Finding out beautiful hairstyle for short wavy hair with the hair stylists

 Short wavy hair is quite familiar to young girls and women. It makes them look like more beautiful and attractive in daily life. Some people want to have short wavy hair. However, they don’t know what kind of hairstyle for short wavy hair suitable for them. Here is a synthesis writing about the suggests of the hair stylists for you to refer.

Some kinds of beautiful hairstyle for short wavy hair

The short wavy hairstyle is going crazy for girls this year. Most girls want to have the attractive short wavy hair. The hair stylists have some suggest about hairstyle for short wavy hair as follows.

One of the hairstyles for short wavy hair is suggested firstly by the hair stylist is short wavy hair in first half. It isn’t fussy in styling. Moreover, it brings to girls and women a natural beautiful, which makes them more attractive than ever. Currently, this short wavy hairstyle is being selected by many girls and 30-year-old women to bring freshness to them. You can go to hair salon to be made this kind of hairstyle or do it yourself at home with a hair curling machine.

hairstyle for short wavy hair
Short wavy hair in first half

The second hairstyle for short wavy hair is recommended by the hair stylist is blistered short wavy hair. This is a kind of short wavy hair with blistered hair piece. This hairstyle is suitable for girls and women having thin hair. It creates an effect on your hair, which makes your hair look like thicker. In order not to look like boring and make you stand out, you can dye your hair with light colors as you like.

hairstyle for short wavy hair
Blistered short wavy hair

The third hairstyle for short wavy hair is given by the hair stylists is disturbance short wavy hair. This is a kind of short wavy hair with the hair roots tangled by a comb in a natural way. You can easily make it by your own at home. However, you should pay attention not to make your hair too tangling. This is the right hair style for stylist and rebellious girls. This hairstyle is also suitable for the parties at night.

hairstyle for short wavy hair
Disturbance short wavy hair

The fourth hairstyle for short wavy hair is thin bangs with short bendered wavy hair. With round face girls, this hairstyle will help to conceal perfectly the defect of your face. In addition to this, the combination with thin bangs make girls become more young and cute. It is not only suitable for young girls at school, but it also makes 30 age-upper women look like younger and fresher.

hairstyle for short wavy hair
Thin bangs with short bendered wavy hair

The last hairstyle for short wavy hair is tomboy short wavy hair. This is exotic hairstyle and makes you look more different. If you are a strong girl and love to stand out, this hairstyle is for you. It doesn’t demand you to take care of it too carefully. This hairstyle is also suitable for simple girl or the busy women.

hairstyle for short wavy hair
Tomboy short wavy hair

How to make short wavy hair always into the folds

After suggesting some kinds of hairstyle for short wavy hair, the hair stylist also gave the way how to make short wavy hair always into the fold. You can do it yourself at home easily.

Steam your hair with coconut oil

Coconut oil is not only a cosmetic of the skin, but it also is very effective with hair. Coconut oil has antioxidant properties that keeps the hair shiny and stimulates hair growth. Moreover, coconut oil also reduces the hair loss in the long run.

The method of steaming hair with coconut oil is to make hair sticky and bloated effectively.

The steps are as follows:

  • Take a little coconut oil in a small glass (just enough for the hair). Then heat the coconut oil within 30 minutes to make the oil more permeable to the hair.
  • During warming up coconut oil, wash your hair, wipe your hair (do not dry too much, keep your hair moist).
  • Apply coconut oil to the hair and massage the scalp thoroughly. Next, use the incubation for 1 hour.
  • After finishing, wash your hair with a little lemon juice to remove the coconut oil in the hair roots.

However, you should do this once a week to avoid hair loss.

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Allow hair to dry naturally

One of the reasons making the hair look fuzzy, loss of wavy and bloating is to use excessively hair dryer. The dryer will help dry the hair faster. But it will dehydrate the hair and make hair shortage nutrient. Especially, with the girls own short wavy hair, using hair dryer too much makes their hair fiber, split up and rough. So, the best way to care for short wavy hair is to let your hair dry naturally.

Besides, you should spend time washing your hair in your free time so that the hair can be dried naturally. If you are forced to use the hair dryer, please limit it in 1-2 times a week.

Limit using the hair styling gel

Hair styling gel will keep your short wavy hair beautiful when you go to parties or go to work. However, your short wavy hair will become more and more dry than ever. So, just using the styling gel in case you need to keep your hair in the fold for a long time. You should let the hair be wavy naturally even when you go to work. It will limit the tangle for your hair.

Sleep and pillow on a silk pillow

You may not know, but pillows are things that make your hair change the most after a night.

The harder the pillow, the more stressed the hair is, leading to loss of wrinkles or even damage to hair cells that damage the hair.

Silk pillows are the best way to keep your hair short when sleeping. Not only that, it also helps you have a deeper, better and healthier sleep the next morning.

You can also use linen or satin pillows instead.

Wrap your hair with a silk scarf

A silk scarf wrapped around the hair will significantly reduce the effect that the hair suffers when you roll around the bed during sleep. Just make sure you wrap your hair in a method.

The most important thing when using a hair-wrapped silk scarf is to wrap it in the opposite direction to the direction of hair.

Don’t go to bed when your hair is wet

This is a serious error. Going to bed with wet hair will drastically change your natural hairstyle. It makes the hair curl up or down completely and is extremely difficult to adjust.

In addition, long, moist hair and scalp are suitable conditions for bacteria and fungi to grow, making your scalp more dandruff or even causing serious hair loss.

It is best to let the hair dry naturally, if you want faster, you can use a fan to evaporate water, when using a hair dryer, pay attention to keep the machine at a low heat and dry the hair remotely.

Use natural hair conditioners

Essential oil is a way to keep hair short when sleeping effectively. Most essential oils (coconut oil, argan oil, linseed oil or olive oil) have a powerful moisturizing effect, moisturized hair will be naturally healthy and resist the impact of the surrounding environment.

A moisturizing hair will soften and the hair will not change easily even when you are sleeping.

Before going to bed, warm a small amount of coconut or argan oil, rub it all over your hair, use a comb to re-style the hair before wrapping it in a silk scarf.

The small amount of essential oil does not affect the hair the next morning, you will not need to wash your hair because most of the essential oil is completely absorbed by the hair.

Brush your head before going to bed

Brush your head gently with a wide tooth comb as a way to massage each strand of hair. It is an effective hair care method that is extremely simple and should not be ignored.

Hair brushing helps to distribute excess oil as well as moisture to your hair and scalp, relieving pressure on individual hair and distributing it to the entire hair.

Use dry shampoo

By using a dry shampoo at night, before you go to bed for 20-30 minutes, you have significantly reduced the amount of excess oil previously secreted, helping your hair to soften thereby preventing the possibility of losing wrinkles.

Only use a dry shampoo when hair care is extremely necessary the next morning. Using too often dry shampoo in the evening can damage your hair in the long run.

Above is the synthesis writing about the suggests of the hair stylist about hairstyle for short wavy hair. Hope it can help you choose the best hairstyle for yourself. Also, if you have any question, please give comment below for us. Good luck.

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