Hair color remover before and after: The secret of removing hair dye

Hair dyeing is expected to bring in a gorgeous new look; however, sometimes the final result does not meet the initial expectation and the only thing that you need is to return to your pre-coloring color. In this case, using hair color removers is one of the most favored solutions. The following post will let you know more about hair color remover before and after.

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What is hair color remover?

Hair color remover or hair color stripper is color-removing products. The color dye penetrated into your hair strand will be washed away by the hair color remover, effectively and safely. As it does not contain ammonia ()) – a harsh chemical used as a popular pigment-bleaching substance in most of the hair dyeing products, hair color remover is very popular among hair-dyed customers.

To make the most of hair color remover without hurting your hair, you have to pick the suitable products for your hair. Using hair color remover regularly is not highly recommended.

hair color remover before and after.
Hair color remover before and after

Differences in using hair color remover before and after.

Sometimes, the decision of coloring your hair might not come up with the accurate result as desired. You only wish that you could return to the original hair color. You could look for some changes in your hair before and after hair color remover application. Hair color remover is an effective and safe tool to remove your hair color. It could also come in handy as a pre-recoloring step.

The hair color remover will reverse the color by penetrating the hair strands and change the structure of hair color molecules which were sent by the permanent hair dye  before. This change will make the color removable and give the spotlight to the natural pigment.

hair color remover before and after.
Hair color remover before and after

Limitations of hair color remover:

Hair color remover is not an all-purpose magical treatment which could reverse your hair color regardless of other factors. In some circumstances, the differences in your hair before and after hair color remover are not as distinguishing as you might wish. Even though it is considered as an effective and safe product to reverse your hair color, the real application of hair color stripper is still limited.

  • One thing you should be aware of is that hair color remover could not do anything to restore a bleached hair. Once your hair is bleached, your natural pigment, which is visible after using hair color stripper, is altered completely. Therefore, it could only reveal the lightened color of your bleached hair.
  • As most hair color removers do not include bleaching ingredients, it could not lighten your hair. (Some hair color removers do contain bleach. You should look up the ingredients carefully to pick up the right product for your hair.)
  • Some highly-resistant and intense hair colors, for example, red, black, blue, or purple, are hard to remove.
  • Peroxide is a popular element in the majority of hair color products. Some low-peroxide products, like semi-permanent or temporary color, are unaffected by the impact of hair color removers. The same situation goes for non-peroxide products like henna or organic colors. These color dyes, indeed, are much likely to be removed naturally by washing. In short, the effect of hair color remover is most obvious only with permanent hair color dye.
  • Also, you should acknowledge the fact that hair color remover is not an ultimate magical tool. Its effect mostly depends on the condition of your hair pigment. Sometimes, it will not leave you a perfect hair color as the way it originally was. After a time of treatment, your hair’s real tone might have changes.
hair color remover before and after.
Hair color remover before and after

The instruction for pre-recoloring with hair color remover

Hair color remover is mostly used for removing color in order to achieve the perfect base for recoloring. Here are some tips that you should know.

Firstly, you should not apply permanent hair dye right after using hair color stripper. Instead, you might need to want until the next week. A gap is necessary for your hair to recover from the high-porosity condition after too much rinsing with warm water. It is seriously important because porosity could affect how the color turns out. High porosity means that color will turn out darker than what you expect and it will be washed out more easily.

Secondly, rinsing is considered as a crucial step. Shampooing and rinsing with warm water repeatedly are necessary to wash away the color particles. This step needs to be done carefully because if you could not manage to move the left-over color particles, they will reconnect later and make the hair dye reform instead of fading away.

After removing color with hair color stripper, you should condition your hair. During the process of color removal, your hair will be dried off. Moreover, even using hair color remover is less damaging than other pre-recoloring products; it is still unhealthy for your hair to bear if you use it too often.

5 natural ways to reduce the color of dyed hair does not harm the hair

You can also consider applying one of the following five ways to lessen the color of your dyed hair

  • Use fresh lemon

Fresh lemon juice is a natural cleanser, both has the effect of smoothing hair and has the ability to bleach hair dye.

If your hair is just dyed but has a slightly dark color, use fresh lemon juice to wash your hair several times to help you achieve the desired fade color.

How to do it: After shampooing your head with shampoo, take the juice of 1 lemon to smooth it over your hair and incubate for 5 minutes. Then wash with warm water. Only after about 5 washes, will you see that the original hair color has faded away and your dry, messy hair will be greatly improved.

  • Use vitamin C

If your hair gets too dark, you can reduce the intensity by taking the following vitamin C tablets:

Grind the vitamin C pellets into small fine flakes and mix with filtered water to form a paste.

After moisturizing the hair, use a comb to brush the vitamin C mixture on your hair as you brush the dye onto your hair. You should be careful to evenly brush the hair down evenly.

Cover your hair for 1 hour, then rinse thoroughly with shampoo and warm water. You will have lighter hair than the original. This way is very safe for your hair.

  • Use vinegar

Vinegar not only works as a spice for cooking, but it also has the ability to discolour dyed hair, which is very effective and safe for hair.

Mix 3 tablespoons of vinegar and shampoo and rub it all over your scalp until the soap bubbles spread through your hair.

Then wash your hair with clean water 2-3 times until your hair is not discolored. So your hair color has faded a lot.

  • Use coconut oil or olive oil

Add 1 tablespoon of coconut oil or olive oil to the microwave, heat up and then use as shampoo to reduce the color of the hair dye and help smooth the hair.

If you don’t have a microwave oven, you can use a steamer to heat the oil before shampooing. Or you can use warm water directly to wash your hair after you’ve covered your hair with coconut oil / olive oil.

  • Use washing powder

Using detergent to wash hair may sound funny, but this is an effective solution when you want to reduce the color of hair dye quickly.

To protect the safety of your skin and your eyes, you should not wash your hair in the usual way, go to the salon to wash so that the detergent doesn’t get into your skin and scalp.

Or you can wash yourself at home by: Dissolving the washing powder in the pot and then beating the foam. Bend your head down to straighten your hair completely and use the scoop of washing powder on your hair. Massage it for a while and then rinse it with clean water

Hopefully, these instructions will give your hair a surprising “before and after hair color remover” effect.

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