How to go back to your natural hair color after highlights – a perfect switchback

Hair highlights could bring a trendy and fabulous hair look, so most people are big fans of this hairstyle. However, the bothersome maintenance process and the same boring ook may make you miss your natural hair color and expect some changes. Anyway, the following methods which you have better keep in mind will help you know how to go back to natural hair color after highlights. Read on and consider carefully to choose the most suitable route to make a perfect switchback to your original hair hue.

Grow out your hair for question: ” How to go back to natural hair color after highlights “

Among various strategies formulated for how to go back to natural hair color after highlights, growing strands is obviously the very last resort because this method carries itself the risk of ruining your glossy hair look. There could be the whole world of difference between your new-grown and colored parts depending on the color shade you have been highlighted.

how to go back to natural hair color after highlights
how to go back to natural hair color after highlights

However, the below trick will blow your worries away making this tactic helpful to get your natural color back: Be patient in about one to two months to wait until your hair grows about two inches of visible roots. Next, ask your beautician for balayage highlighting – a hand-painted highlighting technique which aims to create a color-graduated effect on your hair. In other words, the natural color of your hair roots will fade eventually into the hue of your colored ends.

The roots harmoniously blend with the painted ends so that it creates a natural-looking effect on your hair as if it is your truly original hair color. You should keep growing your hair with low maintenance and absolutely no highlight touch-ups. It is strongly advised that you have a skillful colorist do your balayage.

how to go back to natural hair color after highlights
how to go back to natural hair color after highlights

Dye your hair your natural color

If you prefer a quicker and sharper strategy than the first one, how about directly dyeing your mane your natural hue? Dyeing your hair your original color is the easiest and most common fix when it comes to how to go back to your natural hair color after highlights.

Instead of waiting for your natural color to grow slowly, you can fake it at the very first stage until you completely get it. As time flies, your roots grow and replace the dye without any demarcation.

The best thing about this tactic is that nobody realizes which one is your truly natural hair color because the new growth matches perfectly with the dye. It is a little witty trick, isn’t it?

The thing is: A shift from a light to a dark shade or a dark to a light shade requires complicated techniques, lots of effort and, more importantly, a proper taste of hair coloring mixture.

Moreover, speaking of hair dyeing, your hair is sometimes forced to be bleached beforehand and a number of complex sessions will follow afterward. Therefore, coming to a professional colorist or beautician who can fulfill your expectations is highly recommended in this case.

A top-priority thing when you come to a hairdresser is to bring along a picture of your natural hair hue with you as a detailed and accurate guide for the hairdresser to get the dye nicely done as expected.

Use a color-fading shampoo or hair color remover.

A clarifying shampoo can accelerate the fading of any of the semi-permanent or permanent shades, but this shampoo is quite expensive to afford. Using dandruff shampoo and baking soda is one of the most effective and economical methods to remove your dye. Why are dandruff shampoo and baking soda? Dandruff shampoo is a little more heavy-duty with a stronger formula than normal ones while soda baking is well known as a natural cleaning agent that can remove the dye with little bleach and damage. Here is how to go back to your natural hair color after highlights by using this solution:

– Buy a dandruff shampoo: “Head & Shoulders”, for example, is highly recommended and this dandruff shampoo is on sale at any grocery store around your neighborhood.

– Purchase baking soda:  It is 100% baking soda, not baking powder. They are quite alike due to their packaging but only baking soda works for bleaching the dye.

– Combine the shampoo and baking soda together: Remember the ratio is 1:1 for the mixture. You can mix them by using a bowl or your hands directly.

– Shampoo your hair with the mixture: First, have your hair wet thoroughly beforehand for a minute, then rub the shampoo through your hair evenly. Use both hands to fully cover the strands.

– Wait  for 5-7 minutes without rinsing it out: The mixture needs time to soak in, penetrate the strands, and work out the dye.

– Rinse your hair carefully: The hair color will fade when you rinse.

It would be the best if you apply this method to your hair several times.

Choose to get a shorter hair

If you don’t have enough patience for all of mentioned-above solutions, think about taking a short haircut to rocket the process. The shorter your mane, the less work you have to do. You don’t need to worry about styling because there are millions of glossy short hair looks that you will definitely love it.

Like a ravenous little girl, colored-treated hair needs specific hair-care products and regular touch-ups every few weeks for the care and maintenance of color during highlights. Choose among routes above to make a perfect switchback to your original hair hue. That’s indeed how to go back to your natural hair color after highlights and get rid of all redundant steps.

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