15 newest haircuts for 12 years old girl that perfect a change

It is can be denied that changing daughter’s cute appearance is always the joy of many young mothers. But do you still not know what to change first. Don’t worry! you can start with simple stuff like changing your daughter’s haircut. This post today will bring 15 newest haircuts for 12 years old girl that perfect a change. Just take a look at these fabulous photos below.

Cropped feathered haircuts for 12 years old girl

15 newest haircuts for 12 years old girl

One of the wonderful haircuts for 12 years old girl those really love short hair. Little girls who own this haircut look dynamic and so cool, actually.

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Vintage bob cut

15 newest haircuts for 12 years old girl

You are a “rock” mother and you also want your daughter to be like you. This one is extremely a fantastic short style that you should try changing your babies. Teenage girls will look so impressive and outstanding anywhere.

Blunt tousled bob – great haircuts for 12 years old girl

15 newest haircuts for 12 years old girl

The blunt tousled bob with side swept bangs is absolutely chic and stylish. The hairdo suits perfectly for young girls, especially for 12 years old girls. The style and cut are dynamic and fresh.

Modern short haircut – perfect haircuts for 12 years old girl

15 newest haircuts for 12 years old girl

This hairstyle is inspired by emo vibe and illustrated by big sister. This style uses straight and subtle cut lines so it is easy to maintain, In addition, it is suitable for any shaped face such as round, long, oval or heart. A 12 years old girl will look so cute when she wears this one.

Blunt short haircut

15 newest haircuts for 12 years old girl

This hairstyle is one of the most popular haircuts for 12 years old girl. Blunt short haircut will help shape your daughter hair in a very natural hang. Have a look at the suggestion below and we hope that you fall in love.

Extra short bowl haircut

15 newest haircuts for 12 years old girl

The extra short bowl haircut is a very bold hairstyle. With this haircut, your teenage girl will get her bangs cut till almost the start of her forehead, very near her hairline. At the sides, the cutline very short and only till above the ears. For the back, cut above the nape and cut very short and very close to the scalp. It is very convenient to act and maintain so this haircut suits for naughty girls.

Short and adorable pixie

15 newest haircuts for 12 years old girl

This hairstyle is also one of the fantastic haircuts for 12 years old girl we recommend. It can be denied that the pixie haircut itself is a cute short haircut for young girls. Just a

dd it up to an imbalance bangs on forehead your daughter can own a great look. Especially, if your babies have a thin hair this style will give a full look at her hair.

Elongated pixie haircut

15 newest haircuts for 12 years old girl

A pixie haircut is another haircuts for 12 years old girl. It  is always a very stylish way to define your facial features and structure. Such haircuts are dynamic and fresh if managed properly, they never go out of style. To style this look, your teen can best go with the grunge style that will look a little messy, yet stunning and subtle.

Punk hair for new generation

15 newest haircuts for 12 years old girl

This haircut may a wonderful option when it comes to the choice of stunning short cut for little girls. This hairstyle is designed left long on one side and the shorter side of the head. The eye-catching haircut is not for everyone but if you really want your teen girls to take a walk on the wild side, you can try it.

Round edges

15 newest haircuts for 12 years old girl

It would be a deficiency if not mention round edges in our haircut collection. It is really applicable haircuts for 12 years old girl who are in school age because of its sleek and neat. This haircut suits for girls with thin and long face shapes because it will make their face look chubbier and cuter. Alternatively, the delightful haircut does not require too much styling and is quite easy going.

Short curly  hair – a perfect choice for 12 years old girl

15 newest haircuts for 12 years old girl

If your little girls have curly hair and think of hair short cut, don’t miss out this magical style. It will make your baby girls stand out from the crowd.

Short haircuts for 12 years old girl with wavy hair

15 newest haircuts for 12 years old girl

It is lucky if your daughter owns a natural wave on her hair. So keep it and enhance it further. Try on cutting short wavy hair, your little girl will look so gorgeous and awesome.

Side bangs on wavy hair

15 newest haircuts for 12 years old girl

Side bangs have never gone out of style because their fresh look. This style is popular with teenage girls as well as women. A cute girl in the picture below extremely looks so awesome with medium wavy haircut.

Medium shag with bangs

15 newest haircuts for 12 years old girl

If your daughters have thin and fine hair this haircut is really the best option. By applying this style to your teen girl, her hair can be developed the illusion of thickness and depth.

Long tousled and curled layers

15 newest haircuts for 12 years old girl

This is the last haircut we want to recommend. Trim the hair in layers and then roll them in spiral curl. The tousled hairdo is dressed for personified playful style.

Hair care notes for 12 years old girl

  • Shampoo properly

Everyone knows how to wash their hair but not everyone can wash their hair properly. Habits such as combing your hair when shampooing, brushing your hair too hard, wiping your hair with a cotton towel, washing your hair with hot water or choosing the wrong shampoo is the reason why you spend all your youth taking care of your hair and still having dandruff, easy to break.

To reduce hair loss during shampooing and shampooing properly, you should use a tooth comb to comb your hair first. Wash the front scalp and the hair ends. Apply shampoo foam to the scalp first and then clean the ends. Because, hair roots are a place to accumulate excess oil and dirt. If the hairline is cleaned, the hair will be stronger and reduce the condition of weak hair resulting in hair loss. Only use your fingers to gently massage the scalp to gently clean the dirt and excess oil. We should not use fingernails, or use excessive force to scratch the scalp, causing the scalp to irritate and negatively affect the hairline.

  • Choose the right shampoo

Shampoo is the most basic hair care product, you can not use conditioner but shampoo alone cannot be used. So choosing shampoo is extremely important, not just going to the supermarket and choosing a bottle. For example, your hair has dandruff, but common anti-dandruff shampoos cause the scalp to dry out more than usual. When the scalp lacks moisture, the pores lose their ability to prevent harmful elements from entering the scalp. This causes the scalp to irritate and cause a burning sensation, a rash, dandruff and irritation. So to have smooth hair, start taking care of your scalp.

Just like the face, skin, or other areas of the body that girls care about, the scalp also needs special care because it is a sensitive skin area. When your scalp loses too much moisture and dryness, your pores lose their ability to prevent harmful elements from entering your scalp. This causes the scalp to irritate and cause a burning sensation, a rash, dandruff and irritation.

The most important thing when taking care of this skin area is to provide the necessary nutrients for a healthy natural scalp, resistant to external harmful agents that can produce dandruff. Choose shampoo that contains Vitamin B3 and Amino Acid to nourish the scalp from the inside. Vitamin B3 increases the antibody’s ability of the skin, resists external factors, and Amino Acid is a nutrient that balances the scalp for the scalp, preventing harmful effects from the environment.

  • Change hair care products when hair properties change

Currently there are many hair care products on the market, for many different hair types. They have different ingredients based on certain purposes such as hair restoration, dandruff treatment, and so on. Pay attention to the hair so that when hair properties change, you should also change the shampoo and conditioner attached to match the hair. See what hair you need and buy the right product.

Keeping your hair smooth should incorporate a proper nutritional element because if you lack protein and iron, your hair will be weak and break easily. In addition, group A and B vitamins are also needed to maintain healthy hair. The following are good foods for hair:

– Brown rice is rich in fiber and vitamin E to help hair resist harmful agents from outside such as sunshine, chemicals, air pollution, etc.

– Dark green vegetables (kale, water spinach, amaranth) contain a lot of vitamin C and A to help protect the scalp (lack of vitamin A causes scalp itching and dandruff).

– Legumes help accelerate regeneration and stimulate hair growth.

– Yogurt provides casein, a high quality protein and calcium to help hair become healthy and full of life.

We have just listed out 15 newest haircuts for 12 years old girl, and if you have more suggestion do let us know. Alternatively, if you have any question about this post, leave your thoughts in the comment section below!

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I am Thomas Taw, the CEO of CITIZENSNIPS. I have experience in hair product development and chemical research, as well as sustainable resource engineering. In 2009, I co-created Sunsilk, one of the world's leading haircare brands. More recently, I was the CEO of SMOKINGPANDA LTD. I am a professional with a strong track record in delivering tangible results.

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25 thoughts on “15 newest haircuts for 12 years old girl that perfect a change

  1. Avatar of Danae
    Danae says:

    I have curly hair and I want to cut them but I’m afraid that they won’t suit me ( I’m 12 years old) and my mum also says that they won’t turn good so how can i cut them

    • Avatar of Thomas Taw
      Thomas Taw says:

      Here are some ways to help reduce the oil on your hair. Hope it works for you.
      Check menu: To make sure your hair stays clean longer, remove any fried foods in your diet. The same is sugar, white grains and canned food. Instead, eat lots of vegetables, dairy products, lean meats and nuts. This will help reduce the activity of the sebaceous glands.
      Use dry shampoo: To hide the shiny hair, divide the hair into slices and apply a dry shampoo to the roots or if the spray is sprayed from a distance of 20 cm. Wait 10 minutes and brush your hair. Dry shampoos will form a sheath around the mucus, making the hair look cleaner.
      Note the water temperature when shampooing: When shampooing, use warm water only. Hot water increases the oil secretion. After shampoo, let dry naturally (70 – 40 degrees)
      Brush your hair before bed
      Instead of letting the hair loose, let loose so that the hair is less friction with the pillow. If the hair is short, the fabric can be used to grasp it.

    • Avatar of Thomas Taw
      Thomas Taw says:

      Here are some ways to stimulate hair growth, hopefully it will benefit you.
      Use egg whites for long hair: Egg whites have a lot of vitamins that are particularly good for the growth of the hair, so you can use it as a mask for your hair every week, apply it to your hair and massage it gently with your scalp and then rinse it off with lukewarm water. For a short time, you will be amazed by the length and smoothness of your hair.
      Drink plenty of water: Water is inexpensive for all beauty treatments, including hair. With about 8 glasses of water a day, not only the skin but also your hair will grow very shiny.
      Brush the hair properly so that the hair does not break: Regularly combining the hair 1-2 times each morning and evening will help stimulate the hair follicles and make the hair grow long noticeably. Regular hair drying will cause the hair to lose moisture. Especially for split ends, hair will not grow if dried every day. Try to dry your hair and let them dry naturally.
      Menu for hair: The food you eat every day also contributes extremely important to make a difference to your hair, add fish, eggs, and high protein foods, vitamin B to the menu to long and thick hair.
      Hair cut frequently: In fact, cutting the ends of the hair frequently causes hair to grow faster and reduce the amount of dead hair. So, cut a bit of your hair a bit more often.
      Scalp massage: A scalp massage with hot essential oils will be a great way to stimulate hair growth. Come to the hair salon or the big cosmetic dealers to ask about massage oils for hair and scalp. Scalp massage can be done regularly after each shampoo.
      Use coconut oil: Coconut oil is a food from nature, close to us. Coconut oil has many uses in beauty from skin care to hair. Not only helps to moisturize the scalp to stimulate hair grow faster and longer, coconut oil also has antioxidant effect to make the hair always shine, grow thicker and reduce the phenomenon of hair loss in a short time.

  2. Avatar of Tullia
    Tullia says:

    I used to think that I would let my daughter’s hair naturally till she can decide her own hairstyle. But this article seems to change my mind.

  3. Avatar of Ruby
    Ruby says:

    I took my daughter to swim. It is good for the health and development of hers. However, swimming in the pool makes her hair dry and easily tangled. What should I do?

    • Avatar of Thomas Taw
      Thomas Taw says:

      For your question, we give you some tips on how to protect your hair and your child’s hair when going swimming:
      Using coconut oil
      As a natural product, It is known as a perfect solution for shine and provides the necessary moisture for the hair. Thus, applying coconut oil to the hair before swimming may interfere with the chlorine damage.
      Wet your hair
      Wetting your hair before swimming also prevents some of the chlorine from penetrating into the hair or sea salt.
      Apply sunscreen to the hair
      Just like the skin, the hair also has a separate sunscreen, use a cream for your hair to prevent direct sunlight on your hair.
      Use a swimming cap
      Swimming hats help prevent your hair from all surrounding conditions, keeping your hair dry and unaffected by chemicals.
      After swimming, remember to wash your hair immediately if possible to remove any chemicals in the pool on your hair, especially for dyed hair. Make sure you choose the right shampoo for your hair.
      Use conditioner
      Conditioner is not only used to maintain smoothness and strength for hair with nutrients but also to protect hair from damage after swimming.
      Hope you can find the most suitable method for your daughter.

    • Avatar of Thomas Taw
      Thomas Taw says:

      Here are some notes to take care of your child’s hair
      Note how to comb your child’s hair
      To avoid the hair loss when hair is tangled, mothers should use the bristles with large teeth. Mothers should avoid the round tube because it is easy to mess children’s hair. When combing, mothers need to comb the hair on the nape of the child first because this is the most messy place.
      Wash your child’s hair properly
      Regularly washing your child’s hair 3-4 times a week is a good way to keep your child’s hair healthy. Mothers should note that children need to use baby shampoo, should not abuse the shampoo of adults for the baby, because the shampoo can foam into the baby’s eyes, create spicy for the eyes. For older children, mothers can teach her shampoo by using her fingers to massage her scalp. Do not use nails for shampooing.
      Let your child’s hair dry naturally
      Allowing her hair to dry naturally after shampooing instead of using a dryer, is a good way to care for your baby’s hair. A girl needs to be taught by his mother how to dry her hair naturally. If you want to use a hair dryer, always leave it at the lowest temperature, avoid damaging your child’s hair.

  4. Avatar of Jade
    Jade says:

    just gave birth to a baby. I am very eager to see her grow up and choose the most beautiful hairstyle for her, choose the cutest dress and do everything with her.

    • Avatar of Thomas Taw
      Thomas Taw says:

      You should find out in advance where to get a haircut for young children and make a phone call in advance, in case you break into a place where someone is free to cut your children’s hair.

    • Avatar of Thomas Taw
      Thomas Taw says:

      Girl at the age of 12 can have their hair styled and dyed. Their hair is now healthy enough. However, you should take care of your children’s hair carefully before and after styling. Spray his or her hair regularly, do not over-style or use high-temperature hairdryers too many times

  5. Avatar of Aviv
    Aviv says:

    Does blunt tousled bob make my daughter look a bit older? This hairstyle looks interesting. However, I am quite afraid of the youthfulness of this hairstyle.

    • Avatar of Thomas Taw
      Thomas Taw says:

      You can definitely try this hairstyle with your daughter. This hairstyle will bring gentleness to her. You can choose the appropriate length of this hairstyle to help the girl keep their lovely appearance.

  6. Avatar of Amar
    Amar says:

    Does short hair match with dresses? I quite like cropped feathered haircuts but I’m afraid this hairstyle will make my daughter look like a boy.

    • Avatar of Thomas Taw
      Thomas Taw says:

      You can definitely try cropped hairdress haircuts for your daughter. This hairstyle makes your baby more dynamic. She can still wear skirts, dresses and even look more prominent. In addition, short hair always brings neatness.

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