How Long Do Hair Extensions Last? The Correct Answer Is Here!

When it comes to hair beauty, hair extensions are necessary for women to have a dynamic and vibrant look.

When you invest your money in a beauty product, you need to ensure the hair extension is worth your money, allowing you to use its versatility.

Hair extensions can be your valuable asset, so the first question should be about their quality and longevity. So, how long do hair extensions last?

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How Long Do Hair Extensions Last?

Hair extensions can typically last from six months to one year, depending on your hair extension grades and hair care routine. Understanding them will help you before applying them to your natural hair.


Hair stylists apply for fusion/pre-bonded hair extensions on your hair using glue or tape on hair roots. Customers can have voluminous and bouncy hair extensions with this installation method at an affordable price.

Depending on the installation process and customers’ hair care method, this hair extension type can last from 3 to 4 months. Excessive heat and improper hair washing are two main reasons for shortening its longevity.

Using expensive shampoo or conditioner on fusion/pre-bonded hair extensions is unnecessary. You can use regular shampoo but with different methods.

Instead of applying shampoo and overwashing the hair extensions, you can gently use shampoo and rinse them under warm water at least once a week.

How Long Do Hair Extensions Last 1
You Need To Use Regular Shampoo But With Different Methods


As its name suggests, hair stylists use tape to apply tape hair extensions to your natural hair. The installation process doesn’t require high temperatures or chemical treatment, which becomes its selling point.

Tape-in hair extensions can attach to your natural hair for 4 to 8 weeks. You need to replace the tape and use the extension times with the proper method.

Generally, the tape will gradually loosen if you imply intense pressure or tighten the extension too high. Don’t worry because hair stylists can replace the tape within minutes and give you a fresh look.

The way you wash and comb your hair extensions will decide their longevity. Remember to wait for at least two days after the installation, as the adhesive needs time to adhere to your natural hair.

It would be best if you didn’t comb the hair extensions during use when they get wet. This will loosen the tape and scratch the hair surface significantly. As a result, you can reuse the degraded tape-in hair extensions.


You need to braid a cornrow into your natural hair; then, hair stylists will sew the hair extensions onto the braids if you want to experience sew-in hair extensions.

Even though the installation is complicated, this hair extension type can last for 6 to 8 weeks on your natural hair. After this time, you can redesign and reuse them according to your preferences.

To maintain the sew-in attachments, you should moisturize the scalp and hair extension using conditioner twice a week. Avoid using shampoo with high-concentration silicone, as it will make the braids tangle and matting.

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You Should Moisturize The Scalp And Hair Extension Using Conditioner Twice A Week


Clip-in hair extensions can satisfy your requirements if you are looking for a hair extension type with decent longevity at a medium price. The hair extension has special clips that attach to the base of your natural hair.

The clip-in hair extension allows users to wear and remove it within minutes, allowing customers to maintain them effortlessly. It’s not surprising that customers can retain their top condition for between 3 to 6 months.

The critical factor in maintaining the hair extensions’ beauty lies in the way you remove it. The gentler you remove the clip-in hair extensions, the better it is for the attachments.

When you try to remove the hair extension carelessly, you loosen the connection between the base and strands. Over time, strands from extensions will shed, making the products thinner.

Since users can remove the hair extensions and store them while sleeping, correctly storing them can make them last longer.

You should brush the hair extensions after removing them from your natural hair, add supplement products, and store them in a box. When in use, this shields the hair extension from dirt and sunlight.

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The Clip-In Hair Extension Allows Users To Wear And Remove It Within Minutes


Microlinks’ installation method is similar to sew-in hair extensions but doesn’t require complicated steps. Hair stylists will take a small section of your hair and attach the weft without using adhesive or heat.

The typical longevity of micro-links is between 3 to 4 months, depending on the washing method. You can apply shampoo on the scalp and massage between the micro links. The shampoo will cleanse dust clung to them.


How Often Do You Have To Get Micro Links Redone?

Depending on the average longevity from 3 to 4 months, you can redo this hair extension method. Your hair stylists will consider the condition of your hair extensions while deciding whether or not to replace the micro link completely.

Can You Keep A Sew In For 6 Months?

A sew-hair extension can last six months in good condition. However, the biggest issue is your natural hair, which will cause you to experience hair loss and matting while wearing it.

Your hair will continue to grow; sooner or later, it will mat beneath the braids. Not everyone can put up with the scratching sensation all day.

How Many Times Can You Wash Tape-In Extensions?

It would be best if you washed the tape-in hair extensions two times a week to retain their smooth and natural texture. The tapes adhering to your natural hair are typically produced to endure this.

After washing the hair extensions, dry them at a low temperature and apply conditioners for subsequent use.


The article has provided helpful information to answer the question: How Long Do Hair Extensions Last? The hair care routine is vital in maintaining a hair extension condition during use.

Feel free to contact our customer service or visit our website if you have any questions. Thank you for reading!


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