How to get rid of green hair from dying it with natural bleaching methods?

Dyed hair is now a fashion trend that many people want to do. The hottest color usually change time by time and we try to catch up with it. When you are fed up with your present hair color, you can dye it with a new one.

However, your dyeing process may go wrong by turning greenish. So how to get rid of green hair from dyeing it with natural bleaching methods? You can read our tips below to correct your hair color.

get rid of green hair after dyeing
Remove green tints in your hair

Baking soda and clarifying shampoo

Why this mixture works?

Baking soda is known as sodium bicarbonate (( and found in crystalline form in nature. People usually use baking soda in powder form for cooking purpose. However, it is also used as detergent. While clarifying shampoo ((, which does not contain “colored conservative” in its label can fade the color in your hair.

get rid of green hair from dyeing
Baking soda, a natural bleach

Therefore, when you combine two things together, it will wash your hair color away better, faster but it is not as harmful as bleaching.

Steps to remove green hair

Firstly, you need to mix baking soda with clarifying shampoo. It will be better if you can stir it until these things become a paste.

Secondly, you should wet your hair with warm water. Warm water can make your hair follicles open up, which gives a hand in stripping green hair faster. You shouldn’t use hot water because it can hurt your hair and your scalp. Then, you apply the mixture to your hair, try to lather it as much as possible. The more foam you can make, the more effective the fading green hair process is. Especially, you don’t need to rinse it yet and turn to the next step below.

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get rid of green hair from dyeing
Try to make more lather as much as possible

Thirdly, you should clip your hair up, cover it in a towel or shower cap. It will force the mixture to be absorbed better and raise its bleaching ability. You should leave it in your hair about 15 – 20 minutes. Next, you can rinse your hair with warm water and shampoo it again. It will work well if you wash your hair with   per week.

get rid of green hair from dyeing
Shower cap makes it better

Last but not least, you need to provide nutrients to your hair because baking soda makes your hair lose moisture and damage it. Therefore, you ought to apply conditioner to your hair, use hair-dresser to dry your hair. If it is semi-dry, let it sit in your hair for 30 minutes and rinse with cold water to finish your process.

Ketchup – Get rid of green hair from dyeing

It is really weird to think about washing your hair with ketchup! However, it does take effect to wash your greenish hair away. According to the scientific source, tomato contains carotenoids ((, which create red color, or red pigment in another word, of it. While red pigment can neutralize green tints in hair. So how to get rid of green hair after dyeing it by using ketchup?

get rid of green hair from dyeing
Yummy ketchup gives a hand as well

Using ketchup for stripping green hair is much easier than the combination of baking soda and clarifying shampoo. So what you need? You have to prepare a bottle of ketchup and aluminum foil.

You have to apply ketchup to your greenish hair. A note that ketchup can make your hair shade darker so you need to make a decision which parts of hair you should apply it. If most of your hair goes green, you should smear ketchup to all of your hair to avoid uneven color. It will be greater when you scrub your hair softly to enhance absorption process.

get rid of green hair from dyeing
Cover your hair with aluminum foil

The following step is wrapping your hair by aluminum foil. Aluminum foil can conserve heat, tolerate all types of liquid without making chemicals reactions and stay intact in a long time. Heat is an element that pushes the process up.

Thanks to tomato – a natural ingredient of ketchup, you can leave it in your hair up to one hour and a half. It depends on how green your hair is that you can adjust the time. The reasonable time is 45 minutes. At last, you ought to wash your hair with cold water and don’t forget to use conditioner to moisturize your hair.

get rid of green hair from dyeing
45 minutes is enough for your hair

This method may not take effect in the first time, so you should repeat it until you get your desired hair color.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C has ability to help hair against the oxidative which can maintain the color and prevent hair from aging process. Besides, vitamin C works to fade greenish color as well because it is an acid itself. It is said that vitamin C is the safest thing to strip your hair dye away.

get rid of green hair from dyeing
Vitamin C, friend for your hair

Vitamin C is produced in tablets or powder form. You have to crush vitamin C tablets to powder form, mix it with a little water. You should add water gradually and stir this mixture until it becomes a paste. Then, you apply it to your hair and remember to wear a shower cap to fix your hair and make the process more effective. You have to wait for 30 minutes before rinsing your hair to get rid all the mixture out of your hair.

Another way you can use is mixing vitamin C powder with shampoo. You should put 1000mg vitamin C to an amount of shampoo which is less than you usually use. You need to stir this mixture until vitamin C powder is dissolved. Afterward, you have to do step by step as the first method.

get rid of green hair from dyeing
You need to pulverize vitamin C tablet

You should aware that vitamin C will work best if you have just dyed your hair for a week. In case that it is longer, there will be a notable difference as well but don’t expect any miracles. You have to do this process more few times to have the ideal effect.

The three methods above are not all of the solutions for “how to get rid of green hair from dyeing it with natural bleaching methods?”. There will be some other ways for you. You can tell us your formula to wash green tints out of your hair in the comment box. If you have any wonder about this post, please let us know. One more thing, you can click the button “follow” to read our latest hair beauty in next time as soon as possible.


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