Look 10 year younger with fabulous hair color for 40 year old woman

You’ve hit the big hit 4-0 which is also regarded as a milestone. You are getting sick and tired of the birthday party to celebrate your forties and all you want is to rejuvenate your youth a bit.

However, everybody knows that it is a dream that never comes true. Therefore, you need to take advantage of other methods to stay young as much as possible. One of the effective but often ignored methods is just to choose the right hair color for 40 year old woman.

It is the most painless measure to look even ten years younger. If the hair color is perfect for your skin tone, you will be amazed at your glamorous appearance. You no longer need to look at Meche Salon – a hair color ambassador for Loreal Paris and feel shamed.

Let our advice shine your day!

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Why should a 40 year old woman care for their hair color?

40 year old is the milestone that marks a woman’s maturity. At the same time, it is the four that makes many women nervous as they will not as pretty and beautiful as those days before. As we get older, cell renewal is likely to slow down and all the complexions are getting paler and duller.

hair color for 40 year old woman
The sign of aging on a 40 year old woman

These alterations gradually result in a subtle shift in skin tone. Throughout time, our faces naturally lose their volume. This means that we are more vulnerable to suffer from hollow-looking areas.

At this turning point, you start to invest in anti-aging beauty products to cling to the youth. However, some proper creams and cleaners are not what anti-aging possesses. Leaving a fringe of right length or putting layers at right place does help to make the difference.

You must be admiring celebrities on the red carpet because they apparently belong to vampires – a species that never gets old. They are the truly perfect source of inspiration. But wait, let’s spot their hairstyle and maybe you can find the answer yourself.

hair color for 40 year old woman
Jennifer Garner’s with half-up-half-down hairstyle helps her to renew her casual straight style.

So, the secret to chosing the right hair color ((https://www.bustle.com/articles/88388-how-to-choose-the-right-hair-color-for-your-skin-tone-and-how-to)) for 40 year old woman is to choose shades flattering the skin tone. Hair hues are the powerful tool to recreate yourself. For instance, should you look green, why not choose warm undertones?

Principles to choose the right hair color

Before providing you with a long list of hair color for 40 year old woman following by detailed analysis of each color, we would like you to get to know some helpful tips and principles.

hair color for 40 year old woman
How is your first impression on her?
  • Too dark color is not recommended; it even ages you. Conversely, the fake halo effect is created on your head. To be more specific, others will make an immediate discrepancy when they first meet you. It means they will assume that you belong to the seniors of the society.
  • For highlights, a rule of thumb is ‘less is more’. In case you do over-highlight, you will suffer from counter-effect. A few strands of sun-kissed highlights are fine.
  • Hair color for 40 year old woman should not include cool hues such as ash hair color. Just go for neutral or warm tone. The less makeup you use, the better your skin tone is exposed.
  • Color blending is encouraged. In order to make the color look fresh, harsh gray root needs to be dissolved.
  • Update hair care routine: after achieving the second look – a ten-year younger look, keep using sulfate-free shampoo ((https://www.health.com/beauty/sulfate-free-shampoo)) and conditioner. You can follow some hair care tips here (dẫn link bài hair care tips).

List of right hair color for 40 year old woman

A 40 year woman should not be a slave to coloring only to cover up for your unfortunate gray. Hair color blending is the right way to go for. Meanwhile, you can save time as well. You only need to visit the salon every six to eight weeks. Now, let’s get started by analyzing each right color for 40 year old woman.

  • Classic red
hair color for 40 year old woman
Can you believe that Amy Adam is 43 years old already? She is pretty in classic red hair color.

Red hair is sometimes compared to a fingerprint. You cannot find an exact replication. This classic red is best suited to those with fair skin and cool undertones ((https://stylecaster.com/cool-warm-skin-undertones/)). People in classic red are characterized as a vibrant, deep and attention grabbing.

So, why is it on the list of hair color for 40 year old woman? The four hit slows down cell renewal, making skin less bright than it used to. Therefore, we need classic red to reflect light onto the face. Then the appearance of youthful skin would be achieved.

How to get the look: a shine-amplifying or an anti-fade shade.

  • Soft copper
hair color for 40 year old woman
Nicole Kidman in her fifty – a beauty that juveniles still admire

Soft copper is called a sky-high hair color of temporary celebrities. It is also highly appreciated by many beauty lovers and colorists. According to colorist Mark Mileti, soft copper is a warm rich tone accompanied by a bit of zing.

It is most suitable for fair skin with warm undertones and blue eyes will be the highlighted spots. A note for those who have darker hair, you have to visit a professional hair stylist to get a natural and translucent shade. Should you be lucky to have light hair, you can try at-home choice.

Why does it work for hair color for 40 year old woman? When aging is coming, your eyes will betray you and show some signs of age. Soft copper helps to flatter and soften lines, together with these disgusting signs.

  • Sun-kissed ombré – a dream hair color for 40 year old woman
hair color for 40 year old woman
Julia Roberts – 50 years old – an actress in the role of Auggie’s extraordinary mother in the blockbuster ‘Wonder’ (2017)

Those with medium skin with warm undertones will be fine with sun-kissed ombre. It is the mixture of golden blond, mocha gold and camel gold. Therefore, you can also call it as full balayage.

When looking at the face of other people, we often pay more attention to their eyes – the window to the soul. However, a 40 year old woman will definitely not like that. Thus, they ask sun-kiss ombre to frame people’s attention away from any other hollow areas, especially the cheeks.

  • Soft black – a traditional but effective color of all time
hair color for 40 year old woman
Do you still remember Jennifer Connelly in Hulk? She is turning to 47 years old this year.

It is best suited to individuals with medium skin with cool undertones. Soft black brings about natural look and shine that leaves strands in better conditions. This multi-dimensional color also lasts longer than its counterparts.

Why is it sorted out as the right hair color for 40 year old woman? Soft black, regarded as a cool black, makes women fresher, healthier and much more youthful. If you live in Oriental countries whose citizens are endowed with dark hair, we suggest lightening inky-black hair to a softer black.

  • Golden brown
hair color for 40 year old woman
Eva Mendes looks ten years younger thanks to golden brown hair color

When 40 year old women come to the professional salon, colorists often advise them to apply golden brown because it is not a picky option and it is best suited to those with medium skin, warm undertones and with gray strands.

Why is it listed as the proper hair color for 40 year old woman? Golden brown is responsible for flattering naturally bronze skin and reflects a warm brunette look. From personal perspectives, individuals who possess slightly darker eyebrows will successfully achieve a natural shadow and color contrast after being colored.

  • Chocolate shade
hair color for 40 year old woman
Angela Bassett in her sixties

It will be a big mistake if chocolate is not listed in the hair color for 40 year old woman. As you may know, chocolate is a blessing color for those with dark skin and cool undertones. Therefore, it lives up to our expectations that chocolate intensifies the sexiness of a woman in her forties – the age of maturity.

This color shade can soften skin imperfections, which is a superior advantage that a jet-black shade can never keep up with. It also blends with pre-existing characteristics to make a perfect appearance.

Do not ignore these precautions to keep your hair color durable and beautiful

  • Avoid exposing your hair to the sun

Just like skin, hair has many layers of cells and the outer layer is very vulnerable to dust pollution and ultraviolet rays. With dyed hair, sunshine is also the reason for the color to fade and make the hair become wrinkled. After dyeing your hair, if you have to go out in the sun, you need to shield your hair with a wide-brimmed hat and a neat hair column with hair clips that cover the hair inside. Limit direct contact between hair and sunlight between 10am and 3pm.

  • Avoid drying hair with a hot dryer

After washing your hair, you should dry your hair with a fan or a cold dryer. Avoid drying hair with a hot dryer because the heat will make the hair unsuitable (wet to hot) so it is prone to cuticle damage and split ends. In addition, if not really necessary, you should also limit hair drying too often, as it will affect the durability of the dye.

  • Recompress the newly grown hair

For those who choose highlights such as yellow, light brown, red for hair, note that the hair root grows about two or three months after dyeing. If the difference between the two colors is obvious, then redefine the hairline. If you don’t redefine the color of your original part, your hair will lose its aesthetic appearance, easily offensive to the opposite person. When choosing a color for your hair, keep this in mind to choose a color that is close to the dyed color.

  • Use specialized shampoo for dyeing hair

The shampoo for hair dyes will contain the right formula, while protecting the hair less fiber and split ends, while keeping the hair color longer. Both high-end brands or regular brands have shampoos and rinsers dedicated to dyed hair.

  • Apply tips to keep hair color dyed longer

With outstanding hair colors and dark colors such as purple, red, you can use hydrogen perxide solution mixed with strawberries in about 15 to 20 seconds and then apply to hair before shampooing. Your hair will keep dyeing longer and more shiny. With fresh colors such as chestnut brown, yellow, use rosemary leaves in the water and boil, then strain the concentrated water and apply to the hair every time you wash. The oil from this herb will help make the hair’s color lighter. And with dark or dark brown hair, you can use coffee water on your hair during the last wash, which means you use it as a conditioner, your hair will be more beautiful and durable.

  • Shampoo your head with cool water

Want your hair dyed always fresh, wash your hair with warm water or cool water, as hot water can make the color of your hair fade quickly.

  • Do not wash your hair often

The farther between the washes, the longer the color of the hair is kept. In addition, a headwear hat when bathing is also a must-have item.

  • Shampoo hair roots

If your hair is long, it is common to skip several inches of hair roots when washing your hair. Apply shampoo on your scalp but do not scratch it, just gently wash it with clean water. And when it comes to conditioners, focus on the hair roots.

  • Use products specifically for dyed hair

Shampoos for dyed hair will have a lighter effect than regular shampoos. In addition, you should use natural conditioner for a healthy hair. Remember to avoid peppermint shampoos, because peppermint can make the colour of your hair faded.

  • Never go to bed when your hair is still wet

If you use a striking color, the color may fade onto the pillow when you sleep with the hair still wet.

  • Only dry your hair when necessary

Keeping hair exposed to high temperatures makes the dye easy to fade, so avoid the hair dryer as far as possible. Let your hair dry naturally.

  • The distance between the times of hair dyeing

Depending on the strength of your hair, you can determine the distance between your hair dyeing sessions, but usually between 4 and 6 months. At that time, the scalp and hair are relatively healthy and stable.

So, this is the end of introduction to hair color for 40 year old woman. Ivirgo Hair Factory hope that after our informative article, you can choose a right hue for yourself to take off the traces of years and more importantly, to feel confident even you are turning to forties.

One more thing we want to convey here is just to keep your soul young and nothing can make you aged. Repeatedly, hair color is just one among thousands of ways to rejuvenate. Therefore, after coloring, you still need to keep a balanced diet, stay healthy by doing exercise and take good care of your skin and hair by instructions we provide you with above.

Hope you be successful in your journey to find your youth. Do not hesitate to comment or inbox to ask us about another hair color that we do not have enough time to cover here. Thank you for your reading!

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