side effects of lightening hair is bleached hair turned orange. Badly, brassy bleached hair make your hair look like fried.  Therefore, if you usually bleach your hair, learning how to get orange brassy tones out of hair after bleaching at home is very important.

There are several common methods to get rid of brassy orange hair: toners, color- depositing shampoos and box dye. This writing will show you the detailed guide about how to get rid of brassy bleached hair by toner. As a result, we hope you will be satisfied with the results that the method bring about.

Why does bleached hair turn brassy?

Using bleach is one way to lighten hair, but the original colored pigments are not eliminated. We can easily see the dark red, orange and yellow colors when bleach removes the natural colors. As a result, your hair turns yellow, brassy or orange depend on your original hair color.

get rid of brassy hair after bleaching
Table of Hair color and Undertones

The table above shows the change in your staring hair color after using bleach. For example, if your original hair color was a light brown, the color after bleaching is likely to light orange. Therefore, neutralizing the undesirable undertones is very necessary to solve how to get rid of brassy orange hair after bleaching.

In order to get rid of orange hair, the utilization of pigments play an important step.  These colors can be blue or green- the opposite side of orange in the color wheel. Alternatively, if you want to remove red tones on your hair, you need to use green pigments instead. There are various ways to get rid of them.

How to get rid of brassy hair after bleaching

Your hair becomes a brassy or bright orange hue after leaching process. Those unwanted colors will not disappear automatically. Therefore, you need to apply a toner for your orange hair after bleaching to eliminate uninvited warmth.

We need a kind of toner which is designed with purple- blue pigment to reduce the tones of brassy or orange color. Functions these toners are different from

those of dyes. They turn brassy orange into an ashy or platinum. Hence, these toners are used bleached hair in order to get the desirable color level.

get rid of brassy hair after bleaching
Get rid of brassy hair after bleaching

After bleaching, the orange hair needs a blue/ green toner with different volume developer levels depending on the bleaching hair hue. Particularly, to remove slight brassy color in bleached hair, you only need a 10 volume developer; whereas hair that turned lighter orange, you have to use 20 volume. Different from toners for orange hair, a toner for yellow hair need to have purple pigments instead.

How to get rid of brassy in bleached hair by using toners.

As we indicated above, we use a blue toner for orange hair to neutralise uninterested hair color. It does not mean your hair will become strong blue. The slight layer of blue is used to get rid of brassy hair only.

Firstly, you have to opt the exact toner for your hair color before you tone on it. Also, to help you have the right choice of toner, we show you some common hair color levels:

  • Level 10 – Pale Yellow – Violet
  • Level 9 – Yellow – Violet
  • Level 8 – Yellow Orange (Brassy) – Blue Violet
  • Level 7 – Orange – Blue
  • Level 6 – Red Orange – Blue Green
  • Level 5 – Red – Green
  • Level 4 – Purple Red – Yellow Green

If you want to remove brassy hair, you should lighten your hair at least to level 8. Most toners need to be mixed with a volume 10 or 20 developer in order that your freshly bleach hair is less destroyed.

In some cases, your hair is damaged strongly after bleaching, in order to get rid of brassy hair, your hair should you as conservative a treatment as possible. For example, you should start with the using of light volume peroxide and tone again after your hair is in the recovered situation.

A very common homemade toner to get rid of brassy orange hair is produced from plants namely Manic Panic, and conditioner. With natural ingredients, you can apply it on your hair immediately after bleaching. Also, it is possible to use it many times as your hair need.

Manic Panic Ultra Violet is considered as one of the most useful blue toner to get rid of brassy hair. It is better to mixed it with a good quality of toner to achieve the best effect. Specifically, you should apply the mixture of Manic Panic Ultra Violet and a good quality conditioner to your orange hair about 30 minutes or a hour. Consequently, you can answer how to get rid of the brassy hair after bleaching.

get rid of brassy hair after bleaching
Manic Panic Ultra Violet

How to get rid of brassy orange hair at home? Our writing helps you answer the very needed question. Again, Ivirgo Hair Factory highly appreciate the utilization of toner in remove the brassy hair, especially the using of Manic Panic Ultra Violet. We hope you can enjoy and follow our useful suggestion.

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