Curl hair extensions and straighten hair extensions

Nowadays, hair extensions are commonly used for beauty. “ Hair extensions you can curl and straighten ” are good choice for thin hair girls or short hair girls. They usually want to have thick long hair when they go to parties or go out.

Many women care for the length of the hair and color of the hair but they worry about doing hair   that make their hair weak, even cause hair loss. With hair extensions, you can curl and straighten comfortably without be afraid of hair loss.

What are hair extensions?

Hair extensions are increasingly popular because the needs of women beauty are increasingly diverse. Hair extensions are also known as hair integrations.. They are part of the hair that can be added to make your hair longer or thicker.

Hair extensions can be made from man-made fibers or from real human hair. Synthetic hair is cheaper than real human hair, but the quality is not as good as real hair, you cannot style your synthetic hair with high temperature tools or chemicals. As for human hair extensions, especially virgin hair, you can completely style, dye, bleach hair.

You can curl hair extensions

As you know, some people decided to cut their hair to become more personal. However, they don’t like that short hairstyle after cutting, they are really sad . They have to wait long time to the hair grows until they know “ hair extensions”. Because “hair extensions” help you self-confident with new hair.

You can do any things for hair extensions such as dye hair, curl hair, straighten hair… It is said that hair extensions are used widely because everyone usually want to have a strong beautiful hair. You can own thin hair or short hair but you still dream about the thick long hair or attractive curly hair.

Therefore, you can curl or straighten hair extensions, you don’t worry about hair loss symptom or thin hair . Because you can change hair extensions every 3 months to make other hairstyle .

hair extensions you can curl and straighten
Hair extensions you can curl and straighten

You can curl the hair without worrying about weak hair, because of  using hair extensions. You can see on that photo, that hair extensions look like natural hair that it is very difficult to realize.

With that hair after curling, you will be self-confident in front of the other people, you are not afraid of your thin hair. Some people consider the way to curl hair extensions, you don’t know where to buy or how to do, you should contact sales people to help you.

Then, you can go to the salon where the hairdresser can create hairstyle for you or you can curl the hair at home. However, doing hair at home is very difficult, you have to prepare carefully as perform right technique that is instructed by experts.

hair extensions you can curl and straighten
Hair extensions you can curl and straighten

Your thin short hair will be instead of new long hair that is thicker and more beautiful . Therefore you absolutely love having your hair done.  If you perform the right way, the hair extensions will look natural, other people are not easy to realize that hair extensions.

Although you have thin, short hair, you  will appear beautifully, attractively in front of the crowd without shame. Because no one see clearly your hair extensions, they will suppose you have beautiful like that. That is very wonderful !

Hair extensions you can curl and straighten

Straighten hair, curled hair or dyed hair has its feminine beauty. Today, the hair is also similar to a fashion topic that many women interest. As you know, when you do hair many time such as blending, stretching, dyeing constantly that cause your hair to become dry, weak, split.

Therefore, you had to cut your hair to care for it. However, your hair grows slowly and the hair is not as strong as before. The great remedy for you is finding hair extensions. You can also straighten hair as you straighten natural hair without affecting natural hair badly, even keep your hair more strong.


hair extensions you can curl and straighten
Hair extensions you can curl and straighten

Men are so impressed with the straight long hair, so women want to straighten their hair to become more attractive in front of the other people. The truth is none of all women has a thick hair and after straightening the hair, they are not self-confident because the hair is so thin.

“Hair extensions” are good  choices for you,  you can see that picture before and after straighten hair extensions to look big changes . Certainly, girls will be satisfy with their thick long hair.

hair extensions you can curl and straighten
Hair extensions you can curl and straighten

Besides, you should consider which color can blend with your natural hair color. You should remember this thing to straighten hair extensions successful. Therefore, it is a great way for you to go to the hair extensions stores to find some extensions and try in them before buying them or you can contact sales people to help you.


After sales people share some ways to choose extensions, you will have more experience to find suitable color of hair extensions for yourself. You should choose hair extension that can be colored easily to combine with your natural hair.

You should regard to what type of hair extensions you can curl and straighten, that 100% real human hair extensions. Because the type of hair extension affected to your hair much after straightening or curling.

After doing hair, you also need to care for your hair extension by conditioner hair to keep hair natural and strong. You don’t forget to refer ways to take care of the hair every day.

Some notes when using hair extensions

Clean hair extensions regularly

The wig is in direct contact with the scalp, causing a greater amount of sweat, if the hair is not properly cleaned, the bacteria will affect the scalp. Unlike regular hair washing, wig cleaning is done through the following steps:

Add shampoo to the diluted water.

Put the wig in a soaking basin for about 5 to 10 minutes (just soak, do not use your hands to scratch your hair, because it will mess up the hair).

After soaking the hair with a shampoo head, rinse with water.

Continue to add conditioner to the diluted water tank. Soak the hair similar to shampoo and rinse it off with water.

After that, put the hair in a soft towel and gently absorb it (do not use your hands to rub your hair).

When the hair is soaked with water, use a comb to comb your hair and hang your hair on a special drying rack to dry naturally.

When hair is about 70% – 80% dry, comb your hair with a thin comb and spray water to condition your hair,then let the hair dry naturally.

Brush your hair properly

After use, your hair extensions will be tangled, especially products made of artificial silk, if you don’t know how to brush, it will make your hair fall off.

First, you must know how to choose a comb. This is a very important thing that you often overlook. Comb for combing a wig is different from a normal hair comb. You can ask a hair expert for advice to buy a comb that suits your extensions.

Before combing, you need to apply a special spray for a wig, divide the hair into small parts, use a comb to comb from the bottom up to limit hair tangles and lumps. Nourishing spray on many tangled parts to easily untangle, make hair more smooth. After brushing, gently shake the hair to make it natural and smooth.

Protect your wig every time you use it

Wigs have a different texture than real hair, so be sure to protect your wig every time you go out. When moving, you should put your hair in front of your chest to limit the wind from tangling your hair and make it dry.

In particular, do not let wigs stick with rain or exposure to the sun if you do not want your smooth wig to become dry, tangled, and unnatural. So, if it’s sunny, give your wig a sunscreen to ensure your wig is safe.

  • Note: Avoid drying hair at high temperatures if you don’t want the wig to deteriorate quickly. Do not expose your hair to harsh sunlight, this will make it easier to dry and split ends.
  • If you do not use it for a long time, wrap your hair neatly in the net and put it in a plastic bag, put in a cool place (wardrobe) to keep your hair fresh and fragrant.

In short, wigs are no stranger to fashion lovers. Instead of worrying that styling will damage your real hair, you can use hair extensions. With all kinds of human hair extensions, you can even style and dye to have perfect and extremely natural beautiful hair. Wish you could find your own hair extensions and shine with gorgeous beauty in front of the crowd.

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