Happy International Children’s Day, From Ivirgohair

 Happy International Children’s Day, from Ivirgohair

In response to International Children’s Day, the world’s day, Ivirgohair arranges exciting events for children of company employees and children in the surrounding region on International Children’s Day 1-6.

These initiatives demonstrate our love and concern for the children of industrial workers, as well as our involvement in the development of the country’s preschool generation.

Staff structure at Ivirgo

Established in 2012 in the countryside of Yen Thang, Y Yen, Ivirgo has created jobs for more than 400 local people. With the specificity of hairdressing, which requires ingenuity and meticulousness, the company has created jobs for nearly 300 female workers ranging in age from 18 to 50. Ivirgo has assisted them in becoming economically independent, hence lowering their financial load. Female employees have been valued and enjoy a greater status in the household since then. Furthermore, the organization currently has more than 70% married employees with little children.Staff structure at Ivirgo

Responding to the month of action for children, creating both physical and mental development for children, Ivirgo organized a meaningful play session for children of staff in the workshop as well as children near the workshop.

Party activities in Ivirgohair factory

On the evening of June 1, the company held a small party for children in the factory area. Attending this party were the factory director, Ms. Vu Thi Trang, along with officials and employees, and children who are children of factory employees and children in the surrounding area.

Some interesting activities include:

Spooky clown: the clown has created for you gifts, small animals with bubbles. Each child who comes to participate will have a small gift to take home.

Magic: In the celebration of International Children’s Day, the children and their families enjoyed music and dance performances, along with an attractive magic show from a talented magician.

Animal Circus: The most welcome performance is definitely the animal circus. The children were able to see the performances of dogs and monkeys. A bright smile is always present on the corner of the lips.

Ivirgohair’s manager also spend the special gifts for the children.

At the end of the party, the company gave the children gifts for their efforts and diligence in the past school year. The children with good academic achievements, or the obedient children, were given a small gift from the company’s board of directors. The gifts are small, but they are an affirmation of the care that Ivirgo’s board of directors has for the employees, as well as for the children


Ivirgo is constantly working to enhance the homeland, provide jobs for people in the region, particularly women, and strengthen women’s rights so that women can be autonomous and respected. while increasing capacity, keeping competent personnel, and committed to high quality, environmental sustainability, and occupational safety requirements for all employees. Ensure that employees’ lives are both physically and mentally healthy, especially if they are teenagers.

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