How to curl your hair naturally at home by yourself

You have straight hair, the hair makes you look effortless, It’s easy to comb. When you want to impress someone and you attend a party, even. So curly hair is better. When you often use heat to make curl your hair which can make your hair dry faster. Here are 10 tips to curl your hair, you don’t need heat to make the hair without damaging your hair naturally.

How to curl your hair naturally
How to curl your hair naturally

7 things to know to have a beautiful curling hair

Before deciding to choose a chemical hairstyle you must consider and understand it, so you can keep the best and most suitable hairstyle.

  • Test the health of the hair before bending

One of the most basic things to have a nice curling hair is that you need to see if your hair is strong enough to perform chemicals. If your hair is not strong enough,Even if you use expensive conditioning products after bending, your hair will still not be shiny; If your hair is weak and you use chemicals, it can cause hair loss and severe damage that is difficult to recover.

To avoid falling into this situation, you can use the hair quality test method, the test is very simple, just use a bowl of water. You dip a strand of hair into the water bowl, if it floats on the surface, it will show that your hair is healthy, you can curl and style your hair. If the hair falls right away, it is damaged, becomes spongy, and if you bend your hair, it will be brittle and dry fiber will take much care.

  • Determine curling hair style

Curling hair will usually retain its style for 6 months, so you need to consider your hair style to match your personality and learning and working situation. Your hair can even stay sticky for more than 6 months if your hair absorbs well. So if you are looking to transfer a new job or are still in school, choose hairstyles that are easy to care for and are suitable for many situations. Girls with very smooth and straight hair should not choose light frizzy hairstyles so the hair is quickly straightened. In the meantime, girls with naturally curly and frizzy hair should be careful with curling hair because they can cause hair to be fluffy and not shiny.

  • Hair care after bending

Hair after bending and dyeing will lose the oil so it will dry, fibrous, weak and break easily. So if you simply wash your hair and use normal conditioner, your hair will not recover and only become weaker and weaker. What you need to do after bending and dyeing is to learn and replace your shampoo and conditioner to suit your hair condition.

  • Do not wash your hair immediately after bending

Hair curling takes time to rest and stabilize, so you should let your hair keep its shape as soon as possible. In particular, you should wash your hair for at least two days after bending so that your hair stays beautiful longer.

  • Dry hair properly

The only way to get your hair curled up after each shampoo is to let your hair dry naturally without using a dryer. If it is not in the winter when the weather is too cold, you can use a large cotton towel on your hair and wait 5 minutes and then remove and rinse your hair and wrap it for another 5 minutes. Wait until the hair is dry for 80-90% before using the dryer. This is how you can keep your hair from being ruffled or losing shape after bending.

  • You can use flat iron with hair curling

Many people think that curling hair cannot be straightened with the machine; however you can straighten your hair any time you want and then just wash your hair to get your hair back to the same fold. So you can completely change your hairstyle when you have curly hair.

  • Do not just bend and dye at the same time

When you curl your hair, your hair is much more damaged than usual by chemicals, and by heat. So, if you immediately dye it, the hair will be damaged twice or even 3 times. You should bend your hair and dye it 7 to 10 days later.

How to curl your hair naturally at home with soft paper

The method is quite simple. You only need soft paper. The hairstyle will have naturally wavy hair. It’s suitable to go out or go to the beach.

  1. Putting paper in the queue. Twisting the paper together from top to bottom. And you need sure that they are tight.
  2. You need to wrap it around the head, leaving the hair down. After that, you need to tie two the of  string together.
  3. You need to use hair glue to spray it which will make your curl last longer.
  4. Wrapping the curls around the papers from left to right or vice versa.
  5. When you wake up tomorrow morning. You lightly remove the papers.

How to curl your hair naturally at home with large claw hair clips

It’s easy to make the method. It will make slightly wavy hair.

  1. First of all, you need hair glue to keep curl last longer.
  2. Putting your hair up with the large claw hair clips then you roll your hair. Attention, you have to roll to make the bun. Using the large claw hair clips to fix redundant hair.
  3. When you wake up tomorrow morning. You remove the large claw hair clip.
How to curl your hair naturally
How to curl your hair naturally

How to curl your hair naturally at home with braid

Your wish is to have a frizzy hair a little bit like the actor in the movie Game of Thrones.

First of all, you need to divide your hair into 4 equal parts. Spray your hair with water to wet hair.

Start the braid, you continue the same way diagonally until the ends of hair. Tie with rubber band.

After that, you need to use blow dryer to dry your hair after a few minutes.

When you wake up, you need to remove rubber band.

How to curl your hair naturally at home with handkerchiefs

If you want hairstyle like Taylor Swift, this is the best choice.

First of all, washing your hair and dry your hair with the towel. The hair will keep wet hair.

After that, you need to divide the hair into 3 equal parts: left, right, middle.

You need divide the left, right, middle part into 2 small parts again, total: 6 parts

Each of the curls, it need to twist around a piece of towel.

The others are similar to the first one.

When you wake up, you should lightly remove it tomorrow morning.

How to curl your hair naturally at home with boppy pin

With boppy pin. You can make the hairstyles like Jennifer Lopez. If you don’t believe that you can try steps below:

You need wet hair through the towel or water spray.

You should divide your hair into many parts, you should curl from the top of the head.

Taking a small curl from the top of your head, twist it and roll it like SC-Spiral to circular curve then you take boppy pins to fix it on the head.

Next the others is similar to the first one.

When you wake up, you should remove the boppy pins and spray glue to keep curls lasting longer.

How to curl your hair naturally
How to curl your hair naturally

How to curl your hair naturally at home with stocks

Stocks can protect the legs which you can use to make curl hair. I think it’s easy to make the hair.

The hairstyle will light wavy.

First of all, you spray in the end of your hair then brush it. Dividing your hair into 2 parts: top and bottom.

Putting the tail in the middle stocks then roll the hair.

When you roll it to top of the head, you need to tie the two end of the stock.

The others is similar to the first one.

When you wake up, it’s necessary for you to spray glue or oil.

How to curl your hair naturally at home with old T-shirt

The hairstyle is similar to the first one.

First of all, you have to roll the old T-shirt like a water conduit then pull the two ends together  like a circle and tie the two the ends.

Putting the old T-shirt on the top of your head and spray glue.

You take hair to wrap around the shirt, making one times of the circle. The others are similar to the first one.

When you wake up, you should remove it.

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