“How fast does beard hair grow?” – All you need to know about the facial hair growth

Facial hair is considered as a key distinguishing characteristic of the male body. Facial hair is a noticeable gender-related feature; however, those men who don’t have the intention to grow a beard might be driven crazy by their fast-growing facial hair. To keep up with the insane growth rate of facial hair, they have to groom it constantly. “ How fast does beard hair grow ” or “Why does my beard grow so fast?”  always pops up as a burning question. Before getting into answering the question about the fast growth rate of facial hair, you should get the grasp of how the facial hair grows in man.

How does beard hair grow?

Our body hair has a certain growing pattern. The cycle basically comprises of three stages: anagen (the opening phase), catagen (the transitional phase) and telogen (resting phase).

How fast does beard hair grow

The secret of facial hair growth in men lies in a hormone named testosterone ((https://www.livescience.com/38963-testosterone.html)). The amount of testosterone of a man will decide the how much hair will grow on his face. This type of hormone is almost absent in women, which also explains the reason why the facial hair is so well-developed in men, not in women. Ironically, testosterone is also the agent of change for the scalp baldness in the middle age phase.

Beard hair has a different textile from the normal hair of other body parts: it is thicker, curlier and wirier. Beard hair also contains less oil than the head hair. It is basically different, therefore, demands different care products to remain in a good condition.

At what age does facial hair start growing?

According to the Hair Growth Cycle ((https://www.toppik.com/hairtoppiksblog/understanding-hair-growth-cycle/)), men develop their facial hair when they reach their puberty or when they move toward the adolescence. This period usually starts at the age of seventeen to twenty.

When does a beard fully develop?

In their early twenties, most men could fully develop their beard hair. The actual time varies from person to person.

When does facial hair stop developing?

People keep growing hair for most of their life. There isn’t a certain age at which hair will stop growing. However, human hair does have its maximal hair length – which is determined beforehand by the anagen phase.

Why does my beard have red hairs?    

How fast does beard hair grow


As there are certain differences in the texture of the facial hair and head hair, there is also the chance that facial hair could have a different color than the rest. For example, your head hair is black, but your beard is strangely red. This unexpected result comes from the different level of pigmentation – the key factor governing your hair color – in different hair follicle ((https://www.verywellhealth.com/hair-follicle-1068786)) areas.

How fast does beard hair grow?

To answer the question “Why does my beard hair grow fast?” let’s dig into the question “How fast does beard hair grow?” On average, facial hair grows at the rate of one and a quarter inch per month. It is the same rate as any other part of the body: your head, your chest or arm – all of them grow equally.

So, if you are bothered by the question “Does facial hair grow faster than head hair?”  Here is your answer: Your facial hair doesn’t grow faster than your hair, or at least, not significantly faster.

Here comes another question: So if all types of hair have the same growth rate, why do some parts of your body have longer hair than others? The reason is that, even though hair of all parts gains the same length over time, your body still has its way of controlling the length of different hair types. The three-stage model provides a thoughtful explanation for this inquiry.

The time for a cycle of hair growth alters in different types of body hair. For example, the growth cycle lasts longer for head hair than for facial hair. It might take years for the head hear to finish the circle whereas the facial hair only takes months. In other words, it will be years until the head hair reaches the final stage of falling out; whereas, facial hair will fall out within months. That also explains the reason why it takes more effort and time to grow a beard.

How fast does beard hair grow
beard hair grow

Remember these ways to take care of your beard hair

The state of the beard says a lot about yourself. A neat beard will tell you that you are a reliable person while a sloppy beard will make others think you are a person who does not know to take care of himself. When beard trends are prevalent, care of beards is also of great interest to many men.

  • Keep your face clean and provide the necessary moisture for your beard

You should always wash your face with warm water and cleanser every morning and evening to remove oil, sweat and dirt from your face, helping hair follicles to grow and beard grow faster and more evenly. After washing your face, apply moisturizer to your skin to provide moisture to keep your beard smooth and strong.

  • Do not shave too often
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The beard will grow faster after you shave, but then the speed will decrease. Shaving too often will make the beard hard and much slower than letting you grow naturally and should only be trimmed when necessary.

  • Massage to stimulate hair follicles

Facial massage will stimulate the beard follicles to grow faster and thicker. Massage the area you want to stimulate your beard to grow gently in a circular motion and continuously for 10-15 minutes twice a day, you will definitely have a longer, thicker and more beautiful beard.

  • Relax

Physical and mental stress will damage your immune system, making your beard weak and sparse and lose more. So it will be very difficult for you to have a nice beard, mustache or beard. Limit stress levels in your life by relaxing and exercising more so your beard grows evenly and stably.

  • Get enough sleep

Getting enough sleep is a key factor in maintaining the body’s function, including the growth of beards because hair growth usually develops during your sleep. The lack of sleep leads to uneven hair growth, pale color, weakness and loss. Therefore, getting enough 8 hours of sleep a day will help you have a beautiful beard.

  • Exercise regularly
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Similar to stress and lack of sleep, lack of exercise will also limit the growth of beard follicles. Exercise regularly to help increase blood circulation and maintain a high metabolic rate, prompting the follicle to absorb all nutrients to grow in a healthy, black and soft way.

  • No smoking

Smoking will minimize the body’s ability to absorb nutrients, so hair follicles will not have enough nutrients to grow. As a result, your beard will be sparse, weak and unevenly colored.

Moreover, the gap length between facial hair and head hair might pull the false perception of the fast growing rate of facial hair. Since the facial hair is shorter – for some, their beard hair even isn’t allowed to show its sight – a millimeter growth in facial hair is more noticeable than in other parts. It is understandable that some people have the feelings that the facial hair grows faster than head hair, but indeed, it doesn’t.

Being aware of the growing rate of your hair, you will better control your hair and be conscious of your body’s process and say goodbye to the annoying question “how fast does beard hair grow?”.

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