Mistakes people usually make in hair extensions aftercare

It is obvious to realize that fluffy and smooth hair will make you more good-looking and attractive. Therefore, hair extensions are no longer strange to our beauty schedule. To keep it in good condition, you have to do hair extensions aftercare in right way, but it is not that easy. Let’s check out some mistakes people usually make when taking care of hair extensions.

hair extensions aftercare

Washing hair too much

After applying hair extensions, people are advised to keep hair clean and clear. However, many people get it wrong and they try to wash hair a lot. This will make your hair slippery and easy to get dirty. Pre-bonded hair extensions, for example, can fall out easily if there is too much humidity. Washing hair too much makes hair loss and hydration as well.

hair extensions aftercare

So washing your hair 2-3 times per week is a great idea for your hair extensions, and do not forget to limit outside activities to keep your hair out of dirt.

Applying conditioner to all of hair and scalp

Conditioner is compulsory to take care of your hair. It has lots of nutrients which makes your hair smooth and bright. Yet, applying conditioner to all of your hair and scalp causes some issues to your hair extensions. Firstly, it makes your hair so slippery that the rings/beads can go gradually. Secondly, your scalp may get dirt and dandruff easier.

hair extensions aftercare

Note that if you do not wash all conditioner out of your hair, product residue causes the mould around the bonds.

Brushing hair too much

It is necessary to keep your hair extension in shape but it does not mean you have to comb it all the time. Brushing hair too much makes hair loss and loosens the bonds between your real hair and extensions. You can keep your hair in order in other ways such as having pony-tail or braiding.

hair extensions aftercare

Overusing styling tools with high heat

hair extensions aftercare

Wavy hair is never out of date. Each type of wavy hair has its beauty that every woman wants to try it once. Therefore, styling tools are perfect for home-made hairstyle and high heat makes your hair in order better with longer time. The bonds/rings melt and distort under high heat effect. Moreover, high temperature causes your hair loss of moisture and split ends.

Instead of using high heat tools, you can choose the lower ones or no heat tool such as hair rollers, and remember to apply a heat protectant spray before popping up your hair.

Following hair extensions aftercare sheet mechanically

hair extensions aftercare

After applying hair extensions in salon, you will be given a hair extensions aftercare sheet which shows you how to take care of your hair at home. Some of us think these guidelines are always right and exercise them mechanically without any other references.

However, these hair extensions aftercare sheets are general and common knowledge that does not work well in every situation. Remember that, each type of hair extensions has its own feature and needs special maintenance.

For instance, a note in tape-in hair extensions aftercare is to avoid using alcohol while it is available in micro rings hair extensions aftercare and micro bead hair extensions aftercare. Everyone should search for tips that are suitable to their own hair condition and types of hair extensions.

The above are some mistakes people usually make in hair extensions aftercare. After applied, hair extensions can last from 3 to 6 months if you know how to look after them carefully. Wholesale Hair Vendors hope that after this post, you can avoid these mistakes and finding out the right method of hair extensions maintenance.

Besides, we also provide you some tips you never knew before to pop your hair up. If you have any question, please let us know. Do not hesitate any longer, let follow our website to discover the beauty secrets right once and for all.

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